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ЛунатизмIn the medical literature walking in a dream called somnambulism, and in common parlance - sleepwalking. Somnambulism is quite common. Occasionally go in sleep millions of people (about 2.5% of the world population). With about 25% of lunatics cause various damages during night wanderings. Sometimes, La Sonnambula fall out of Windows, mistakenly taking them outside the door. Sometimes you can hear stories about how in a state of somnambulism people drove cars, operated aircraft and perform other complex activities, but for the assurance of physicians, it's just nowhere else. In fact, although the sleepwalker and able to get in the car and start the engine, keep it well, he can not, because the reflexes in La Sonnambula retarded. Sleepwalker immediately get into an accident.

Sehodnia is quite common in children, but with age is usually held. Most often, children begin to suffer from sleepwalking in periods of tension and anxiety, while mentally they are absolutely healthy. Causes of adult sleepwalking considered stress, anxiety, sometimes epilepsy.

But recently, during the annual summit, held under the auspices of the American Academy of neurology in Denver, the scientists concluded that the development of sleepwalking is associated with specific changes in certain genes. It is the activation of the altered gene causes a condition close to a kind of "paralysis of the nervous system", which does not allow people to awaken from sleep. However, to determine which genes are responsible for the ability of a person "walk at night"how should transform genes have not succeeded. However, after conducting a number of studies among patients with a diagnosis "sleepwalking" it became obvious that this disease can be safely take to the category "genetically".

By the way, although modern medicine does not consider the cause of sleepwalking directly to the moon, but this does not deny, because it is the full moon in somnambul begins aggravation. To protect the patient from various injuries that he can get while walking in a dream, experts recommend to do the following: to provide the bedroom Windows with strong lattices, do not leave cables, glass tables and fragile ornaments, lying on their possible way. In extreme cases, can even link a lunatic with a rope to the bed.

In 1987 the canadian Ken parks in the state of deep sleep came out of the house, got into the car and drove it is 23 km to the place where his parents lived his wife. Opened the door quietly once inside... Strangled father-in-law. Stabbed his mother, from whom she died. And began to walk aimlessly around the apartment. Neighbors who saw the burning in the Windows of light deep in the night, called, first in the house, and then I dialed the number for the emergency services.

Woke Mr. parks police arrived. Murder he was acquitted because he was lunar sleep and not aware of their actions.

- People in this state cannot be held responsible for their actions, so the acquittal completely fair, " said Neil levy from the Centre for applied philosophy and public ethics at the University of Melbourne.

Another specialist in sleep, Professor Peter Buchanan, of the medical research Institute in Sydney told much less sad, but something even spicy story of his patient. A married, middle-aged woman in a dream left home and had sexual contacts with strangers. These night raids continued for several months. Of course, upon awakening, she could remember nothing about their intimate contacts. The truth found the man who, once having woken up and not seeing the couple went to look for her. Caught in the garden for sex with a foreign man.

- That such things are made in an unconscious state, is always very hard to believe, " said the Professor Buchanan. But deep clinical examination confirmed that the patient were by no means a nymphomaniac, and suffered a severe form of sleepwalking.

As is evident from the documents of the conference, did not immediately devotees of public disclosure, a radical new measures for the cure of the disease, scientists still offer failed. Just stated that the most frequent factor causing sleepwalking in adults, is stress. Development of somnambulism invariably precede such violations of sleep, how frequent, up to 3-4, Wake up during the night and permanent speaking in a dream. If a person has these symptoms, to him, to avoid the worst, we have to immediately consult a qualified neuropathologist.
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