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Люди-загадки: ЭВМ в головеAs we all know, some people have the ability to produce in the mind of operations with very large numbers, and sometimes faster than it does a calculator or computer. Usually they are unable to explain how it turns out. Many of them use their talent is not in mathematics, and for variety performances.

The Frenchman Jacques inode (born in 1867) with seven years earned his bread, making the eyes of the audience calculation speed, available only to the modern computers. In two seconds he read one 21-digit number from another, took root of the fifth degree, etc., When this baby is always something mumbled to himself.

Sometimes it is claimed that the answers he dictates someone unseen voice, and sometimes - as in his mind everything is arranged differently than ordinary people, right to left...

When scientists want to take part in the fate of Jacques, I found that he does not even know how to -- to read and write!

One of the most famous people-"counters" was Arrago. Under the pseudonym concealed Roman S. Levitin. He was born in 1883 in the Ukrainian city of Konotop. In 17 years the young man had to go to serve as a controller in the office of the wholesale dealer Manufaktura. There he was struck by his colleagues, instantly multiply in mind multiple digits. However, the work in the office quickly tired of the Novel. In 1902 he went to Paris where he studied at the mathematical faculty of the Sorbonne. But after the third course was forced to leave the University had nothing to pay for further education... One of the professors advised him to perform on stage as counter". The same Professor recommended to use a pseudonym, Arago.

Arrago traveled all over Europe, visited even in Africa and in the New World. In 1912 he went to Russia, where he made a contract in Moscow restaurant "Yar". The audience with surprise and admiration watched as "the sorcerer" immediately raises in the cube and square ten-digit number, and remove them from the roots, adds columns six-digit numbers, which were recorded on two boards, assistant until I "wizard" was behind the scenes. Everyone could check the accuracy of the calculations on the paper.

However, it was worth Arrago tremendous emotional stress. One day after the next performance artist lay down to rest and lost consciousness. The doctors diagnosed inflammation of the brain. When Arrago came to, his doctor, Professor Geller, said, "what is 327 times 649?" "212 223", - weak voice replied the patient. Server smiled. "Well, then your position is not so bad. But appearances at some time have to stop!"

However, Arrago had to earn a living, and he soon returned to work. In Russia they are interested scientists. In St. Petersburg they were examined academician C. M. Bekhterev, in Moscow - Professor N. N. Bazhenov. Somehow unusual person even suggested to compete with the calculating machine. Artist ahead of the car compute eight seconds... Researchers are convinced in the unique gift of Arrago, but to explain the reasons for this talent has failed.

Another spin" - Vladimir Zubritsky - was born in 1905 in Kiev, in the family of circus performers. As soon as father found out what powers has his little boy, he got into the arena. The first tour was held in the circus of Nikitin at the Nizhny Novgorod fair.

In addition to quick calculations baby come so ocus". On the Board drew a square divided into 25 cells, each cell wrote a number from zero to nine. Volodya some time considered the table, then turned away from the Board and transferred the written digits in any given order. He was able to name the dates of various historical events, at the request of the public.

Father, trying to earn more money on the gift of the son, forced Volodya to give speeches several times a day. My "profession," the boy hated. At night he had nightmares. Several times together with his elder brother they ran away from home. But they were caught and returned back.

Once Vladimir visited the famous Moscow neurologist, I. Rossolimo. He noted that the boy amazing visual and auditory memory. But still advised to stop the performances, as this could lead to a nervous breakdown. However, the cruel father to hear about that are not wanted.

Deliverance comes with the beginning of the First world war. A 13-year-old Volodya volunteered for the red army battalion. Patriotic feelings at that time were such that the army took even teenagers.

Zubritsky served in intelligence, went on the train. Was wounded in the head, but to heal, again returned to the front. Up to the end of the Civil war he served in the Navy. Then he returned to his native Kiev and became a sailor-lifeguard on water station. Artistic career he never resumed, and the gift of his after his concussion had lost somewhere...

Margarita Trinity
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