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"Железный человек" из Тибета - гость внеземного происхожденияEnigmatic sculpture, taken from Tibet Nazi expedition, made from a piece of meteorite that fell to Earth several thousand years ago. This was proved by German scientists from Stuttgart. Metal male figure with a swastika on his chest known as "iron man"

About the German expedition to Tibet, organized in 1938 the Institute "Heritage of ancestors" Ahnenerbe (Ahnenerbe) with the support of the Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler, written a lot of research. Their authors are faced with certain difficulties - most of the documents connected with the expedition, and today classified. Contradictory information was the cause of various rumors and speculations: assume that the Nazis wanted mythical land of Shambhala, suggests that the true purpose of travelers were traces of extraterrestrial civilizations, allegedly existing in Tibet...

Perhaps some similar goals and were designated, but at least in the book of the head of the expedition of Ernst Schafer (Ernst Sch?fer) "Holiday of white scarves: a research expedition through Tibet to Lhasa, the Holy city divine countries" Fest der weissen Schleier: Eine Forscherfahrt durch Tibet to Lhasa, der heiligen Stadt des Gottk?nigtums) about the search of Shambhala is not a word. In the published archival documents about the goals of the expedition said that the main goal was scientific substantiation of the racial theory of masters and servants, the search heritage of ancient master race - German Aryans.

Whatever the true purpose of the expedition, Tibet lost a lot of ancient artifacts, some of which in the post-war years disappeared from warehouses Ahnenerbe. It is difficult to say where they are now, but from time to time trophies team Schaefer found in private collections. It happened with a strange statue, representing a seated man with a swastika on his chest. The strangeness of it is that with a relatively small size (only 24 inches in height), it weighs about 10 pounds. Interestingly, among the experts there is no consensus, who depicted the ancient sculptor.

According to one version is a Buddhist image of God Viravan, according to another is the portrait of a certain commander, it is not excluded that Genghis Khan. It is suggested that the swastika on his chest "iron man" - namely the so scientists prefer to call the sculpture - has attracted the attention Schaefer. For many centuries, the swastika was used by many cultures. She served as a symbol of the movement of life, the Sun, light and well-being, and only in the XX century became known as a symbol of Nazism and Nazi Germany, and has acquired a negative value in the associations most people.

After the death of the owner of the collection in 2007, a statue was put up for auction. The new owner, whose name is not disclosed, has decided to fully explore the mysterious figure and turned to specialists from the University of Stuttgart. What surprise of scientists, when as a result of chemical analysis it became clear that the statue was carved from a piece of the meteorite Ching (Chinga)that fell to the Ground in the area of modern Russian-Mongolian border in about 15 thousand years ago.

The first information about this meteorite dates from 1912 - then its fragments have been found by the miners, who came in Pohrebinsky (now Tandinskiy) district, to the river for the Argolic Gulf (Uralic) and its tributary the Ching. Strange massive pieces of metal for the first time arranged and delivered to Petersburg engineer Nikolai Chernevich. He is also the author and the first correct guess about their nature: scientists in the Academy of Sciences did not believe in the cosmic origins "native Nickel iron" from Tuva, and Chernevich already called one of the mines on stream the Ching "meteor".

According to Professor Added Buechner (Elmar Buchner) from University of Stuttgart, who conducted research "iron man", the sculpture could be made about a thousand years ago.

Although such amazing discoveries are usually greeted with a pinch of salt, scientists not involved in the study figurines, I believe that the relationship between "iron man" and fallen to Earth by a meteorite there.

According to the American geochemist Qing-Zhu Yin (Qing-Zhu Yin), "no earthly artifact does not contain such a high concentration of Nickel. Chemical elements are not lying".

If the origin of the material from which made the sculpture, scientists doubt not, historians of art and religion have yet to make a final verdict. One thing is certain - the story "iron man" quite worthy of becoming the basis of the plot of the next film about adventures of Indiana Jones.
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