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Появился новый «Бермудский треугольник»?The archipelago off the coast of Venezuela, where the aircraft designer Vittorio Missoni disappeared in the air, gaining a reputation as the place of mysterious disappearances. Happened here, at least 15 unexplained "disappearances".

While there are no official explanation of the disappeared on the last Friday of the plane that took on Board six passengers and crew members, including Italian fashion magnate Vittorio Missoni, some say the cause of the accident was "the Curse of Los Roques". This name has arisen due to a series of mysterious accidents and "disappearances" over the last decade or so, between the Caribbean archipelago Los Roques and the Venezuelan capital Caracas, 140 km South, writes the Guardian.

As a result, inevitably appears comparison with the infamous Bermuda triangle, the area between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, which already has a long reputation of a place of unexplained disappearances of ships and aircraft. Today, EN route from Los Roques in Caracas the wreckage Missoni not found. The owner of the hotel on the Islands said that he last saw the plane was a twin - engined BN-2 Islander was built in 1968 and is within range of the clouds. Meanwhile, the family Missoni stated that it does not exclude the possibility that the plane was captured by local smugglers of drugs.

The representative of civil aviation of Venezuela stated that the last record of contact with the plane indicates the place 18 km South of Los Roques. Since the mid 90-ies, there are at least 15 of incidents in which a small aircraft crashed, disappeared or were declared emergencies during travel in the area. In 2008, 14 people were killed when the plane carried out flight is the same as with the participation Missoni, and it crashed into the sea. But the wreckage was found, and only one body was found. There are different explanations actions curse" - error-pilots for unknown reasons before the release of methane hydrates from the sea bottom. Absence of evidence is only fuel for new speculation.

Other areas that have also become known for unexplained disappearances, include: triangle Formosa, Michigan triangle, the Sargasso sea, and sea of the Devil off the coast of Japan. But Nick Wal (Nick Wall), the editor of " the Pilot", said that the pilots are pragmatic people, and they are not distracted by talk of a "triangle" and "curses": "there is always some explanation of what happened - even if it takes years to solve the mystery and get an answer.

Pilots prefer to focus on the things that really help them to survive, such as the fuel sensors, weather forecast and inspection of the engine. They are increasingly aware that there are previously unknown meteorological phenomena, such as coastal shifting winds and high waves, which can lead to sudden turbulence. But here it is too early to say something with accuracy about the reasons of this latest incident".
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