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Европейские астрономы обнаружили русло реки на МарсеThe European space Agency has done a detailed image of the upper part of the region of Mars called Reull Vallis. As You can see in the photo, they discovered a river-like structure, which is believed to have formed when the water flowed past the surface of Mars.

This winding structure extends to 1500 km through expansive Martian landscape surrounded by numerous tributaries. At one point the channel width reaches nearly 7 km and the depth of 300 meters. This structure is believed to be caused by the passage of debris and ice during the "Amazonian" period (which continues today) in connection with the passage of the ice flow along the canal. The structure was formed after was originally filled with liquid water during the period which, by estimations of scientists, ended between 3.5 and 1.8 billion years ago.

This region demonstrates a striking similarity with some regions on Earth, suffered from icing. The scientists also suggest that in this region water could be, both in liquid and solid form in different periods.

That suggests that the Red planet has experienced diverse and complex history, the analogy which can be seen in the icy activity on Earth, which suggests that the processes on Mars, probably not very different from events that occur on the Earth today.

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