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Люди подвержены воздействию астральных сущностейThere came a time when even some eminent scientists are beginning to seriously interested in the Subtle world, his astral inhabitants and how they interact with us, earthly humanity.

According to the journal "SA Scientific Journal", a group of scientists from the University of Cape town made a sensational discovery. Received confirmation that our consciousness manage the astral essence! The value of this discovery is so great that all the studies related to the study of the effects were not only kept secret, but attempts were made to remove all appeared early publication of information about these studies!

General public have long been known method of Kirlian, for the first time allowed to take pictures fields surrounding biological objects. The researchers involved in the study of paranormal phenomena, associate these fields with the aura of interest.

The research team of the University of Cape town, South Africa, comprising well-known scientists with many years of experience paranormal research, including methods of fixation of the aura, headed by Dr. of philosophy of Ngunga Tobago, known in the scientific world for his research, has revolutionized the understanding of the importance of these fields in a person's life.

Developed by scientists from the research methods and invented the device (U.S. Patent, № US 5,253,984 B1), has allowed not only to record the dynamics of the aura of biological objects, but also on the basis of the conducted experiments to make a discovery that will hardly go unnoticed by the world at large.

Studies are ongoing, but most of them classified in connection with the fact that allow to make a sensational conclusions in the assessment of behavioral peculiarities of people.

However, some results of research of this group of scientists were made public in connection with the fact that they could not hide.

The fact that the sampling methods and the device, developed by scientists at the first stages of the research, were involved in a large group of people from whom it was impossible to conceal the information about the results of the experiments.

The obtained results testify that there is a direct link so-called astral entities with man.

A more detailed study of the dynamics of these objects and their interactions helped to reveal certain patterns of their behavior and communication with people. Mentioned scientists claim that they managed to fix the stages "penetration" of the astral entities in the aura of the object. The results of these studies indicate that in the first stages "penetration" the essence of astral synchronize its internal rhythms with the rhythms "victims" and thus receives or no access to the aura "victim". In case of penetration into "sacrifice", is a reorganization of the internal rhythms "victim" under the influence of astral entity.

Some information obtained at the early stages of research allows to make certain conclusions.

It turns out that the astral entities can be divided into two distinct types. Scientists tentatively identified these as "black" and "pure".

These names already speak volumes, describing these objects. They differ by the intensity of the spectral composition of light, and its dynamic characteristics.

The impact of these entities at people were also different.

"Black" entity (low spirits), for example, show a constant activity in the "infiltration attempts" in the human aura.

"Pure" same entity (the angels), as a rule, such activity does not show.

The obtained correlation between the activity "black" entities and psychophysiological status of people also shows them other than "pure" entity degree of influence on people. As a rule, such effects causes unreasonable aggression people are not adequate to the situation. As the current younger generations of earthlings are becoming more aggressive, we can assume that they become a kind of hostel" for "black" entities.

Based on the results of the experiments had become apparent that many people are under constant direct impact of these low entity!

Some information, obtained during the experiments also showed that there is a clear correlation between sustainable psychophysiological state of a person and "pure" its aura and its exposure "access". The stability of the psychophysiological state was determined by a number of medical and psychological tests, according to the responses of the subjects to certain specially created situation.

To confirm or refute these findings, statistical research was carried out on large groups of people. These studies have involved different categories of people - from prisoners sit in prisons, to groups of politicians and businessmen, gathered to discuss different issues.

The questions asked of the investigated groups of people, were specially prepared by a team of psychologists to obtain adequate behavioral reactions.

In particular, such studies have been conducted at the summit, held in 2002 in Johannesburg on sustainable development.

The results of these studies it was concluded that: almost all politicians and businessmen, gathered at the summit in Johannesburg, INFECTED"!

The results of these studies shocked the scientists! It turned out that the largest number "black" entity (low spirits) with partial or full penetration into the aura was recorded in the group of politicians and businessmen! The number "infected" "black" entities among politicians and businessmen has appeared many times exceeding the number of such "infected" prisoners!

In addition, studies have been conducted on the subject "infection" low astral many politicians of the highest rank from different countries of the world. The results have been disappointing.

Thus, the statistical studies confirmed the findings of scientists that a huge number of people, especially politicians and businessmen, is under constant influence of "black" astral plane (low spirits), controlling their minds and behavior! So, apparently, the actions of politicians are often inadequate political and economic situations in the world. This circumstance should be taken into account when re-election of the current "experienced" politicians of high rank for a new term of their stay in power structures.

However, Nova whether the above information? Famous proverb says: "Every new just long forgotten past..."

Swedish scholar-mystic 18th century Emmanuel. Swedenborg in the notes About heaven, about the spirit world and hell" claimed that he "for 13 years have been in contact with the astral entities, talked with them, as a man with a man and have seen all that is in heaven and hell (different vibrating quantum layers of the earth's Noosphere). It turns out that there is one language; it is the astral entities are not learning, but I know how would congenital. "The overall sound of their speech corresponds to their love, and some combinations of sounds correspond to the concepts of their thinking, based on the truth.

Consequently, the angels sounds judge each other on their sense and wisdom, which dominate. Angels also be caught and human life only listening to his speech. The speech of angels is not similar to that of man, for they do not say words of man, no matter how I try. Although the first people to have the language of the angels, borrowing it from Heaven..."

Speech of the inhabitants of the Subtle world in every human being, only it is latent (unconscious) part of his mind and does not manifest in words, but in torsion waves of a certain frequency, in accordance with feelings, just as the angels; but man does not know that it is his nature. However, the person coming into the world beyond, speaks as if the same language with spirits and angels and understands them, not learning a thing.

Natural human speech now verbal, because man has fallen from Heaven. If man had not fallen from Heaven, he could be driven then the Lord through inspiration without special mediation of angels or spirits who communicate with someone telepathically, i.e. both sides of (have one vibration). And as the thought cannot be separated from memory (informational layer of this frequency) and it will expire from it, both parties speak the same language that the essence of one vibration. This phenomenon we call telepathy...

Swedenborg stated the following. " Man has two kinds of leadership: first, the direct Nastavenie from the Lord internal started the essence of man power ("I am presence")and, through that, on the external beginning ( bialecki body); secondly, by nastavenia through low spirits, receiving her from their original source.

Divine direct kaitsta accepted only good people (manusami) and is accepted for the good; evil people (demontirana) reject him or suppress in itself, not accepting such a high vibration. As a consequence, the lives of their proceeds in evil and the darkness of ignorance, that in the spiritual sense is death.

Through the guidance of God given wisdom, through low spirits born in man all sense (emotion): love and greed, good and evil. The first is high layers of heavens, the second - from of hell. People, with their will may choose the path of acts, for the connection of heaven with a man not like the connection of man with man.

The heavens are connected through inner beginning energetic person, I am what you might call another internal heaven (IPC - information field of a person). Their construction as a little likeness of Heaven (Noosphere), laid down by the ancestors, is the main duty of the person during all his incarnations. This is the building of the city and the tower, only within ourselves, and all set of people over the age continues to build Heaven, or the Noosphere, as it consists of the individual heaven. To help build internal "heaven" man nastoyka either by the Lord himself, or through the angels ("pure astral plane").

Connection with the natural person who has no inner started going through the Holy Scriptures, which are given under natural and heaven. Human error is that it assumes that lives by itself, without regard to the origin of life, that is, from heaven and hell. If such communication was broken indeed, he would immediately fell dead. If people realized that every blessing from the Lord, and evil from hell, then he would not put himself credit for none of his act, and the evil was not imputed to him. And if all that created he attributes to his will, it all counts him into sin.

But man lives in the natural world are still external basis: intelligence, bodily senses, speech false. They have no inspiration of the Lord. And internal basis, many separated from Heaven, having lost the Truth in speech, turning to the world.

To correct the situation can, for example, the Bible as a textbook match the natural with the spiritual - through Proverbs, which does not understand the natural man. The mystery of the Word that is the Bible, understandable only to those who live in heavenly Light, and not to those who live in natural light, with worldly word from Newspapers and books (which publishes the works of bortesi and pseudo-scientists, knowing the Truth, and praising the natural man and his ambitions).

Without inner man is dead, for no soul. When a person manifests internal start, it binds to Heaven by good spirits. The evil spirits climb in an ignorant man sumokate and associate it with hell, that is natural in it.

You should know that the spirits do not know that they are inside a person, but I think, if memory and mind their thoughts, because the person they see. Such is the will of the Lord. Otherwise, the evil spirits instantly kill the man, pushing him in the thoughts of suicide. Only elementary - spirits of the suicide-bombers who are the perpetrators of the destruction of the material body set up by the Lord of life, know who enter and use a person as a donor of bioenergy, and after exhaustion of the donor encourage him to suicide. But without the spirits of hell natural persons would not be able to breathe and be reborn, for natural life is sustained by low spirits and good Spirits prevent one from evil. So how can a person be free to balanced against good and evil. This gives him the freedom to lean towards good or evil.

You can not force man to do good without his will, for made in compulsion is not counted, but goodness, filled with sumokate, Vlaamse in his will and becomes part of the essence. Now people are reported with Heaven and hell by getting filled with corresponding purity vibration spirits at the internal heaven and hell in itself. In other words, to the man come such spirits, what he is in relation to the knowledge of the truth, as there is wisdom, feelings of the heart and love of God.

The good spirits sent by the Lord, and they raise man to "step on the ladder of consciousness"; helping build a Crystal Light of the "spiritual gravity", in other words, a reasonable plasma of high-frequency torsion, and the evil spirits come themselves attracted ill thoughts that the food is evil spirits. And they lay in "the Cup of accumulation" soul plasma from Imperia. The man then drops on the bottom rung of the ladder of consciousness." What man in the prevalence of bad feelings, these are spirits in it: vindictive, self-serving, adulterous. They increasingly fueled these feelings, and people connected with hell. And the spiritual man on compliance with the Information izyaschnaya God, and Heaven meet and communicate with the angels appropriate levels of Cosmic Fields of the Lord. Because man is managed by the Lord through the good spirits that he came out of the heavenly order, in order to be born in hell evils (embodied), but overcome evil to come back enriched wisdom to Heaven..."

If a person was born in the Good, what is True, Will and Love, with an angel's speech, i.e. built all seven levels IPC, then he would be governed by naiste the Lord who is the Spirit of Truth." At the end of the age" people have previous development to become such. But who remains only in connection with hell (not made Kristall Light), he will undergo a "second death", fragmenters on primary cells, and his consciousness, not corresponding to the Paradigm of a new Cycle, will be only "space debris" and will be thrown into "outer darkness" of eternal torment of loneliness, anger and fear.

In the new Cycle, i.e. from the current year and next, Russia will be transformed into a "Holy Russia", which can't control people, filled with "black" astral entities, and must manage the divine Regularity essence of the hierarchy of councils bright people. On the lower level of the hierarchy - in the settlements, all vital issues will be solved voluntary gathering of the righteous inhabitants of this settlement; on the other levels of the hierarchy (pyramid) problems of a particular region will solve regional councils authorized delegates, and the delegates each time will be selected again on convened Cathedral, and they should be wise enough competent to solve problems.

As for the Supreme leaders of Russia and its major regions, they must be native speakers of the big Crystals of Light in comparison with other residents of the society, which is measured by size, color spectrum and luminosity of their personal aura, viewed by the evaluation commissions clairvoyants, equipped with special devices to view the human aura, invented by modern scientists..
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