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Ученые уверены, что мы во Вселенной не одни и ищут альтернативу ЗемлеScientists believe that Earth-like planets around 17 billion, but do not know which ones are suitable for life.

The universe is not infinite emptiness, it is filled with lots of stars, and many of them have planets. Individual planets similar to Earth in size and the distance to the stars around which they revolve, and this means that they may be inhabited. These findings, scientists have been able to do more than three years ago when NASA launched into space telescope Kepler, writes "Correspondent". "The Kepler mission is not just another scientific achievement, this discovery, which should change and will definitely change the fundamental world of humanity.

Everyone must throw away the religious and other dogmas and admit that most likely in the Universe we are not alone" - says the American physicist Walt Ridley. At the same time, American astronomer Natalie Batalha confident that the opening of the second Earth - the planet where there are also ideal conditions for the emergence of life - only a matter of time.

According to scientists there are now at least four planets, which are of the greatest interest. One of these potential "land" - KOI 172.02, which was opened in December last year. However, now it is only a hypothesis. To get direct evidence of the existence of the atmosphere or water on the surface of exoplanets scientists have not succeeded.

"This discovery fundamentally changed our view of man's place in the Universe. says Batalha. - The only problem is that Kepler is not perfect in order to make an accurate verdict of the suitability of a foreign planet on the role of the second Earth". However, based on existing studies Kepler, scientists boldly put forward the hypothesis that small planets similar to Earth, in the Universe is quite a lot.

According to scientific browser air force Jason Palmer, according to rough estimates, only in our galaxy of planets similar to Earth may be about 17 billion. "If it is proven that our universe is not unique, it will be obvious that the emergence of life itself will not be considered a unique phenomenon" - said one of the developers of Kepler's Steve Howell.

However, that scientists were able to give precise indications regarding the fitness found a planet for life, in 2018 will launch into space giant telescope James Webb. Once this telescope will begin its work, the scientists will be able likely to say that this or that planet life exists.
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