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Ченнелинг:Крайон - ответ ИисусаQuestion: Dear Jesus, I read your answer on channeling Kryon and would like to ask you whether "Kryon" (I think this is a group of entities) is a member of the ascended the Hosts? The same question I wanted to ask about the Master Cereale. Whether the Master Kiral a member of the ascended of the Hosts, and if not, at what level it can be placed?

I know the answers to all my questions sleep in me and sorry I can't find a way to awaken those old memories. Thank you for what you invest your Energy in answering these questions.

The Answer Of Jesus:

If you do a search online, you will find many people who are channeling that are channels for various creatures or spirits. Of course, this can be confusing, and I wanted to help people clarify the question of the channeling. However, I have no desire to tell people what to believe or who to follow them; I want to take their own decisions. That's why I use this question to give an answer that can be applied to many other types of channeling.

As I previously explained in one important message, the material universe has four distinct levels or layers. For several centuries the mankind more and more strengthened in the faith that beyond this world there is nothing that they can discover their physical senses or scientific instruments. To raise the spiritual growth of mankind to the next level, it was absolutely necessary to replace this materialistic world view, recognizing that beyond matter is really something there.

Over the last century the consciousness of humanity has improved, and one consequence is that people became easier to set the mind on the levels of reality that are beyond the material world. The whole phenomenon of channeling, starting from the spiritualistic movement in the 19th century, is an expression of this development. The fact that this has opened up the minds of many people to the existence of a reality beyond the material world, has had a valuable impact on the spiritual growth of mankind. But all sincere spiritual seekers need to recognize that cannot be taken without assessing any message from being outside the material world. Some of the messages received by channeling passed creatures in the depths of the soul do not have your spiritual development.

As I explained in another message, and in my remarks on channeling, in all four kingdoms of the material universe is conscious beings, and people can communicate with these people at all levels. I also explained that each of these four levels is divided into several layers. For example, even the realm of matter, which we call the physical plane has many layers, some of which cannot be perceived by the physical senses.

These invisible layers of the physical plane almost coincide with the lower levels of the next plan, namely, emotional plan. Many esoteric teachings called the plan a mental or astral. In many descriptions okolosmertnyh experiences you may discover that when the soul leaves the physical body, it moves in the tunnel of light until it gets to a certain place for it in one of the higher realms. If the soul does not enter into the Kingdom of light, you will get stuck on the physical plane or on the lowest level of mental plan.

As a result, most of the communication with deceased relatives that occur through mediums, such as in spiritualistic movement, involve such transferred or raznopolosnyh shower. These souls were not able or did not want to come into the light, and partly this is because they did not have a sufficiently high level of consciousness to recognize the light or to wish to come into the light. The point is that for true spiritual seeker value in dealing with such souls void.

Note that I am not saying that people can't communicate with deceased relatives, are in a higher realm. However, such communication usually takes place spontaneously, lasts only a short time, has a clear goal to help you to move on, and attracts the medium, especially of medium who charge for their services.

Above the material plane is emotional or astral plane. As I explained in the above messages, this plan is currently in the power of many creatures with a very low level of consciousness. Some of them embody Luciferians the state of consciousness of anger and rebellion against God. Some of them simply absorbed the negative human emotions such as fear, anger or hatred. Common to all these is that they are firmly convinced that the goal justifies the means and that is why they will do anything to get what they want: the spiritual light from the people.

Unfortunately, many people on Earth have learned to adjust the consciousness, but they do not have the discernment to understand that they attune with the astral plan. People who attune with the lower levels of the astral plane are often overwhelmed by feelings of anger and hatred. For example, there was a very strong link between the lower astral plane and Adolf Hitler and leaders of the Nazi movement in Germany. The Nazis actually drew strength in this regard, and that is why the Nazi leaders were able to hypnotize a significant part of the German people.

In the modern world you can also see extremist and fanatical groups that are open relations with the astral plan. The obvious example is the Islamic fundamentalists who believe in Jihad and carry out terrorist acts. Also, I'm sad to say, but some Christian fundamentalist groups, even those that claim to have the power and manifestations of the Holy spirit, just revealed himself astral plane. This is also true for many totalitarian dictators or totalitarian political movements such as communism.

At higher levels of the astral plane you will find many beings that are not fully absorbed Core consciousness or negative feelings. Therefore, they are able to disguise themselves and take the appearance of spiritual beings. Some of these false impostors even claim to be lifted up Lords, including, and for me. Many messages received with the help of channeling from beings that use the name Sananda and claiming that they - that I actually come from beings from the higher layers of the astral plane. Many of those creatures have no intentions of getting people to destroy itself. They just want to attract your attention, so they can pick up your spiritual light and use it to support their existence.

When you go to the next level, on the mental plane, you usually find creatures of a higher level of consciousness. Many creatures on this plan are more developed and do not have malicious intent or intention to deceive people. They do not believe that the goal justifies the means. Some of these beings had reached a much higher level of spiritual understanding than most people on Earth. So these creatures are actually using the channeling to convey information that may be true and useful for spiritual seekers. In most cases, you'll notice that being on the mental plane honestly and openly speak about their identity and their intentions. They do not argue that they are members of the ascended of the Hosts, because they are not, and they do not use the names exalted Rulers.

Teaching obtained by channeling from these beings, as a rule, very intelligent - as opposed to the more emotionally attractive channeling from the previous group of beings. In the scientific and intellectual age, channeling with the mental plane can be very attractive to many people who are open spirituality, but do not perceive the Orthodox religion, because the latter is based on fear. However, we can say that being on the mental plane tend to imagine so many intellectual reasoning that they overshadow the spiritual side of the message, or represent spirituality as quite an intellectual thing. Some of these beings literally believe, like many intellectually inclined people on Earth, that you mind find your way to Heaven. This is not the case. You can either BE in Heaven or not to be in Heaven. This is the case when thinking this cannot be achieved, because the state of Being is the integration of all your abilities.

Two you mentioned example, the Kryon and Cereal, fall into this category. In other words, I put these things on the mental plane, and Kryon is more advanced.

As a spiritual seeker, you need to understand that there is a reason why these creatures are still on the mental plane and ascend into the spiritual Kingdom and not become members of the ascended of the Hosts. The reason is that these creatures did not let go of one or more illusions. In other words, they hold certain incorrect beliefs and firmly believe that their understanding is the truth. Inevitably that the beliefs of these creatures will penetrate into their teachings subtle ways. Therefore, if you are a follower of the teachings received from such creatures, and especially if you take them without validation, you run the risk of gradually fall into the trap of the same illusion, as beings who you follow. In other words, the student difficult to rise above the consciousness of the teacher.

The bottom line is that there are many spiritual seekers, who studied the teachings obtained by channeling from beings with the mental plane. These seekers received some useful information that helped them to advance spiritually, but I hope these seekers will consider the following:

Regardless of whatever spiritual teaching you follow, even the teaching that comes from the ascended of the Hosts and has the highest possible degree of purity, you should always read between the lines and not to confine itself to external teachings. No external doctrine can give you all the insights you need to achieve the Christ consciousness. Christomet able to understand the truth within himself, and therefore it does not rely exclusively on external teaching.

If you remember it, you can achieve spiritual progress, studying almost any teaching. However, it should be obvious that your progress will facilitate the teaching, coming from as far as possible a higher source and clean as possible. If the doctrine has a high degree of contamination, you need to be more vigilant and to pay more attention to the recognition of impure ideas, to find him the truth. If you do not wish to undertake such efforts, or if you have not developed sufficiently Christo-the discernment, that using unclean teachings can really lead you to a dead end.

Regardless of whatever spiritual teaching you follow, you need to remember about the important law of spiritual growth, namely, the law of constant self-transcendence. This law are described in a popular expression: "When the student is ready, you receive the teacher". If you are currently studying certain doctrine, then it means that this doctrine you are needed at the level of consciousness you had, when you find this doctrine.

However, if you are spiritually moving forward, there may come a time when you are ready to higher spiritual teaching. When this happens, your Christ and I your spiritual teachers will be ready to bring this teaching in your outer consciousness. Unfortunately, many sincere spiritual seekers become emotionally attached to a particular external teachings of the guru or the organization, and therefore do not want to listen to their spiritual teachers. They just close your mind from the spiritual teachings which can lead them to the next level.

The bottom line is that if you follow the spiritual teaching which was handed over by beings with the mental plane, you should be aware that the moment will come when you will be ready to step higher, to the study, which was taken up by the Hosts. We do not dwell on any level of the material universe. We are in the spiritual realm, and it is with this level we send our doctrines, and this means that they are designed to give you the opportunity to reach the Christ consciousness and was carried up into the spiritual Kingdom.

Of course, if you're a spiritual seeker who found this site, you should consider that now you are ready to learn from teachers who represented on this website, namely, me and other exalted Rulers. Therefore, you are ready to step up to the teachings on this site, and teachings of the ascended the Hosts passed through other messengers throughout the last century.

On how to stimulate your old memories: just use the tools that I give on this site, and you will progress faster than you could imagine.
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