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Телеканалам рекомендовали отказаться от конца светаDuma deputies call on the Russian media to give up covering the end of the world. They wrote in an open letter that on Thursday will be sent to the heads of Federal TV channels.

The text was signed by the Chairman of the Committee for science and science-intensive technologies Mikhail Degtyarev (LDPR), Chairman of the Committee on science academician of RAS and RAMS Valery Chereshnev (a just Russia) and the Communist Deputy Dmitry Novikov.

In the opinion of the initiator of the letter of Mikhail Degtyarev, first, information about the end of the world is a scientific fact, and secondly, copying provokes some citizens to inappropriate actions.

- Our Committee work academicians, scientists, and we expressly declare that no end of the world will not. And who invented and published this information? says the MP.

Degtyarev argues that the discussion of controversial topics adversely affects the physical and emotional state of many citizens.

- The TV is very high psychological impact on people, that's why TV-journalists have become responsible for information that falls into the ether. In its programs, they often mention the supposed end of the world. Why? It would be better to bypass these topics party is sure Degtyarev.

According to him, the doctors still have to study for the period from 21 November to 21 December, statistics on the number of crimes, acute diseases, other social phenomena. He believes that the data are unlikely to be encouraging.

- It seems that the end of the world is a commercial project. Look how many of the scammers are trying to cash in on the subject, starting from pseudomugil to sellers of food and other rations. In addition, according to the latest data, in comparison with the pre-new year period 2011 increased the volume of consumer loans and momentum trading networks, which indicates the growing hysteria, " said Mikhail Degtyarev.

He believes that we need to prepare for the New year, to buy gifts for loved ones and to give out before the holidays debts, not to gain credits, not thinking about tomorrow.

Member of the Committee on health protection of the state Duma United Russia Leonid Ogul also believes that we should not underestimate the influence of television on the psychoemotional status of citizens.

- It is impossible to talk endlessly about end of the world, - I say this as a doctor. All people are different, each has a different nervous system, and in each such information has a different effect. Information acts unconsciously. But some it will provoke laughter, and one for the heart attack, and third - any negative actions, " said Ogul.

Another representative of fraction ER, Deputy Chairman of the education Committee of the state Duma Alyona Arshinova reminded that in the 1930-ies in the United States was an experiment that proved that the widespread replication of information about the end of the world has led to growth of crime and suicide in the United States.

- What we see on most TV channels: there appeared the main news - fried fact that December 21, 2012 - the end of the world. However, let's remember the historical facts about the reports of such information. Eerie effect had the radio play "War of the worlds by H. G. wells, in 1938, when millions of people believed the information about the attack of the Martians on the ground. Media representatives as nobody other know, what might be a panic, it can trigger bursts of fraud. We have to remember about it and stop experiment on people, " said Arshinov.

The press services of the Central TV channels "Russia-1", NTV and channel one said that it would be able to comment on the content of the message deputies only after acknowledges it.
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