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Феномены памятиThe human brain is the perfect device, which is estimated at present, only a very approximate. However, the existing estimates are dazzling. Famous American mathematician von Neumann, who invented used and until now the structure of computers, estimated the amount of information that can remember the human brain. This number is huge - about 10 to 20 bits, i.e. the elementary units of information. So much information do not contain even the largest libraries of the world.

Unfortunately, the property of the brain to remember to be very selective. Information can be presented in many forms, but those of them that we face in the conscious life, the human brain is the worst. Probably, in the course of evolution of the person's ability to remember will develop, and in the distant future any of our descendants will be able to store in memory of entire texts of the books and numerous large numbers. Meanwhile such people are so rare that are phenomena.

Examples phenomenal memory existed in all times. As we know from history, Julius Caesar and Alexander the great knew in person and on behalf of all his soldiers to 30,000 people. These same abilities possessed and the Persian king Cyrus. Each of 20,000 residents of Athens knew the famous Themistocles and Socrates. And Seneca was able to repeat 2000 unrelated words, heard only once.

Brilliant mathematician Leonhard Euler amazed all extraordinary memory for numbers. He remembered, for example, the first six degrees of all the numbers up to a hundred. Academician A. F. Ioffe memory used by a table of logarithms. Academician S. A. Chaplygin could correctly name the number of the phone that he would call five years ago by accident once. And the great Russian chess player Alekhin could play from memory hat" with 30-40 partners.

Someone E. Extinguish had learned by heart all 2500 books that I read in my life. Not only that. He would not hesitate to remember any of them passage. The cashier of the Polish football club "Gyrnik" Leopold held remembered not only results, but also all the details of the games of the club. Once, during a television commentator asked held: "What the outcome of the match "Guernica" and "Audra" from Disgrace four years ago?" The answer came immediately: "We won 4:0, the meeting was held on August 18, was 27 thousand fans, the total income of 235 thousand zlotys. Three goals scored Paul and one Szoltysik...".

In addition to the examples remember any of the facts and the other ordered of information, there is a considerable number of testimonies of another kind.

Great French painter Gustave Dore, the Creator of the brilliant prints, publisher once instructed to make a picture with pictures of some Alpine species. Dora went away, forgetting to take a photo. The next day he brought a completely accurate copy.

The most successful portrait of President Lincoln drew his provincial admirer, unknown artist from new Jersey. An enthusiastic fan has seen the President only once in life. Having learned about the assassination of Lincoln, he was grief-stricken and found solace, drawing from memory portrait.

Memory geniuses of art is capable of miracles. As is known, deaf Beethoven composed music, and Russian actor Ostuzhev lost hearing, remained at the scene, and he is remembered as an outstanding actor. Sculptor Lina, who died in 1948, continued to create sculptures, even blinded. Completely lost his sight, Lina By sculpted remarkable portraits, statues, created over a hundred sculptures. As musicians? Mozart could just write large, complex piece, heard only once. Composer A. K. Glazunov was easily recovered scores of musical works. Known interesting case from the biography of the great Russian pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff. Once Taneyev was to come Glazunov to play just written a play. Fond of playing tricks Taneev hid in another room of the student of the Conservatory's Rachmaninov. After some time after Glazunov graduated from play, Taneyev called Rachmaninoff. The young man sat down at the piano and, to the amazement of Glazunov, repeated fully in his writing.
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