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Астрономы открыли, возможно, самую яркую комету за 10 летRussian Amateur astronomer Artem Novichonok and his colleague from Belarus Vitaly Nevsky opened the comet, which may become the brightest in this decade. Official report about the discovery is published on the website of the minor planet Center of the International astronomical Union.

New comet was opened on September 21, in the course of observations at the Observatory in Kislovodsk, a member of the international network of observatories ISON. The cometary nature of the object then was confirmed by several observatories, in particular, magarachskii Observatory in Uzbekistan, the Observatory mount Lemmon in the US, a review of Pan-STARRS. The new comet was given the index C/2012 S1 (ISON).

According to calculations, the comet in November 2013 will be held at a distance of 0,012 astronomical units (average radius of the earth's orbit) from the Sun, and then, on December 26, 2013 - 0,42 astronomical units from Earth.

"If the comet is not destroyed at the earliest, as it was with comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin), then we will, perhaps, the brightest comet in decades, which will be able to Eclipse comet C/2011 L1 (Pan-STARRS)", - reads the statement on the website of the Observatory ISON-NM.

Currently, the comet is still beyond the orbit of Jupiter and has a brightness of about 18 magnitude.

As it turned out, earlier this comet has already been observed: December 28, 2011, and January 28, 2012 saw her Observatory mount Lemmon and Pan-STARRS. Thanks to the orbit of comet was calculated more accurately.
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