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«Кёнигсберг-13»Four medieval building, located in the centre of the historical town on the island, Kneiphof, had one address: Koenigsberg-13. About a century ago, there was one of the most enigmatic laboratories in the world. What was she doing and what preceded its creation?

The mystical capital of Europe
Since its Foundation till our days Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad) is a city mysteries and wonderful mysteries. From the XIV century it, feeling completely safe, settled mages and warlocks, whose fame has spread far beyond the borders of Germany. On the Kneiphof island was created entire occult school, who were engaged in the collection and study of magical knowledge and unexplained phenomena.

For many centuries mystical educational institution has not received attention from the state. This all changed with the coming to power of Hitler, more seriously than having to occult knowledge. Just then, in the period of the Third Reich, emerged and reached its maximum prosperity laboratory "Koenigsberg-13".

Main tasks of the laboratory was the following: careful study of astrology, magic, hypnosis, ancient magic knowledge and the creation of powerful mystical wonder-weapons destruction of the enemies of the Third Reich. Unfortunately, no documents telling about the establishment, in the territory of the former USSR was not preserved all the archives of " Koenigsberg-13", came into the hands of the Soviet commanders, were given to the Americans in exchange for machinery and equipment. The result is information about the laboratory is extremely fragmentary and incoherent. It is known that it started its work long before the war and was so secret that in the city of its existence nobody even suspected.

Victims of the black arts

One of the events attributed to the actions of the employees of the laboratory "Koenigsberg-13", occurred in 1929, before the eyes of numerous witnesses. Hitler only came to power, and some of the German journalists could not afford to take seriously the future Fuhrer of the Third Reich. During his visit to East Prussia Hitler cold, hoarse, and the speech he made in the largest hall of Koenigsberg - Stathelle, was, to put it mildly, not very successful. Completed the leader of the Nazis, his speech pathetic
phrase: "I came to take Koenigsberg!"

Soon one of the popular local journalists wrote a devastating article, where strongly walked about the physical, intellectual qualities of the speaker and his baseless dreams.

A few days after the article in the newspaper a young man, in a sign of his deep location gave the journalist a bouquet of flowers and a big chocolate bar. During the lunch break, all employees of publishing houses, including sharp-tongued lady who went into a cafe and there have witnessed a horrible scene. When the woman turned the chocolate and took a bite, there was absolutely unnatural for chocolate crunch crushed glass. Out of her mouth was flooded with blood, but the journalist with a mad glint in his eyes continued furiously biting glass plate. Come to the cafe visitors with great difficulty, managed to take away the unhappy remaining piece of thick glass. The woman was hospitalized with a terrible cuts in the mouth for a long time, it not only could not speak, but couldn't understand what it is and where it is.

Wizards or charlatans?

So what happened to the mysterious walls of the "Koenigsberg-13"? In the diary of one of the local residents found the entry, dated July 1943: in the evening strolling around the island, Kneiphof, he met a Buddhist monks in white and red dress, than was quite amazed. The fact that Hitler was banned independent activity of any mystical organizations, studying the occult Sciences could
take place only under the personal supervision of the Fuhrer.

Inside the laboratory is located, as already mentioned, in four two-storey historical building, looked
rather strange. On the first floors were a huge number of items cults of all times and Nations: then met and Orthodox icons, and Tibetan mask, and the ancient Viking weapons. In the basement was equipped with a large refrigerator with a variety of baths, which were ice and cut out the eyes of domestic animals brought from meat processing plants.

In the laboratory there was a Department, which followed the lessons of the school "Doll of the old Magda", created in Koenigsberg in the XV century. These people were made dolls, like two drops of water similar to the statesmen, who were enemies of the Reich. In the eye of the mannequins inserted the eyes of animals. Then the people who was thought to have the ability to influence others in a certain day and hour stuck in dolls thick silver needles with amber beads on the ends.

It is difficult to say whether caused such actions substantial damage to the victims of the sorcerers, however, when in 1942 to Winston Churchill was informed that his doll work wizards of Koenigsberg, it is extremely alarmed.
It is known that one of the employees of the laboratory, clairvoyant and astrologer Hans Shurr made a prediction about the death of the Third Reich in the beginning of 1940-ies. He also exactly predicted that Koenigsberg will fall for three days in April 1945. Then didn't believe him and his predictions did not pay attention. However, in March 1945, the Soviet army approached the city of Koenigsberg, and then the fascists executed Hans Surra the failure of the prophecy.


In addition to all kinds of occult Sciences laboratory "Koenigsberg-13" was engaged in the study of such at first sight
trivial things like... draughts. The air flows in the medieval streets of Koenigsberg
was an amazing process. Suffice it to say that the weathercocks on the houses were set on two levels: first - on the roof - showed the General direction of the wind, and the second, attached below is the movement of air directly through the streets. The force of the wind was sometimes so that people were pinned to the walls of houses and put a lot of effort to move in the right direction.

The study of wind directions were given a lot of advantages and allowed to use this knowledge for a variety
purposes, such as intimidation: cost discreetly be installed at the desired window small metal turntables certain design, as in the whole house began to hear strange sounds and voices. The wind was used as a murderer. The laboratory staff has created a sharp thin steel feathers, which, when put on the wind, could smite a man to death on long distance, extending into the ear.

Drafts suggested and more sophisticated methods of murder. For example, a man who had
kill, were regularly invited and constantly put on the so-called guest chair with numerous holes in the back. It was installed so that the guest was in the draft, under constant exposure to damp air. After several such visits light man was black, and he died from pneumonia.

Here, perhaps, that little was known about the activities of the laboratory "Koenigsberg-13". Interested is
to travel to Kaliningrad and try to see everything with your own eyes. However, on the site of the laboratory were only hidden under the earth Foundation. However, the Konigsberg is very mysterious and interesting city.

Konstantin KARELIANS
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