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Прогноз на 2013 год: аварии, катаклизмы, новый экономический кризис и третья мировая войнаIn contrast to the predictions of the representatives of " alternative" science, opinions of professionals have a scientific basis, and their forecast for 2013 disappointing. In February at a dangerous distance from the Earth will sweep the asteroid, Russia should expect temperature anomalies and floods and accidents on water and other networks, the world can stir up a new round of economic crisis and global war.

Unlike charlatans, predicting Earth's collision with invisible planet Nibiru and instant change of poles 13 and 14 February, scientists talk about the real possibility of falling to Earth asteroid in the night from 15 to 16 February, writes about this site "Astronomer".

Say that the probability is extremely low and amounts to a hundredth of a percent. An asteroid with a diameter of about 50 meters 2012 DA14 will fly past the planet at a distance of 28 thousand km, which, in the cosmic sense, quite close. For comparison, the geostationary orbit, which revolve satellites, is at a height of 36 thousand km, and the Moon ten times further. However, even if asteroid he, most likely, will fall apart when entering the dense layers of the atmosphere, and if they reach the Earth, by the energy of the fall will be similar to one nuclear explosions without radiation.

From the Sun also assumes some of the risk associated with powerful flash, however, scientists have system of prevention and ways of information damage to a minimum - to do this, just need to switch off the equipment, which, theoretically, could be adversely affected.

Last year's forecast of the Ministry of emergency, which was clearly presents RIA "news", pointed, in particular, to the high probability of extreme rainfall, which would entail a powerful debris flows. Local authorities did not give to the forecasts of special importance, and the flood in Krymsk showed that they were true.

On the basis of a long-term forecast, published on the website of the Ministry of emergency, we can conclude that 2013 is generally calm, but this calm like the average temperature in the hospital. So, there is a real threat of strong earthquakes of a magnitude of up to 7.5 and above on Sakhalin island, North of the city of Nevelsk. Danger threatens the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka. Moreover, earthquakes can cause on the coast of the Far East tsunami height of up to eight meters, slightly less than the tsunami in Japan in 2011.

In addition, earthquakes are possible in the Stavropol and Krasnodar regions, the Northern Caucasus - in the entire territory from Black up to Caspian seas. Instead tsunami there are expected avalanches and landslides.

Due to the floods can also occur many problems: due to the fact that in the South Ural and Volga regions ice formed at lower levels of the rivers, in the spring when the high water on the rivers can occur ice jams. In Central and North-Western possible spills of rivers due to the fact that they were overly deep autumn. The reservoirs of the Volga-Kama cascade of HPPs already filled by 100%, and of them we are already having to dump excess water.

MOE forecasts in the year 2013 the growth trend in the number of accidents and malfunctions of utilities: the reason - in the old heating, water and power networks, which in some regions are 60-80%. The probability of catastrophes no less than in other sectors of the Russian infrastructure, there are also very high wear and tear. In the oil industry - 75-80%, in water supply networks - 55-70%, in the heat supply networks - 60-70%, railway transportation in some regions, up to 70%. A difficult situation is observed in the train station in Stavropol, Mineral Waters, Georgievsk, Budennovsk, where up to 50-100 cars with inflammable cargo.

According to scientists, emergency situation is all that is beyond the scope of natural, usual course of things. Often works "principle of Domino" onset natural disaster pulls a humanitarian disaster, and that, in turn, is a full-scale economic crisis. Economist Nouriel Roubini in 2011 called the current year the probable date of the second wave of the global economic crisis.

By withdrawal from it can be a third world war, as foretold in the same year, the American expert Charles Nenner. "The principle of Domino" suggests that the more they talk about the disaster, the higher the chances that it will happen. So, before the Second world war she was much discussed as a possible option out of the political and economic deadlock.

In addition, currently there is a change of nature of warfare: developed countries increasingly rely on its remote management using unmanned drones, but other forces develop "viral war" - the slaughter of all against all. In the hands of mankind have nuclear weapons, and it will be enough to make sure we all had forgotten about this newfangled gadgets, but even about the internal combustion engine and came back to where we started - blackjack, concludes Slon.ru.

As for the weather, then in 2012 in Russia was beaten 90 records of positive temperatures, and in 20 cases, was beaten by an absolute minimum temperatures for the dark time of the day, said Roshyromet in the report submitted last week. This year was also the champion in the number of dangerous natural phenomena in the last 14 years, pass the "Novye Izvestia".

In Russia over the past year meteorologists recorded about 500 weather anomalies, which can be dangerous for people and cause massive damage to agriculture. Abnormal heat was observed not only in the middle lane, but in the Arctic - the last year was the warmest in the history of meteorological observations. In the winter months abnormally severe frosts were recorded in Russia 30 times, and they were 70% more than the year before.

In the coming year will not be less anomalies, experts say. Global warming in the coming year will continue and will lead to the fact that much of our country will be more devastating rains, said head of the laboratory of global problems of energy of the Moscow energy Institute, climate scientist Vladimir Klimenko. In his opinion, the cold of the Russian winter in the coming years will be gone forever: less extreme events associated with low temperatures, will come to naught early cold autumn and late frosts in spring.
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