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Аппаратуру на Луне "оживили" гуманоиды?According to the competent circles NASA (about atom repeatedly told the media USA), "all flights American spacecraft was controlled from afar and near aliens (or their auto vehicles). However, ground base ordered the astronauts to store information about this secret". According to unofficial data, the similar picture was observed and the former USSR, where almost every launch spacecraft from Baikonur, Plesetsk and Kapustin Yar was controlled unidentified flying objects. The most famous UFO photos were taken from the surface of the Earth.

However, there are a number of images "alien space ships*Received when shooting with the orbit of the satellite. That is, for example, a unique picture of a UFO over Venezuela made on 12 February 1966. The facts show that UFO sightings in near space has begun literally since the first human flight in near-earth space. Go into space after Yuri Gagarin American astronaut John Glenn was probably the first person who saw UFO through the window of a spaceship.

On .It description, it was glowing sphere, accompanying his capsule in orbit. {Later they were faced by other astronauts, environment in which these mysterious satellites, orbital stations and ships established nickname "fireflies John Glenn".) ' Astronaut Walter Serra, making orbit for years around the Earth on the ship 'Merkuriy', informed the center in Houston, about the phenomenon next to him unidentified object. UFO on satellite orbit first photographed by James Mcdivitt 4 June 1965, when the ship "Gemini 4" flying over the Himalayas. The following were Frank Borman and James Lovell, who aboard "Gemini-8" December 4, 1965 saw two UFOs, flying at a distance of 800 meters from them, and made good shots of these devices, which looked like, " as glowing mushrooms".

In 1966, James Lo Vell and Edwin Aldrin, while on "Gemini", as well photographed two UFOs, who was from them at distances of about a kilo meters. Frank Borman and James Lovell with "Apollon" 24 December 1968 and Thomas Stafford Gin Aigon ("Apollo-9") on March 22, 1969 repeatedly photographed a UFO that accompanied them during the flight to the moon and back.

July 20, 1969 during the first landing on the moon, when the lunar module undocked from the orbital compartment "Apollo na* and went to the reduction, to susaeva the device at a distance of about 50 meters approached two unidentified object that appeared to be, in the words of astronauts, "as blinding snow globes". Walking around the module, they provodili it to the surface of the moon.

Situated in the descent module astronaut Edwin Aldrin filmed this phenomenon through the window of a 16 mm movie camera, and Michael Collins from the Board of the orbital module was shot a film where you can see both the object, slowly circling the landing of the lunar module. After landing on the moon and exit on the moon Neil Armstrong handed in Houston: "I See not how many craters with diameters from 6 to 15 metres, and even traces similar to those that leave tanks or vehicles. Millions of people on Earth who watched this lunar report on TV live, never nezabudu voice Armstrong, screaming through the hiss and gnash with the surface of the moon: "I don't know what it is! Some moving objects on the other side of the crater watching us!.. Other flights program "Apollo* also passed under someone close supervision.

Some drives, moving with a speed of 11 thousand kilometers per hour, which was documented on-Board devices, approached the ship (in these moments stopped working all the equipment); then "Apollonos" carried unknown "white object"; that glowing spherical UFO accompanied "Apollon" on its way to the moon... fortunately, the maneuvers of the UFO in the near space is not at mending harm manned space ships earthlings, and the crews successfully fulfilled their part of the lunar program. Trouble began in 1970, when on Board persecuted strange objects "Apollon" exploded oxygen tank, and astronauts, who had to be delivered to the moon nuclear explosive device, had emergency programme to return to their home planet, refusing landing on Earth satellite.

The crew of the next ship, "Apollo na", Shepard and Mitchell, returning to Earth, immediately filed a petition from a rate of, not explaining the reasons for this act and not telling anyone what they had seen, when wandered along the slopes of craters... But on the film, shot by them then show several^) unidentified objects round, egg-shaped (in many ancient myths says about the emergence of human ancestors from "heavenly eggs" and cylindrical shape, and also the device of irregular shape, hovering above the crater...

These pictures were published in getting* Shea widely known book by American scientist Fred Steckling "We found the alien base on the moon"written on the materials of the analysis of photographs of the moon, received NASA in the framework of the moon program. Professor F. Sterling says: "since the opening of the German astronomer, Professor of the Munich University, Fppromotion 12 July... .1822 of the year"city"similar to "fragment spidery network", near the crater Schroeter, and to terminate the program "Apollo* with six you shikami American astronauts to the moon, on its surface constantly monitored objects clearly artificial origin...

A unique picture disc-shaped device on the edge of the crater De map was made in April 1972, during the expedition "Apollon". In the foreground pictures "lunar truck" and astronaut Jin Yang. Still nasty "spontaneous" enable Alpaca (astronomical lunar surface experimental complex), left on the surface of the moon by American astronauts. ALPAC includes instruments for measurement of the magnetic field, sublunary tremors, cosmic rays, etc.

The batteries were designed for one year, however, the devices continued to transfer information much farther this time. on January 18, 1976 ALPAC suddenly broke off, and on Earth has already been Calis his "revive", but after some time it again... running, and the quality re dachas became higher Earned... and some of the instruments, the failure of a year or more ago... Such cases with Noah left on the moon scientific equipment are not unusual. Similar events with sudden stops and renewable radio was also with artificial Earth satellites operating in automatic mode. About the constant presence and periodic interference in the Affairs of the Earth "unknown reasonable force" (as defined Tsiolkovsky) speak many facts of our both long-distance and short history.

Valery KRATOCHVIL. Boyarka
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