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Разрушить теорию эволюции способна... водаEvolutionary theory became the main religious movement modern atheists who believes that it's correct. However, scientists once gave birth to this theory, to the amusement of believers, atheists are faced with an increasing number of facts, which beat out a stool of the classical theory of evolution, and from under all diverse and contradictory theories, United in the special theory of evolution, designed to become the second breath stillborn child Darwin and his ilk.

One of the most striking evidence of a reasonable creation of life on Earth is... water. Nothing is more habitual for this substance, but even modern scientists can not explain its miraculous properties. No matter how we tried to prove the opposite, but that water and only this substance in the universe capable of supporting life of living creatures. And by an extraordinary coincidence, on our planet, unlike other observed by astronomers planets of the universe, the water turns out to be... not even a lot, but it is enough to maintain the life of living beings, which again, is composed mostly of water.

In 1832, the British scientist William Level found that water is a substance that disturbs many physical and chemical properties of liquids, and concluded that the water was created by God for life.

After Vivela the most complex problem of the maximum conformity of the water of life on the planet studied in a hundred years Professor of biological chemistry at Harvard Lawrence Henderson, outlining their findings in the work of the "Harmony of the environment."

In particular scientist studied unique thermal properties of water in relation to other substances, and counted five of these properties.

1. As solid and liquid are reduced in volume when they are cooled. The water in this case is more reasonable. It is reduced only to +4 degrees, and then begins to expand, and after freezing expanding even more. Why ice floats on water, and not Vice versa.
2.when the melting ice or water evaporation heat is absorbed. At freezing water or vapor deposition heat is produced. And the amount of heat emitted by the water almost the biggest among all known substances.
3. The amount of heat that is required to transfer the water to increase the temperature by one degree, higher than most other liquids.
4. The ability to transfer heat water four times(!) higher than that of all other known liquids.
5. At the same time, the ice and snow have a thermal conductivity significantly less than other substances.

But as these useful properties of water for life on Earth?

First of all, the water does not allow himself to freeze. Other liquids are often freeze, starting from the bottom of the vessel to the surface. Water, on the contrary, freezes from the surface to the bottom, which makes it impossible, in particular, to freeze the oceans, seas and other water bodies of living beings inside.

In addition, this contributes to the fact that water with a temperature of +4 C is much heavier colder. Because even in the dead of winter on the surface of the water, floating ice, and under it there is a layer of liquid water with temperatures of +3 to 0 degrees, while in the water with a temperature of +4 quite normally feels aquatic flora and fauna.

And property of water is that unlike all other substances at +4 degrees begins to "go crazy" relative to the known laws of physics, so far failed to explain any scientist hundreds of years of study its properties. Here one must wonder about its reasonable behavior!

The following remarkable feature of water is its participation in the processes of cooling of the body of complex organisms that there are people. All mammals on Earth, the body temperature on the average fluctuates between 35 to 40 degrees. In humans it is 36.6 degrees and at the slightest drop a few degrees or raising this temperature people very quickly dies.

However, in the body of a man in his life produce enormous amounts of heat, and that water is involved in the mechanism of his challenge for a person not died from overheating.

And here take effect immediately two wonderful properties of water. First, water is heated much worse than other liquids, and secondly water in the form of sweat on body surface so quickly samples heat that we can be cold even in the heat. And this process is so economical that for the runner who overcome ten miles is enough for cooling only liters of water! In addition to this body, consisting mostly of water, as well transmits heat from the inside to the surface that people in General are able to sweat.

Thanks to the presence of water in the soil or in water, the earth or the sea heats up and cools down more slowly. In the desert where water is less likely, the temperature at night and during the day up to 30 degrees, while at sea, such differences are not more than a few degrees. Due to this, the climate on our planet perfectly regulated, allowing to survive living beings where in a waterless environment, death would come for a few hours.

In addition to the thermal characteristics, the water has a number of other properties is ideally placed to sustain life.

Another unique feature of water is its surface tension. It is near the water so high that even from overflowing Cup water is not drained away, and steel needle freely floats on its surface.

Due to surface tension, which is much higher than that of other liquids, plants are able to lift the water from great depths to the top by a narrowing channels, which allows, in particular, the trees grow even in the desert. Besides using surface tension of water can destroy even the hard rock, turning it into fertile soil.

These, and many other unique properties of water, make our planet exactly adapted to the existence of life on it. And any man that's able to critically assess these qualities will be able to clearly say that the water was created due to reasonable plan for the existence of life!
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