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Астрология:Звездные вехи годаIn General, 2013 promises to be difficult, since, firstly, the year of the Snake usually in itself ambiguous, secondly, the main planet luck - Jupiter - practically the whole year will be in connection with a Black Moon. And, third, in the current year Water Snake Luck (Water) conflicts with the element of Life (Fire) is also contributing contradictions and reduces the likelihood of success.

However, the year has its bright moments, which will certainly need to use if you want to catch wind of Luck.

So, what surprises will make us a Serpent?

Until January 30, Jupiter is retrograde, so it is best to thoroughly analyze the previous experience, a good moments of life, so that on January 30, when the planet will be in the stationary phase, and then go into a direct motion, to lay the new plan and immediately begin to exercise it.

1-6 January. Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Moon form a wonderful configuration "Parus". You can make plans and take the first steps to realization of dreams. This is especially true for people who are accustomed to act and not to wait for the gift of the fate.

on January 21, Pluto takes Royal 11th grade of Capricorn, and will be there on the 23rd of February is a good time for big business and politics. Particularly successful will be in the sign of Scorpio. The best day - February 1, as yet and Mars also falls in the Royal degree.

The second passing of Pluto by Royal degrees expected from 2 June to 13 July (as retrograde planet, here it is better to consolidate the achieved positions, but do not start new directions), and the third from 24 November to 24 December: these days, you can safely explore new frontiers.

The accumulation of planets in Pisces from 8 February to 13 March successful time for psychologists, mystics, anyone interested in spiritual development and seeks to discover the unusual ability. From 4 to 13 March in the Royal degrees is also Jupiter is conducive to spiritual search, study of religion.

From March 12 to 19 April Mars will be in his own sign - Aries, and on March 21 to it will be added and the Sun, the planets will be most of the time in the connection. This is a good period for those who are not afraid to start a new, soldiers, sportsmen and just daredevils. It is important to focus energy in a positive direction, otherwise you waste energy in conflicts.

Since the beginning of the year until may 17, the White Moon will be in Libra is a beautiful period for establishing harmony between partners, particularly appreciated faithfulness, honesty in relations. The same applies to business partnership arrangements at this time, will generally successful (if there is no specific contraindications from other planets). on may 17, the planet will enter Scorpio and will remain there until December 16, helping all who is connected with the esoteric and not afraid to take risks. In the last two weeks of the year, the White Moon enters Sagittarius, this promises to improve the ideological situation in the society fosters dialogue of representatives of different cultures and religions, travel etc

Favourable configuration of the planets begins to take shape with June 7, then will increase and will last the whole month of July and will be especially noticeable at the end of July and in the first half of August, when the sky is formed so-called "Star of David". Good relations between them are such important planets like Pluto, Chiron, Jupiter and Proserpine, the Lunar Nodes, and periodically to them will connect mercury, Moon and Mars. There is hope for stabilization of the situation in the world. Overall this is a favorable time for Affairs related to strengthening and business, family, health, etc. Perhaps, this is the best time of the year when you can have a rest from crises and stress (except some of the things which we say below).

on June 27, Jupiter changes the location of the sign of his exile, the Twins, he moves into Cancer, where he exaltation. We could talk about the revival of national, historical, family traditions, the return to the roots, but, unfortunately, the dark Moon side by side with Jupiter makes in these areas to confusion. However, to seek the origins of need, and those who are genuinely moving in this direction, luck will be with.

In September tense moments between planets will become less, as a stable and harmonious aspects will remain. The first half of the month the most favourable for rest and strengthening of all spheres of life.

Relatively successful is October, particularly the period from 19 to 27 October, Saturn will be in the Royal 13th degrees Scorpio, most special degree in all the zodiac. Those who are bold, ready to risk and has a sober mind and clearly calculates all the moves you'll be lucky - it concerns and financiers, and mystics, and people of extreme professions.

And especially it is possible to allocate the period from October, 24 to November 22, when the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio. The period promises luck strong in spirit, those who are not afraid of anything whose principle "the worse the better". The fact that the Scorpion is very much highlighted in this time is here and the Sun and Saturn, and the Ascending Node, and mercury, and the White Moon. People, eager for stability, this time will seem complex and vague, but "extreme" it can bring success, and they will not confuse even the solar Eclipse 3 November - on the contrary, it will only give strength, especially because Mars, Pluto, and the very point of the Eclipse will be in a favorable aspects.

November 13-22 the Sun will connect with the White Moon in Scorpio is a particularly good time for those who seek spiritual development, esoteric, magicians, astrologers.

And a little about when and where we need to be careful.

1-7 January dark Moon will pass through destructive 13-th degree in Gemini. It should be especially wary of rumors, gossip, inadequate information. Avoid aggressive people, conflicts, mass gathering.

February 25 - 26 March in destructive 4th degrees Pisces will be Neptune. Although part of this period, we have identified as good for all who are attracted to the spiritual and mystical side, you must be careful to avoid people sectarian orientation, not to participate in mass prayers and meditations, especially dubious plan. In this period also can worsen mental illness and character accentuations. In political terms, there may be a secret intrigues and power struggle, the results will come to the surface in April.

In addition, from 24 February to 18 March mercury is retrograde. Given that the planet is in Pisces, the sign of his fall, to negotiate and to find a common language will be particularly difficult. We recommend you to postpone trips, or take them with more than usual care. The period of unfavorable to start a business.

Since March 25 the period when Mars, Uranus, and further the Sun and Venus build a square to Pluto. The period fraught with tension, as in the relations of the sexes, and in society in General. Peak voltage will occur from 28 March to 3 April. You must avoid conflicts, possible unpleasant situations on the street, in transport, etc., increased the protest activity.

A lunar Eclipse in Scorpio April 26, calls for special care, because with this sign is associated not only a mystic, but increased criminal situation, intensifying the negative elements in society. Avoid mass gatherings of people, especially in the subway, do not experiment with magical practices. And the connection of the Sun and Mars these days can increase aggression in society, which can be due to dissatisfaction financial situation.

The Eclipse of the sun in Taurus may 10 may negatively impact the global financial situation, and the individual is not recommended in these days to start a new business, connected with money and business.

At the mid-point between the two eclipses 2-3 may need to fear of unpredictable events, unforeseen disasters, all plans can be destroyed. Need extreme care and caution.

The second period of retrogradely mercury will be held from June 27 to July 20, and as usual at this time you may experience difficulties in travel and movement, signing of documents, correspondence, communication with people. Like the first time, mercury is a water sign is Cancer, so rational, logical arguments at this time is unlikely to be successful.

Since July 26, will be a hard configuration between Pluto, Uranus and Mars, and on August 4, it will turn on and Jupiter. If the end of July-beginning of August fraught burst of aggression and even increase the "revolutionary situation", but more concerned individuals, then the second and the third decade of August will be associated with socio-political unrest that will affect certain groups and currents. However, the "Star of David" between other planets in the same time will help to smooth over the situation and avoid extremes.

Conflict, as in the relations of men and women and society as a whole, could rise since mid-September, when Mars will make a square with Saturn and Venus. Not all ambitious projects go smoothly, and in love it takes a maximum of patience and tact, to avoid dictatorship and jealousy. In General, Venus and Mars will conflict to 8 October, causing a tendency to quarrels and clarifications.

A lunar Eclipse on October 19, in the sign of Aries will not be so heavy, still, the usual security measures are needed - it is possible outbursts of uncontrollable aggression (the more that mercury will be in a devastating degree and to negotiate with people it will be difficult).

October 22 - November 11, will again be a mercury retrograde. And again in the water sign - this time in Scorpio. Special attention should be paid to communication with mystics, wizards, psychics, it is unlikely to be constructive in this period. It is undesirable to discuss complexity in intimate life. And, of course, is to avoid risky missions, meetings with questionable people, criminal situations.

Solar Eclipse 3 November - another reason to exercise caution. Although this Eclipse can be successful, but not for all. People are not inclined to risk, avoid mass gatherings, metro, communication with the Magi and psychics, representatives of criminal groups. Care will be needed and in private life. During an Eclipse is not recommended travel, beginning of new business, business negotiations and other important initiatives.

22-31 of December - the period of retrogradely Venus. Not the best time for marriage, relationship or other personal Affairs. In communicating with your partner, be tactful and patient, not stoop to disputes and proceedings.

Astrologer Olga Post
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