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В движенииIn the mid 60-ies real sensation was the documentary film directed by Olender "Ten years with psychics, and especially those of its personnel, which was charged Ninel Kulagina... middle-aged Woman with a high hairdo is suitable for glass cover. Under the hood lies ordinary matchbox. On the screen closeup you receive a tense face Kulagina, then pulled the hood hands, and then slowly moving under the action of an unknown force matchbox...

Telekinesis, which in those days was afraid even to talk, not to be called insane, suddenly burst onto the big screen. The film, shot on Kulagina, as if drawn a line under many years of work with psychic serious Leningrad researcher, doctor of technical Sciences, the rector of the Institute of precise mechanics and optics Dulneva. In the 60-ies of the rare scientists dealing with the problem of telekinesis, believed that he was called by the amount known to the science of physical fields: magnetic, electric and acoustic. Is their something and tried to measure the Leningrad scientist.

Almost simultaneously with the experiments carried out in Leningrad, Moscow was carried out the research of the phenomenon even more famous psychic - June Davitashvili. These were held correspondent member Gulyaev and Professor Agadic at the Institute of radio engineering and electronics. The research results were both positive and negative. On the one hand, scientists are convinced that telekinesis Kulagina and Davitashvili is not a trick or fraud. On the other hand, to give any reasonable scientific explanation for this phenomenon could not, although some volatility electric, acoustic and magnetic fields was discovered...

It took about 30 years. In the beginning of 90-ies the problem of telekinesis and other unusual phenomena interested in parapsychology Foundation for them. L.olena. Its President is Dr. of medical Sciences Ali. Moreover, the degree of doctor Lee received his degree in which managed to prove the existence of clairvoyance.

And here I am looking at the video recording, made in parapsychology Foundation. The screen showed a still image of a ball on a long stem, covered with a glass cover. Next to the wall hood appeared large male palm. The ball started and slowly backed away" from it. Palm has moved in the other direction, becoming as it were, in the way of the ball. The right "feel" her appearance and backed away in the opposite direction. Then wide male brush changed narrow female. The ball slightly hesitated, as if thinking, and reached for her.

Such videos demonstrating telekinesis, we have accumulated quite a lot, although such phenomenal abilities are manifested in people very rarely, " says Dr. Lee. But, from the point of view of scientific study of this phenomenon, the difficulty lies elsewhere. All experiments with telekinesis poorly reproducible. Today a person ability manifest tomorrow - no. But science is in many ways makes its conclusions on a statistical analysis of the results of the experiments. Otherwise all these cases look like more or less clever tricks.

Among other psychic abilities telekinesis is a gift to move things at will, is probably the most spectacular and difficult to explain.

To increase the power of this phenomenon and to achieve greater reproducibility, " he continued, " we combine the efforts of several people. This creates a single "biological organism"that affect the movement of items.

I watch another video. On the couch, standing in a circle, are head to the center a few people. Before the training, students receive a job joint efforts to cause the horizontal rotation of a vane. To avoid the influence of the air flow, the chopper, seated on the edge of the vertical needle, placed inside the glass bell, washed in the static and fixed in the center of the circle. First camcorder consistently declines lying on the couches of the people, their intent faces, then moves and shows a closeup of the chopper under a glass cover. For a long time it is fixed. But propeller twitches and make several turns.

- And what results have you achieved in these group sessions?

- In seven groups we conducted a survey of 45 people. None of the participants to group lessons abilities telekinesis was not observed. This became evident at the same spinner, installed under the hood. During the group sessions, each time was obtained a positive effect. After the courses some students the ability to telekinesis preserved.

And what are the scientific studies conducted in the Fund on the issue of telekinesis?

- We can talk about them for a very long time. First, it is a medical studies during group telekinesis. With the help of instruments is determined by a rather large set of physiological parameters. The analysis of their changes will allow us to approach the explanation of the nature of this phenomenon. Secondly, this is a special psychological testing and determination of so-called profile of functional asymmetry. According to our observations, it is the nature of the asymmetry of activity of the cerebral hemispheres allows you already at the stage of preliminary screening to identify people with extrasensory makings. Recent scientific task - determination of optimal conditions of holding group of telekinesis, the use of technology to synchronize the efforts of the people working out of meditative techniques.

We created the method of selection of people in the group and how the sync their joint efforts allowed us to achieve a positive effect on all sessions.

- You told an amazing story. But better to see once all this is not on the screen, and, as they say, in kind. Could you ask your students to demonstrate telekinesis and to give the opportunity to confirm its existence is not on the TV, and live?

- Unfortunately, this is impossible. We, that is, between the shifts. But, if you just want to see the reality of the phenomenon of telekinesis, you are lucky. Two hours before your arrival we were approached by a man with a request to check his psychic abilities. It turned out that they got it, and significant. He is in the next room - picks up her literature on the development of this natural gift. I'll ask him again to demonstrate the rotation of a vane.

The young man, appeared in a few minutes, sat down, and long manipulated by the hands, but the chopper remained motionless. President of the Foundation is to explain in detail to me that the glass globe, has a huge negative psychological impact on psychics and often a hindrance to the success of the experiments. Then he was silent, and ten minutes we sit in silence.

I was beginning to doubt the abilities of young psychic. And suddenly the turntable first started, then swung to one side to another and began to rotate slowly. Involuntarily I wanted to shout: "And yet it moves!" It looks like telekinesis there, whatever was said skeptics who do not believe in the extraordinary abilities of man.

Man controls the electron

In addition to the movement of objects - the so-called makroelementa - there are microelement. It relates to the ability of people to influence the electrons and other elementary particles in devices, including computers.

The reality of such impact has convincingly demonstrated the experiments of Professor Rjana, the head of the laboratory for the study of anomalous phenomena of Princeton University in the US. During the experiments the participants of the experiments, influenced the mechanical movement of the robot. The direction of the robot asked a random number generator. In other words, the robot moved completely chaotic. After the exposure of a person capable of microelement, the movement of the robot from random became more ordered, In the end he started motivated to walk in one direction or another. In the parapsychology Foundation they L.olena in experiments with microelements participated known psychic Valery Avdeev.

Under the influence Avdeev, who was in a special state of consciousness - the "imago", was just fantastic things: change the testimony of radiometer and rejected the laser beam. The result of real human impact on the particles were, so to say, is obvious. But in the interpretation of this fact, scientists have differed. Some thought that the psychic has the ability to change the intensity of the radiation and distort the movement of the light beam, others suggested that it acts directly on the devices.

Poltergeist and telekinesis brothers?

Dr. Lee was engaged in another anomalous phenomenon closely associated with telekinesis, - the poltergeist. As you know, when noisy spirit (as translated the word "poltergeist German for) appears in the apartment, it started to happen absolutely incredible things: the rooms are flying saucer and Cup, electric tube themselves clear of the sides and fall on the floor, chandeliers, as the enraged begin to describe circles, scratching the ceiling. Lee suggested that these two phenomena - the poltergeist and telekinesis - have the same nature. He created an emergency rescue has traveled to over 50 apartments, where there were noisy spirit. The specialists of the parapsychology Foundation meticulously questioned the owners, he carefully examined and photographed his excesses were installed in the apartments, video systems for continuous shooting rooms.

And here is what we found out in the end. In disadvantaged kVAChirag always lived a troubled family with SITENAME internal conflicts. The movement of objects necessarily occurred in the presence of one of the family members. It is not in the house, and noisy spirit calms down, hides. But here is the man, provoking poltergeist, and again in the apartment start to rush things. Sometimes even in different ways, the most unexpected places flashing underwear, books, icons. But to anomalous phenomena happened, insufficient human presence, provoking a poltergeist. If he is in the apartment alone or together with someone from the family members, things behave peacefully. Noisy spirit began to misbehave, only if the apartment is going "critical mass" of people.

It turned out that the situation is very reminiscent experiences with groups on joint telekinesis, the joint efforts of the rotating turntable. But there was a fundamental difference. First, in families was a clear "leader": he, as a kind of magnifying glass, collected bioenergy family members and defuse it by poltergeist. This "leader" is usually turned out to be a teenager or a young girl. Such an unusual way often occurs "discharge" of their age psychological problems, which found no understanding in the family.

There is another difference from disadvantaged families of groups of trainees telekinesis in parapsychology Foundation. Family members do not understand that it is their bioenergy is the reason that this or that thing suddenly rose into the air. Still, the experience of working with groups on telekinesis helped to provide real help in taming noisy Ghost. Fund staff have learned to calculate the man, provoking a poltergeist. Then they trained him to discharge their psychological stresses on the turntable used in groups. And it turned out that people, provoking poltergeist, can easily rotate the turntable not a few minutes, as it occurred on the activities of the group, and 1, 5-2 hours. After such discharge noisy spirit was fading, and some days not troubled family.

Research of the doctor of medical Sciences Ali gave interesting results. But at the same time they touched only the psychological characteristics of people capable of telekinesis, and not related to the explanation of his physical reasons. Of the many hypotheses in which attempts are made of physical substantiation of the phenomenon of telekinesis, are the two most logical.

The first one uses a relatively traditional official science quantenmechanische approach. According to him, people and their surroundings are considered not separately from each other, and as a single, coherent system. Changing with the help of his consciousness or subconsciousness some characteristics of a small space at one point, we call shifts to another. A mechanism for carrying out physical movement is the movement of superfluid vacuum", open several Russian physicists.

The second hypothesis many years ago stated Russian science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev in his novel "Ariel". Recently she was asked and American ufologists. Every material object consists of elementary particles, which move chaotically, or oscillatory motion. Total chaos balances multidirectional impact of charged particles: in every movement of a single particle in one direction meets another, deviating in the opposite direction. As a result, the subject is at rest. But here comes a man with telekinetic abilities and makes the motion of the particles are ordered by guiding them in a certain direction. And then in the same party starts move the whole thing, not a separate invisible particles.

Which of these hypotheses will be most accurate? Time will tell...
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