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Феномены мозгаA brilliant physicist and mathematician John von Neumann once calculated that human memory accumulates throughout the life of 2.8 multiplied by 10 to 20-th degree bits of information, that is, 280 000 000 000 000 000 000 the bit. Naturally, the common theory of memory is not able to explain how the brain able to remember a tremendous amount of information. If we turn to the holograms, everything becomes perfectly understandable.

So, for example, hologram allows you to record on the same place a huge number of images, it is enough to just change the angle at which the laser illuminates a piece of photographic film. To read in the following separate image simply to direct the laser beam at the same angle that was used when writing the image. Using this method on 1 square centimeter film can be written simply enormous amounts of information. And if memory operates using the holographic principle, its enormous capacity should not cause us any surprise.

Our ability to remember something, you can imagine how the reading laser images recorded at a certain angle, if gradual changing the angle of the laser, then you can call consistently images of various events, and when we forget it simply means that we can't find the right angle that should cover our "hologram", to extract from it a long time "forgotten" Vospominanie.

Another interesting phenomenon is observed if you light laser light from any of the 2 subjects, such as Apple and chair, and write them interference image on film. After that, if direct the light from the laser beam on a chair and send off a chair light on this tape on it to appear three-dimensional image of an Apple. That is one way that can lead to the appearance of the second image. This is very similar to the mechanism of associative memory. I guess everyone has happened in the life of a situation when some way caused a memory of a distant memories, sometimes seemingly long forgotten, for example some melody, smell, or a visual image.

When holographic image recognition, the image of the object in a special way on tape (here the technical details are not important), then the light reflected from another, but similar object is passed through this film, and the film appears bright spot, and the more these two items are similar to each other, the brighter and more get the spot, if items do not like each other, that stain is not displayed. That is, using holographic principles, it is possible to solve very difficult for most computers and extremely easy for people the task of pattern recognition. This explains why people are much better able to cope with such tasks than computers.

Holographic theory allows to explain the phenomena of photographic memory, as if the brain acts as a hologram, it retains all that ever seen and heard with holographic accuracy. Some people are able to extract from my memory these enormous volumes of information. So someone with a photographic memory, you may imagine pages of any book that he had ever seen in my life in just a few seconds, with such clarity that can read the text printed on the page.

Thus, all people have the ability, and may in the future will be found a special technique, which allows to stir holographic memory in each person.

At the moment such attempts are already being taken, and even reported that through simple exercises can be connected to a special bio-computer, which opens up the ability to alternative vision and other supernatural for a normal human capabilities, but unfortunately, these messages has not received convincing evidence and considered only as some experiments on mind taking place in organizations with a dubious reputation is more like religious sects.
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