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ПирокинезCases when people suddenly broke out of a fire of unknown origin and burned for a few seconds, leaving behind only a handful of ashes, known since time immemorial. It is established that during the combustion of human bodies flame temperature was up to 3,000 degrees. It is curious, however, that next to the victim of flammable materials (such as, for example, linen, cotton wool or paper) was found to be intact, that is, the person lying in bed, was blazing brightly, but the sheets and blankets were left unharmed. Exactly this happened in 1992 with fire from Sydney Ron Prista, burnt down in his bed. Surprisingly, linens and pillows did not suffer, but lying a meter away from the flames of hell match is not broke.

In 1950 Mexican court considered extraordinary criminal case. Judged Mario Orozco, husband mistress of, accused that he had been burned alive in his wife Manolo in the presence of many people. Mario was threatened with the death penalty.

That night, as usually, clients (the soldiers of the local garrison, travellers traders) had supper in the hall on the first floor of the hotel, dimly lit by two lamps and flames of the fireplace, where delicious roasted goose. Husband mistress slowly turned the spit, that not one drop of fat is not lost in vain, and the carcass is evenly covered with crispy crust. The little maid whereabouts of dishes and bottles, smiling baleen military and deftly dodging daring bit on the chubby ass. The landlady, observing the procedure was sitting in the big chair.

Unexpectedly peaceful idyll was broken heart-rending cry. Mistress jerked in his chair, his eyes bulging and her mouth open, and her body was running tongues of fire. After a moment of aunt Manoly not, and on intact chair rolled her sprinkled ashes on clothes. Rushed to the hotel, the police immediately arrested the man and took him to prison.

However, not always the bodies of the victims of pyrokinesis burn down. Last year in Mongolia on a country road damaged by fire a local shepherd of Arganda. "The black mannequin" was found in a sitting position. His entire body, head and hands has had it in solid gummy mass. But what is most striking from the fire has not suffered clothing of the deceased. No signs of flames around is also not found, and the temperature was 15 degrees below zero. Interesting detail told companion killed the shepherd:

"I drove part of the herd forward. When I returned to Arrange, he found him sitting on the carpet near the road with his pants down. He celebrated his need. Coming closer, I saw that he was black as coal. And between his legs was altogether a fresh pile of feces. I sent her running to the nearest village for help. Relatives of Arganda tried to put it on a wooden stretcher, but they were starting to smoke. When he took off his body, they found that the boards were charred. Had to wait a bit until Arganda cool".

Partner of the deceased was arrested and charged with premeditated murder. When in prison came to the investigator, instead of the suspect he found a pile of charred bones, with partially preserved pieces of meat. Explanation of the tragedy could not be found...

Gift Metzel in 1969 was sitting in his car on a street in Luxembourg and, suddenly out of their enthusiasm, was burned to the ground in a matter of seconds. Several people tried to help her, but to no avail. When it was over, it was found that the inner lining and the seat of your car were not injured.

Approximately at the same time, a resident of Texas Michael Lifshin was found dead in his car. Face and his hands were burned, but the hair and eyebrows fire somehow not touched. Because his car was in the garage, the police decided that the unfortunate committed suicide, poisoned by exhaust gas. However, the body was so hot that it burned his fingers.

Absolutely fantastic event occurred in the canadian province of Alberta, when two daughters, spouses, Melby broke out in the same moment, being in different parts of the city, at a distance of one kilometer from each other.

In 1991, resident of Dijon Charles Dutye, who worked in a hardware store, owned by a couple Verneuil, met the New year together with the hosts. After drinking the wine, he went to sleep upstairs in his room, and the next morning found the master dead. Floor lower floor was covered with a thick layer of soot. Pungent odor ran out of breath. Police found next to the kitchen table remains Madame Verneuil - charred bones and ashes. Other traces of the fire in the house could not be found.

No less mysterious incident occurred in 1989, not far from Munich. 13-year-old Utah played the accordion, when her father, Werner Pigs, heard the desperate cries of the girls. He rushed to her and saw she engulfed in the flames, he ran about the room. In Utah was burned 30 percent of the surface of the skin, and the Werner received second degree burns. Later, the girl explained that, as soon as she began to play the instrument, its all sides were in flames.

In the spring of 1993 the inhabitants of a small Peruvian town of Arellano gathered at the Church on a Sunday service, witnessed the spectacle, shook them to the core. The priest, who gave the sermon was in shock. His angry emotional speech, devoted to distressed sinners, which is waiting for hell fire, caused believers trembling, and they earnestly overshadowed the sign of the cross, offering up a prayer that the Cup they had passed. Suddenly the sermon was interrupted by an inhuman scream. Cried the priest, frozen in an unnatural pose with uplifted to the sky with his hands. Just a moment numb with terror parishioners saw from his chest burst of flame, and he turned into a pillar of fire. People rushed out of the Church, pushing each other in the doorway, and none of them saw what was then discovered by investigators. On the ambo was fucked up clothes of the priest, in which it was getting dark a handful of ashes is all that remains of the servant of God.

The case caused a wave of rumours and speculations. Believers do not doubt that the Lord has punished the Holy father for grave sins. They claimed that the priest, celibate, indulged in Vice, secretly watching pornocasera. Others had no doubt that he sold his soul to the devil. There were even some who believed that instead of the priest gave sermons disguised himself, Satan. Interviewing witnesses, the police closed the case.

Diabolical, or pyroxenes, is not a fruit of imagination of a real fact, but from the point of view of physics and chemistry of this phenomenon is impossible. It is known that the human body is two-thirds water and combustion requires a significant amount of energy, which in vivo no. Even to burn the corpse in the crematoria, the necessary temperature of two thousand degrees and time not less than four hours. Even under such conditions, in any case, you will need to split up the charred bones of the skeleton, to turn them into ashes.

Cases of spontaneous human combustion is extremely rare. In the twentieth century fixed 19 of such phenomena. Scientists have different opinions. Some are trying to link ignition people with their internal state. It is noted that many of the dead were in deep stress. Other researchers believe that a mysterious phenomenon arises from the impact of emerging close to sacrifice ball lightning. Her energy penetrates into the human biofield, resulting in the immediate fire.

Scientists say two types of fire. Turning the victim into ashes and sintering in his charred mass. In some cases, some part of the body is not affected by the fire.

Even in the nineteenth century there emerged a version that the victims of spontaneous combustion become chronic alcoholics, whose bodies soaked in alcohol and so break out from random sparks, especially if they smoked.

Swiss scientist Ludwig Schumacher offered his explanation of spontaneous combustion.

"Why not to assume, " he says, " that there are not yet known to science radiation beams which are near us. In certain conditions, such interaction of energy with the biofield of an organism causes a powerful energy flash - a kind of explosion, leading to spontaneous combustion of the living body. Emerging energy beam strictly limited in space and selectively. Part of the body of the victim, not included in the sphere of radiation remain intact".

Recently another scientist, Japanese Haruhi ito, has put forward another hypothesis. In his opinion, the reason of pyrokinesis is to change the flow of time. In normal state the human body generates and radiates into space a certain amount of heat, but if the inside of our body for some reason suddenly slow going in the nature of physical processes (including the movement of atoms), and on the skin surface, their rate remains constant, the heat generated is not enough to radiate into space and incinerates person.

Recently several scientists generally adheres fantastic point of view. Source of energy in living cell is allegedly thermonuclear reaction. They believe that under certain conditions in the cells of the body arise unknown energy processes similar to those that occur in the explosion of the atomic bomb, which are not reflected in the neighbouring molecules of matter (for example, on clothing or covering car)...
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