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Мир людей: черное, белое, серое...You probably met people, too dogmatic in their estimates, they usually we say: it has the world is divided into black and white. By this we mean that in fact the world has many shades. But is it really a lot of them actually?

Look at yourself

Everything in the world is in equilibrium, because everything is between the two extremes - the North and the South, winter and summer, day and night, love and hate... Polarizaci, and boils the energy broth in which all lives, from which everything originates. If you call the opposite pole conditionally "white" and "black", then people will be divided into those who are closer to one of the extremes.

The "white" and "black" people of very different views on life, different power system and the different attitude, but this does not mean that they can't communicate. On the contrary, their collision leads to harmony to the Golden mean, which stems from the struggle of opposites. Pole guarantee the struggle of opinions, ideas, beliefs.

If people are "of the same color", say, "black", remove, the planet will turn into something resembling Paradise. But not for long. Then humanity will begin to degrade. Because without a fight, boiling, burning, comes hibernate.

Scientists estimate that about 6 % of people are born with black negative tendencies. And about the same number of souls - "white". While the remaining 88 % have mixed black and white content. Roughly speaking, they serednyachki. Their intelligence, moral model, behavior, values are far from perfect, but the villains they definitely are not. As said Woland: "People, just people..."

Upset? Little white, say... But who are these "white"? Clever, calm, contemplative, lazy (well, or if mildly - not very active), living in harmony with nature, able to appreciate its beauty and feel the energy. They live in own world, in an ivory tower, preferring the tranquility of solitude communication with gray and black. They do not need to assert and prove something to the world, they don't like anxiety, coercion and pressure. It is good, because there are very few things in the world that is able to lead them out of balance. Most often, their view of the surrounding condescending-benevolent. Ambitious goals "white" do not put, and therefore do not reach the specific heights.

Black clouds

With the "black" on the contrary: they are constantly concerned about something, inner voice telling them that we should go forward, to actively influence on others. They crave power and glory, and reach their own goals, calm down only for a short time: there is an inner discomfort and again... need something to strive for.

Emotional balance is unfamiliar, and all because the "black" is not able to draw the vital energy from nature. For them it is a strange and cold. They need to constantly fed energy; they are energy vampires. And always his "donors" excite - as children tossing wand anthill. "Black" force others to "burn" to provide energy. Sometimes incite the fires of passion, put pressure on others, forcing them to dance to their tune, causing resistance... and get what they want is a life-giving "dish" of others ' emotions. Here, any human passions suit: vanity, sick pride, admiration, fear, anger, irritation, envy all "black" are able to produce their food.

Filled from donors, they at some time find happiness and inner strength. This is the state of triumph, victory, power over people is their main goal.

Of course, the "blacks" have also malosimpatichnye and an enviable quality: the ability to focus on the task, a discipline, a clear understanding of the purpose, the ability to quickly mobilize all its resources, professional efficiency. Fashionable nowadays the term "efficient Manager" is actually about our "black". And coming in Russia now is their time. Even major disadvantages: the love of power, excessive pride, lust for wealth and blinding vanity, society now is not blamed, but rather welcome. But trumps "white": peace of mind, logic, poise, the ability to step back from the fight turned into an atavism. In what little use in the race for success. Contemplation, prone to introspection, contempt for material success today become almost the main brakes on the way to self-realization. The phrase "If you are so smart, then why are so poor?" - usually refers specifically to "white".

Yes, the "whites" also have disadvantages: the unwillingness to sacrifice personal peace, the desire to keep their feelings and not to take to heart the wrong... So the ideal man should be sought somewhere the border between them - "black" and "white"? Apparently, it is worth the artist and we will get a good man?

There is no perfect!

Well, actually in nature nothing is strictly good or bad: it is a relative concept, scale, invented by people. Natural persons, i.e. the one who lives in harmony with the laws of the planet (the so-called lullaby civilization), most likely, will not be identified as white and fluffy, but also "black" we will not call. That is, we use these estimates to human social living is not already in the lap of nature, as with other laws. And this social person, alas, more thinks about the pleasures, career, about money than about the problems of environmental his beauty, his tribe... He tends to occupy a higher position in society, he thinks about his own good - Yes, more than about the welfare of others. So, and here it is necessary to find a reasonable compromise - that is, those mediums, "grey".

They live by the principle: and himself not to offend, and others not to do evil. In all situations gray thinks not only about their own benefit, but also on the other side, and not only think, but also distributes in accord with this principle, material and other goods: energy, money, clothes, love, attention... a Paradox, but the more in man "gray", the more he gives to others. That is, a reasonable concern for the good of the other person is not the prerogative of "white"and "grey". And best of "grey" live very properly, they have a lot of sympathy for other living beings. They are characterized by genuine altruism: this is when a person donates something neighbor without feeling like a hero, unconscious that the victim.

"Grey" does good, as a rule, not caring about the consequences and gratitude. "Black", which can also do sometimes a good deed, will have to think about what sort of benefit promises him his act. But "white", doing something generous, not so reckless as "grey" fellow: he will long to think and weigh, to suffer from what he has to break the usual course of life, to get out of balance, do something unusual... And help your neighbor it is not from compassion, and by understanding it has. "Grey" no talks, for it is natural to help him or hungry. Ironically, true friends are always gray. They are not perfect - no. But with them warm and safe. With the "black" - on the volcano. And with "white" - cold and lonely...

Margatita Manoshkina
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