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Библия и секреты ВселеннойWhat happens when people search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, not where? (Ken Ham). "Some believe that extraterrestrial intelligence can radiate huge streams encoded information (that is a sort of galactic encyclopedia) and therefore can help to understand the origin of the universe or to discover the secret of immortality", - says one of the articles the newspaper San Diego Union-Tribune, issue 5, November, 1993.

This article was printed in support of those who participated in the project called SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence), and to help fundraise search in outer expanse of the fact that, in their opinion, is millions evolved civilizations.

This quote from the article describes the SETI project, as longing desire of man to discover some intelligence that told him, whence there was a person and as gain immortality.

But the thing is that the eternal mind has "rejected" all the necessary information (and this is the actual "galactic encyclopedia") about where we came from, who we are, that we are not, and also gave us the ability to understand immortality - and this information is absolutely not encrypted! It was translated into every language in the world. It is available in a written form, open to us the eternal mind, who created all things. And this information is called the Holy Bible!

Man knows that there is the higher mind - he understands that there is something more than this earth. This is due to the fact that knowledge of the existence of the eternal God recorded in human hearts, and this message is everywhere in the world. "For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them; for the invisible things of His eternal power and Deity, the creation of the world by looking at things that have been made, so that they are without excuse" (Romans 1:19-20).

Eternal mind has "rejected" all the information about where we came from, who we are, that we are not, and also opened the way to immortality - and this information is absolutely not encrypted!

Carl Sagan from Cornell University, said in his knigomania connection (page 224): "At this very moment the whole space can be run through by numerous messages from other civilizations that passed through unimaginable advanced devices, and they are designed specifically so that we could recognize them - if we only knew how to do it... maybe the message is already here, and they are present in our everyday life we are simply not enough efforts or did something wrong, to understand them. The power of such an advanced civilization incredibly huge. Their messages can be quite familiar and normal circumstances... the Message that we are stars, may already be here. But where?"

Carl Sagan seems to be ready to believe that there is a wisdom greater than the human mind. He seems to be ready to believe that this mind has intercourse with a man. And even willing to believe that the "message" can already be here. But he also recognizes that he may "put not enough mental effort to recognize" these messages. And he was quite right. As stated in Romans 1:21: "But when they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks, but became vain in their imaginations, and marred their foolish heart".

The message is already here

Eternal and all-knowing God turned to the man through His prophets, through His Son, and through His written Word. Carl Sagan was right when he wrote that "the Message that we are stars, may already be here." It really is here!

God says in His written Word in Psalm 18: "the Heavens declare the glory of God, and about His handiwork firmament. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. No language and no adverbs, where he heard the voice of them." Paul also says in Romans 10:18: "But I say, have they not heard? On the contrary, throughout all the land was their voice, and to the border Vselennaya them."

People keen to understand its purpose and the meaning of his existence. But he wasn't listening, he just won't listen. We read in Ephesians 4:18: "having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God because of their ignorance and blindness of their heart". Or as Paul says in 2 Corinthians 4:4: "For the unbelieving in whom the God of this world hath blinded the minds that they are not seeing the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, Who is the image of the invisible God". In 2 Peter 3:5 the Apostle tells us that people "don't know" (or consciously rejects) the truth of creation.

The Bible says that man is more likely to believe a lie, than accept the truth of absolute creation by God of all things, about the sinfulness of man and the need to bow down before God and accept his Creator, as Lord of your life. But instead people "glory of the incorruptible God changed into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things..."(Romans 1:23).

And the best way to show how people did it just to recall the events of August 20 and September 5, 1977. In these two days were launched two spacecraft, each of which was called Voyager. Each of them was installed covered with gold copper plate with a message to the possible civilizations, which was hoped to find.

The message on the album included the image of "human evolution" from molecules through fish, reptiles, monkeys and to the people. The album was also recorded "evolution of man" in audio format - the number of sounds that allegedly accompanied the evolution - the sound of the spheres, volcanoes, earthquakes, mud geyser, wind, rain, crickets, frogs, birds, hyenas, elephants, chimpanzees, wild dogs, human steps, heart and laughter. The album was also recorded the sound of the fire and the sound of speech, the sounds of stone tools, domestic dog, Morse code, ships, trains spacecraft F-111 and so on.

On the plate were also recorded greetings in different languages. These messages are carried welcome humanity from the Earth, the call for help, suggestions, friendship, promises, thoughts of people about them (about extraterrestrial civilizations), which presumably is there creation was called "the great beings", declarations of peaceful intentions and so on.

"Welcome whales"

And to be sure that they will hear and understand the plate were also recorded sounds a number of whales! Here is what we read of "the greeting of whales in the book Sounds of the Earth: a Space entry Voyager, written by Carl Sagan and other authors (page 151):

"...We listened to him [Intro China] many times and always we were filled with a sense of irony because of the fact that our imaginary aliens living in the distance billion years from earth, can receive a message from the Earthmen and understand it, while for us it is a greeting incomprehensible" ["Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools "(Romans 1:22).].

And again people not listening. This huge eternal mind sent His prophets, and the man threw stones at them. God sent His Son, and the man was nailed Him to the cross. God gave us His Word, and people were burned him and those who preached it at the stake. On the one hand, a person cries to heaven and he wants it existed other civilizations, and on the other, shows God's fist. Why? Because in fact the person wants to create his own God - he does not want to believe the God of the Bible. He does not want to admit that rebels against God, his Creator.

The UN representative Wallace GT of makala from Nigeria said in a message recorded on plastikovaja: "All extraterrestrial civilizations: Presumably we are the only creatures that inhabit this planet, but we know that it is not so. In Africa, we want to believe that you are here, that you all know and probably have a higher intelligence, and therefore, can help us to solve many problems of our world".

Why don't they listen! "My help is from the Lord, which made heaven and earth" (Psalm 120:2).

The acting President of the USA Jimmy Carter in his message to the "aliens" said, "Mankind is still divided into separate nation and the state, but the country quickly go to a unified earth civilization... We hope the day will come when the problems are resolved, before which we stand today, and we will join the galactic civilization."

Well, the real news is that there comes a time when peace comes without sorrow, eternal world, the future state of Eden, but it is only for those who have done so, as it is written in Romans 10:13: "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved".
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