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Бенедикт XVI – предпоследний Папа Римский?Recently read that there is a manuscript, titled "Prediction about Roman popes" the author of which is a Holy - Malachi. The name "Prediction about Roman popes" this work gave not the author, and people.

Briefly about the author: he was born in 1094 in the Irish city of Ulster. The identity of Malachi, the question is not exposed, because he canonized in 1199 by order of Pope Clement III.

In the "Prediction of..." lists 112 priests who at various times occupied and will occupy the Holy see. Opens a list of contemporary soothsayer, Celestine II, who stayed in power for only five months. This is followed by 111 future pontiffs, each of which is given short aphoristic feature in Latin. Malachi did not name - he only hinted at the quality of the Pope or reasoned that will bring peace to his rule.

That Malachi wrote about previous Popes, I will not describe. Let me just say that even the hierarchs of the Roman Church was recognized that a number of characteristics which ruled in Rome of the Popes true.

Interestingly, about 111-m Pape (it Benedict XVI) Malachi laconically reported as "the glory of the olive" (another translation - "the triumph of the world"). Many interpreted this aphorism as an indication that the new Pontiff can become a Jew. On the other hand, the olive tree is a symbol of peace, and therefore, the new Pope might come long-awaited peace and prosperity on earth. The joy, however, would be short-lived. Malachi does not inform, how many will stay in power peace-loving Dad, but his successor predictor calls by name, the world is heading for a catastrophe. When the Holy see takes the 112th Peter the Roman, or Peter II (the first one was known to the Apostle Peter, the disciple of Christ, who established the institution of the papacy), the world will end.

Against the usage, the last Pope Malachi devoted an entire paragraph, which says: "In the end times, the place of the Holy Roman Church will occupy Peter the Roman, who will feed the weak-willed, doing the many disasters. At this time the City of Seven Hills will be destroyed, and the Terrible Judge will judge the people. End".

Nostradamus also interprets events in a similar vein. Speaking about 112-m Pope, he says that "the General blood will fill the earth, people will live with closed mouths and come unpredictable".

Is the end so soon?
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