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ТелекинезTelekinesis is often characterized as the ability of a person to act on various subjects with mental efforts. It is considered that triggered an act of pure thought, which, being certain of the intangible essence, has an impact on material objects or processes. This view, of course, is incorrect and in no way can match the principles of materialistic science on the basis of which it is necessary to carry out the analysis of phenomena related to parapsychology

What is the phenomenon of telekinesis?

One of the modern definition is as follows. Telekinesis is the resonance interaction patterns of the human body and outside of the object, when

1) the mind has a clear objective;

2) consciousness rules the nervous system

3) internal currents of the body affect external processes.

Consider the definition of psychokinesis more. Obviously, in the conscious remote management active substance multiple systems of the body and levels aspect of the "man-nature".

Imagine yourself as a researcher ability remote control matter. You are on the floor in the room and trying to move a heavy wardrobe. Tricky nervous plexus a little stressful. Through it You see Cabinet monovision, which is outside the body and selects new situational provisions: it considers the back wall of linen case, he sees the top cover, it is located inside the Cabinet. You hear a quiet ethereal sound like white noise. You feel that the heart-centre has found a favourable situation. In the body also stressed the upper part of the abdominal cavity is working epigastric nerve plexus. Tension grows into the pressure in the region of the solar plexus.

External images and sounds muffled. Suddenly, Your body-consciousness and wardrobe are a resonant state. Hear a creak. The sound intensified in the hundreds of thousands of times. He has all the power strikes the mind. The body goes wave Moratinos fever.

You changed the object of influence - bedroom Slippers. Spent the setting of the nervous system, and sounds again hundred-ton shift, after which the hair skin are rising up. Again, change the object of action, securing its success.

Of the first studies, You can make a conclusion: for the remote object to the severity of the subject - 0.1 or 200 kg is not so important, but there are things that are difficult to join the psi contact and spend psychokinetically impact.

To realize the cause of the weak precontact helps a different subsystem of the body. It's a nerve nodes on the cheek bones of the face that reveal the inner tendency of an object or there exists a contradiction.

Each object laid thought or purpose. For example, the sofa is a place for comfortable rest and sleep. Suddenly, the appointment of the sofa violated. Now he collects chalk and crumbling plaster from the ceiling (it is not You, but illustrative example). Omit the fact that the housing and communal services no funds for repairs of roofs of houses, and that this is the fault of the state. Consider the phenomenon of violations of the primary functions of the subject. In creating the product participated dozens, hundreds of people. They made the Board, steel springs, valves, watt, fabric, lacquers, fasteners. Each of the components of concentrates real efforts of various spheres of human activity, ranging from agriculture to development of modern technologies. From the product of human labor "sofa" diverge vital communication beyond its local place, turning the product to the point around which described a multi-dimensional figure. It also reflected the aspect of the history of the development of the bed, if you want evolution of thought. Suddenly, the complex of internal potentials and tendencies crossed out - sofa serves to collect the mold and pieces of concrete falling off the ceiling. The internal attribute is a comfortable place for recreation - in the physical object discriminated against. Recall that the violation of any of the functions of our body leads to diseases . In this case, a sofa acquired properties of pathogenic zone. And has a negative impact on the surrounding objects, being the focus of increased risk for diseases. For man is the cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Only after the restoration of natural functions You can spend remote influence on a sofa. (The numbers: According to ecologists per 1 kg of the product have 5 kg are not recycled waste. At the same time, according to unofficial statistics in Ukraine for 2002 cardiovascular disease: heart attack, stroke, hypertension, affects about 18 million people - one in three. According to the Russian Ministry of health 70% of students have abnormalities in health is 24 million people. Obviously, one reason is violation of the ecosystem, which begins with a roof over your head and ends with global problems. Finally, specialists on work with pathogenic zones not!).

Thus, the psi-study of matter expanded Your consciousness beyond the scope of categories of "consequences" and exposes a "cause". Simple sofa became the matrix, which stretched multidimensional creative, social, cultural, economic and other frame.
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