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onua.org » News » Religious leaders do not share the concerns about end of the world on December 21,and psychiatrists explained why people are waiting for the end of the world
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Религиозные деятели не разделяют опасений о конце света 21 декабря,а психиатры объяснили, почему люди ждут конца светаRepresentatives of the major religious organizations of Russia criticized the expectations of the end of the world on December 21, 2012 due to the abrupt ending on the date of the Mayan calendar and urged the faithful, and not only every day to comprehend their actions and spiritual life.


"This is a very ignorant interpretation of what ends some calendar, then you need to wait for the end of the world. Any calendar hanging on the wall, has an end... it is Possible on this basis to panic at least every year. In General, any numerology, vision mysticism of numbers-it is purely magical attitude to life, to the history. Christianity denies this" - told RIA Novosti the rector of the Church of the Holy Martyr Barbara, MSU, former head of the press service of the Patriarch of Moscow, Archpriest Vladimir Vigilyansky.

According to Holy Scripture, the hour of the end of the world no one knows except God the Father, and the most important sign of the end of the world is when "will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and ye shall be hated of all Nations for My (Jesus Christ) the name". "Yes, we have already entered in apocalyptic times, but this is only the beginning. It may take thousands of years before the final stage. But what it will be - in this we Christians believe. Just not now" - added the Minister.

He also said the current state of humanity, which refuses the traditions of ancestors, "teenage" and stressed "suicidal character" contemporary culture, when there is no "prospects of making for the future ' live "momentary pleasure", while "planet Earth is already worn out". Therefore, according to Vigilyansky, "predictions of doom fall on psychologically prepared ground".

The General Secretary of Conferences of Catholic bishops of Russia, priest Igor Kovalevsky advised Russian citizens "to be prudent" and reminded the new Testament phrase: "the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night". "That is, unexpectedly, we do not know when it will come. Therefore the Christian must always be ready. For us, the Lord's day is a time of joyful meeting with Jesus Christ, not the time of despair" - said Kovalevsky.

Operating Affairs of the Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical faith (Roshi - Pentecostal Protestant organizations) Bishop Konstantin Bendas called on those, "which lay salt, matches, or are trying to lose weight for the last remaining days all funds - not to do these stupid things, and to come to the temple, a house of prayer, to open the Scripture, to weigh, to rethink and reassess his own life".


First Deputy Chairman and head of the apparatus of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of the European part of Russia (DUMER) Damir Mukhetdinov told RIA Novosti that Muslims believe in the end of the world, although on December 21, he said, no ending of the earth's history yet will not be. In his words, so far no signs of the approaching end of the world, which are described in the sacred texts of Moslems, is not observed, "and, probably, for a long time, thank God, will not be".

"The most important sign is that, as saith the prophet Muhammad: there will come the day of judgment until such time as on the planet Earth there is at least one believes in God's people. And we have billions of people believe in God... It is the main sign of the coming judgment day, according to the teachings of our religion - Islam" - said the Agency interlocutor.

Mufti of Moscow and the Central region, Chairman of the Spiritual administration of the Muslims of the Chuvash (Central spiritual administration of the Muslims of Russia) Albir Krganov confirmed that "the Koran says: Yes, this day will come". "But when it is known only to God the Creator, and if someone says on this topic, it just comes up from themselves", - said the mufti.

At the same time, theological reflections on the end of the world, he said, can be useful for humans. "People should remember that day, will pass and your life. When you leave this world, it will be the end of your light... the Main thing that people think about this much: that he did good, because you have to stand before God, all we will bear before God answer" - said Krganov.


Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar "like all the Jews, refers to news about the upcoming December 21, end of the world - with humor", said its spokesman Mikhail Lidogoster.

"And laughter, and sin indeed. No end of the world in the next ten billion years is not expected" - assured Chairman of the Congress of Jewish religious organizations and associations in Russia Rabbi Zinovy Kogan.

According to him, in the books of Judaism "anything about the end of the world doesn't say - it is only said that would come a Messianic time when the Nations will hear and understand each other (maybe we from now on and just)".

"And the fact that somewhere take a flying airship for the sign of the end of the world and begin to pray - it does not mean that it really is the end," said Kogan.

The Rabbi also warned "hotheads who want to get drunk and make a row before the end of the world"that "it will not be - and they will have 22 December to pay".

"And the 22 December 2012 will be the same serene and frosty, as of 1 January 2013. So, dear friends, happy New year", - has congratulated Kogan.


Permanent representative of the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia in Moscow, supported Lama told RIA Novosti that in Buddhism there is no concept of the end of the world as it is up and concepts of a limb or the infinity of the universe.

According to him, talks about the coming days the Apocalypse can be conducted with a view to distract people's attention from something really important - for example, from political events.

"Such statements are made in order, so to speak, people somewhat from politics or from other important topics to distract" - said the supported Lama.

He also believes that people should think about his life and his actions not only in the face of the possible destruction of the planet.

"We should always be ready for anything - spiritually, morally, and in their deeds and actions" - concluded Lama.

People prone to fears and doubts, especially among the older generation, willing to believe in the rumors about the end of the world and prepare for it. Poor scammers offer to hide in bunkers rich - in a comfortable bunkers, but most Russians do not respond to these messages and make fun of superstitious polled by RIA Novosti psychiatrists.

Scammers are intimidated

Let's start with the fact that someone is very beneficial to spread rumors about the end of the world, noted forensic psychiatrist, Professor Mikhail Vinogradov.

"There is a huge number of people: anxious, fearful, subject to fears and doubts. And on these fears and doubts play those, who stand to talk about the end of the world", he told RIA Novosti.

For example, several years ago in the Penza region 35 followers of Peter Kuznetsova, among them women and children, went to the dungeon and there were closed. Their goal was, in compliance with the covenants mentor, "to survive the end of the world". Rogers down into the dungeon was not. "This Peter gathered with them big money, someone sold because of this apartment, someone machine, but the rogue is a bit overrated their strength and went to law enforcement authorities. He repented and began to cooperate with the investigation," said Vinogradov. Rogers continue to be treated at a psychiatric clinic.

Such scammers gather around suggestible people and intimidate them by the end of the world, added the Professor.

It is believed that about 20% of the population have a heightened sense of anxiety, fear, mistrust, too superstitious... These people can easily Rob, by manipulating the rumors about the end of the world", said forensic psychiatrist.

The feeling of the end of the world is also true for the elderly, said the country's chief psychiatrist Zurab Kekelidze.

"Often people over 60 years of age say "I was going to die", but this is a subjective feeling, because people can live up to 80 years", - he has told RIA Novosti.

People who believe in the end of the world, looking for signs of its approach in symbols and digits, said the country's chief psychiatrist.

Bunkers for the rich

But there are scammers on a larger scale. "Now on the ruble were built bomb shelters and bunkers. Accepted a large number of orders from rich people", - said Vinogradov.

He noted that the silos are designed to sit on them, if the world ends, and if it is not, then these shelters will be used as entertainment centers.

"These bunkers are being built across the middle suburbs. They are very well equipped. There is a special air purifiers, durable sealed doors, tables, chairs, beds. Very decent shelter for millionaires" - said Vinogradov.

The head of crisis situations SSC social and forensic psychiatry named Serbian Anna Portnova believes that there is a category of citizens who are prone to fear and anxiety, they are in the world always see approaching danger. "In certain periods of life of these people begin to fear that chicken DOFPA, swine flu, afraid to drink the tap water. One third of people prone to anxiety, and those who believe in the end of the world, fortunately, a little", she said.

And laughter, and sin

Portnov said that the share suggestible people in different layers of the society is different. "Among poorly educated people among older people and women have these beliefs. Women are more emotional, more vneseny and more gullible, so they are easy to some emotional" - said the psychiatrist.

Conscious and educated people either do not respond to messages about the coming end of the world or purchase a large quantity of alcoholic drinks to celebrate this event, Vinogradov believes. "Normal people respond to messages about the end of the world with humor, nobody depressed and not depressed, living and laughing at those who are really afraid of the end of the world", she said.

Portnov said that they felt neither among themselves nor among patients concern reports about the end of the world.

"We had only one reference for two months, which was connected with the end of the world", - said the head of the Department of SSC for social and forensic psychiatry named Serbian.

Kekelidze believes that the tourist companies will find it difficult to survive the end of the world, because the number of people who get scared flights these days, will increase. "But will flourish restaurant business, because some will want to mark this event" - says the psychiatrist.
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