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Хождение по огнюAmong the many superhuman abilities are especially difficult to cope our minds with susceptibility to fire. Ancient sources reveal that the practice walking on fire (or fire) was something completely legalized in many parts of Central and South Asia in the V century BC.

In the next century, it spread to the Mediterranean countries, and in the tribal cults America and the Pacific Islands fire-dancing ritual developed themselves.

For Western scientists who first hear about similar ceremonies, a degree credulity to accept the fact that men, women and even children can safely be like to walk on burning rocks and burning heat, however, cases that occurred with the first white settlers and missionaries, who saw this, so numerous that they are hard to ignore. And therefore, in our century academicians and doctors have desperately to make efforts in the search for a reasonable explanation for this curious phenomenon.

In 1901, Professor of the Smithsonian Spengla have been blessed to observe how did fire walking priests in Tahiti. When one of the stones rolled from the brazier, to check how it is hot, it appeared that he can more than twenty minutes to boil water, which the Professor concluded that his temperature was over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

In 1922, the French Bishop in Mysore, India, was present at the nestinar walks Islamic mysticism at the Palace of the local Maharaja. Most of his shock was the ability fakir to transfer its non-flammable power of the other, for in his eyes the whole orchestra Maharaja walked the three columns on the flame biofeedback, not having received no damage.

However, many of those who never seen anything like it, refuse to believe that this is possible, and instead believe that the root of all riddles in mass hallucinations. So in the fall of 1935, when the British psychologist Harry Price announced that it intends to conduct an extensive survey of this phenomenon, the news caused an increased interest.

In early September in the garden of a member of the Society for psychical research Alex DiBella was built huge brazier, composed of seven tons of oak firewood, tons of ignition of wood, ten gallons of paraffin, a fair amount of coal and fifty copies of the times.

The object of research the price was a young Indian man from the province of Kashmir by name Where books, which, according to rumors, regularly performed such deeds in their country. Captured on film for posterity, under the views of a crowd of respected scholars of the University of London barefoot Where books calmly and fearlessly walked the entire length of the radiating heat and flame platform several times. Present physicist confirmed that the center of the flame temperature was 1400 degrees Celsius above the one in which melts steel, and thoughtful examination of the feet of the Indian three doctors found no signs of burn blisters. When two researchers themselves stuck my legs to the edge of the brazier, where more coldly, were forced them to withdraw, immediately getting a bleeding blisters.

British scientists that were present at the demonstration in Carshalton, Surrey, were shocked and stunned logical contradictions arising from the experiment. Certainly tested the young Kashmiri was not a stunt and a deceiver, he did not use any oil or lotion to protect their feet. On the contrary, they have been washed and dried by a doctor before the experience.

The researchers were also very interested by the fact that, despite numerous pre-walking on fire, feet Kuzia Buchs were not particularly rough or covered with extremely thick skin to protect it from the heat. In this case lacked all the signs of divine ecstasy or any other special mental state, which is usually so noticeable participants religious ceremonies around the world.

According to Harry price, the only possible conclusion was that Where books has some personal power to tame the fire and its impacts, his calm attitude towards it, and this gives him confidence for a leisurely walk through fire unimaginable heat. Since that autumn day in Surrey more than sixty years ago, it was nominated for an impressive number of course explain the phenomenon theories. Some concluded that the fire is a gymnastic focus, not something supernatural, believing that the soles walking on coals just never come in contact with fire long enough to cause damage.

Others believed that all matter in the sweat on his feet - he allegedly produces cooling, creating a protective layer between the skin of the nestinar and the surface on which he walks. However, all these theories, no matter how good they are in the abstract form, remain completely unproven practice. And when a group of German scientists from the University of Tubingen tried to join the Greek fire in their walking on fire at the annual festival in honour of Saint Constantine Langadhas, they had to quickly leave the system with third-degree burns.

So, fire walking stubbornly kept out of the understanding of scientists of the XX century. And although it contradicts the well-known health laws and seems to be happening in the field beyond the threshold of pain sensitivity and the like, still remains the fact that every year a lot of people, armed with strange to us by faith, put their feet on the red coals and travel on hot ashes. Similar demonstrations superhuman abilities quite normal for Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims and regularly occur in China (mainly in Tibet), Japan, the Philippines, Fiji, Mauritania, Polynesia, in the North America and in several European countries.
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