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Лес у подножья «застенчивой» горыLes Aokigahara is located at the foot of mount Fuji, the most famous mountain in Japan. It can be found in the list of attractions for tourists, but among the natives he has a bad reputation and is considered to be almost the most ominous place. "Aokigahara" in translation from Japanese "Plain green trees". It would seem - only and relax on the spacious lawns, picnics, launch of kites, admiring "shy mountain", as called Fuji! But few people dare to go into the shady thicket...

Unclean place

This magnificent forest has grown on the slopes of mount Fuji after strong volcanic eruption, which occurred in 864. Powerful lava flow that had descended on the North-Western slope, formed a huge plateau area of 35 km2. The soil in the forest looks like someone was trying to uproot centuries-old trunks: the roots sticking out of the ground, intricate intertwining over rock debris thrown up once from a volcano. All the space Aokigahara covered crevices and caves, in which ice does not melt even in summer. For the traveler, accidentally come here, leans opasaysya silence, terrifying and helpless feeling... Aokigahara is considered to be the saddest sight in Japan. Legends about this place has long been inhabited by demons, dragons, werewolves and other vermin, known since the middle Ages. And in the XIX century the poor, being unable to feed their families, brought here and left on the right destruction frail elderly and infants. The moans of these accidents could not break through the thick wall of trees, and no one heard crying doomed to a painful death.

Ghosts with burning eyes

Local residents say that between the trees one can often see a ghostly white shape "of Juraev", in which become accepted violent death of people. According to Shinto, their souls not be reunited with the souls of ancestors, and come into our world in the image of legless ghostly female figures with long arms and glowing in the dark eyes. And the silence of the forest is disturbed at night by their groans.

There is another reason, forcing the Japanese to stay away from Aokigahara: since 1960, this place became popular among those who decided to commit suicide. In that year he published a book writer Matsumoto rid the Pagoda waves" (in Russia it was published under the title "Points and lines. Matsumoto, master detective and adventure, told her about the sad fate of women who committed suicide in the woods at the foot of mount Fuji. Then based on the book took off the television series, which has broken all records of popularity in Japan. And -- provoked a pilgrimage suicide in the forest of Aokigahara! The flames were fanned the book of writer Wataru Tsurumi "the Complete guide to suicide", released in 1993 and immediately became a bestseller: in a small Japan has sold over a million copies! In the book the author calls Aokigahara "great place to die." Not, of course, with the full confidence that these works of art became the reason of growth of number of suicides, but one thing is certain:the number of people willing to make the journey in one end", walk in Aokigahara, increases from year to year.

Desperate generation

Why the Japanese are living in such a prosperous country, occupy one of the first places in the world in the number of suicides? Often other reasons psychologists call a job lost, and for Japanese it's not the same thing for us. This problem in the country of the Rising sun is not seen as a temporary (and hence, can be overcome), but as a complete collapse, loss of image... And this is a real tragedy that one is suicide. Sad championship among those who can not find the strength to fight with destiny, in the last ten years firmly in men 45-50 years, dubbed "generation of suicide". They built the post-war Japanese "economic miracle". And ruptured under the burden shouldered responsibility on the shoulders...

Parallel worlds

Agree, all this sounds pretty wild. For us Europeans, suicide is something out of the ordinary that do not fit into the framework of everyday reality. People, who decided to commit suicide, cause mixed feelings: fear and rejection (if not to say contempt). Fear - because suicide in our understanding - an act absolutely crazy, and hence the person who committed suicide inadequate mentally unhealthy, dangerous. Rejection is also easily explained: we have for centuries was cultivated the idea that no one except God, not the right to take life, including your own. Long suicide were not even buried in the cemeteries: they have no place in the Holy land, and lie to them, Unforgiven, behind the fence...

Besides, we are used differently to solve problems. Almost every European, or American regularly visits psychologist. Russia still more popular "kitchen" similar psychotherapy - intimate conversations with friends, and instead of tranquilizers and antidepressants the majority of our citizens are still taking forty-degree "medicine" is the best cure of all sorrows. But actually it does not change. We, like our Western friends, in no hurry to part with life - though years may not get out of the depression. And in our understanding of suicide is not a solution, except frankly pathological cases. And only such a "trifle"as the loss of a job, and not a reason to worry.

The descendants of the samurai fundamentally different attitude to life. They are not going to complain about destiny, even licensed specialist: for them it is a clear sign of weakness. But Hara-Kiri was always considered an act worthy of respect, the ideal solution to all problems...

To be or not to be

The Japanese are very peculiar attitude to the problem of choosing between life and nothingness. They do not just want to die, but choose the way pouchitelnye. Yes, today few people can make a Hara-Kiri, which requires special training, but because of the move to more modern ways: death under the wheels of a train, jumping off roofs of tall buildings... Or just get lost in the forest and stretch his death in the days and weeks of torment. Besides, on the way of jumping from the roof has long stood the state, which is threatening finger and explains: fall from a height to be dangerous to others, innocent people! At railway stations and metro stations are set special fencing... Introduced even fine - and large! - for the relatives of those who threw himself under a train. But in Aokigahara the suicide nobody will disturb you.

The living and the dead

Here sometimes come volunteers and the police to find and to lay the body of the unfortunate who have no help. Once a year a large group of people (about 300 people) processive forest. During such raids are from 30 to 80 phone Authorities of the three villages bordering the forest, under Japanese law are responsible for their identification and burial. But often the corpses long, too long waiting hours in Aokigahara, and identify them impossible or extremely difficult and expensive. The latest idea police post in the forest camera, hang shields with calls to change his mind maps for those who suddenly wants to extend terrestrial way... Recently the government of Japan announced one of the priority tasks for the coming years to reduce the number of suicides by 20 percent. Let's see... But this is hardly achievable in the situation of growing unemployment and an increasing number of bankrupt companies. In short, Aokigahara waiting for new victims...
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