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onua.org » News » In Montreal, Canada huge Bercut attacked boy (fake)
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The child sat on the grass in the Park. His mother was a few metres away. Father went a bit aside and turned on the video camera, apparently, to photograph natural scenery. At this moment over them appeared a bird. She dived to the lawn, grabbed claws baby and raised him up approximately on the height of human growth. The boy flew by so few meters, then Bercut has released its prey. The child has not suffered.

Video about canadian eagle kidnaper, for two days and gathered more than 13 million views were false. The authors of the movie, I realized how scared residents of Montreal, admitted that only practiced their skills in computer graphics, and the whole story about trying birds to steal walking baby was fabricated from beginning to end. Wizards three-dimensional animation hastened to reassure the frightened compatriots that their offspring out of danger, informs ZN.UA

"And the eagle and the child is 3D animation, they were inserted in the video after the shooting", - is spoken in the message of the canadian centre of learning computer graphics Centre NAD.

Video about the eagle was posted on YouTube on December 18. "In Montreal eagle caught the child. What if he managed to him to fly?.." - reads the comment to the video. Failed, but even without that movie more than sentimental: baby one and a half-two years old peacefully sitting on the grass in the Park, but a moment later turns out to be in the jaws of a huge bird - well downright predatory KROK Soviet mulikita about the "Secret of the third planet". And all this before the eyes bewildered father and videographer that appeared in the right place at the right time. But the boy was too heavy, and the eagle has no choice but to throw production in a couple of meters and, fortunately, with no very great height. The operator asked for help, the parent is faster, and now miraculously saved a child with eyes with fright not less than those sewn on his cap, with surprise looks into the camera.

Acting at a height, which cannot be said about the schedule - even before the recognition of designers, the number of Internet users pointed to inconsistencies in the installation, for example, "disappearing" for a couple of moments wing of a bird. However, to judge developers are not strictly necessary. On the video, worked three students, it was something like a course project.

Designers do not explain why it was necessary to put the video on video sharing - to boast whether to advertise your alma mater or the General public to check the graphics realism. And maybe, just for fun, but it had to justify himself and to reassure the worried citizens. "Attention, residents of Montreal! Eagles you don't dangerous!" - say the authors of the movie. In comments to the message users in all criticized the jokers: it's not enough that people are scared, so more and threatened the ecological programmes for restoration of populations of eagles - people will now think whether to donate money to these "dangerous" birds.

By the way, just a week before the publication of this video designers were posted on the Internet a video about escape from the zoo. According to the scenario, someone removes the surroundings of the Montreal zoo, suddenly notices penguin, slowly walking across the lawn. At the sound of approaching Minister zoo, bird - canadian designers obviously not indifferent to the bird - goes to Risco, but no time to run away. The video ends when zoologist asks the operator to stop the camera. Also quite convincing acting, and graphics, at least for the layman, very realistic.
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