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Лук и здоровьеNews about the use of this culture appeared more than four thousand years ago. Popular onion was in the regions of Central Asia and the Mediterranean, and South-West Asia. Grown in huge quantities, and was used not only as an edible product, but generally accepted as a healing agent. In ancient Egypt was cultivated onions on the huge territories, which showed his popularity, in spite of the particular smell after consumption.

In ancient times the inhabitants of ancient Greece was common (and, incidentally, a very common) to use the bow for cosmetic purposes. The most popular was a mixture of onion and honey - it was considered that it has molodiljnye properties. But the Persians was considered a great privilege to use this product, so if you are on holiday gave onion - you are very lucky, you honored.

Over time the bow, and moved to the tables ordinary mortal inhabitants, now everyone can afford to put on the table a dish from a bow (or using). This, however, immediately turned to the privileged classes from this vegetable. Now not only the appearance of this vegetable, but its smell, it was considered bad form and petty-bourgeois habit. Although, despite this, no one dared to challenge its curative abilities that were known long since. Bow mentioned in countless wise Proverbs and sayings, which said that this plant is the cure or prevention of many diseases.

It was believed that the useful properties of onions have the ability to increase the level of courage in the blood of the soldier, so he was very common in the military cuisine of the Romans. Possibly, Roman soldiers, and gained such a number of remarkable victories. As more is known about its healing qualities, which is why in the same army was decided to go into battle with onions (especially in baked, it was mixed with milk goats and later applied to wounds received on the battlefield). In this land (i.e. in Ancient Rome) Luke attributed magical abilities. Many believed that, hanging at the entrance to the house a bunch of woven bulbs, it will protect the house from evil and all evil. In other places was considered to give magical abilities bunch onions, should stick to the onion few pins or needles with black tips, and then put onions on the windowsill. Other sources mentioned about magic effect of the flowers Luke, and not its fruits. Perhaps, it is possible to give a scientific explanation - in this plant has a huge number of substances that kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria. Onion is useful because it can destroy diphtheria Bacillus, within five minutes neutralize tuberculosis, and also just one small piece of this plant is able to clean all oral cavity from bacteria.

Few people know that there are over four hundred varieties of onions. And they all have some useful properties. We have distributed to a few people, such as onions, leeks, shallots, chives, and many others. And by the way, leek is also a type of our hero, namely bow victorious. Food is made to use its leaves, which is just Packed with ascorbic acid, alanine, glycoside. Often we can meet her at the market in the form of pickled fruits. Its properties are very similar to properties of garlic - they both have active resistance to microbes, helping to prevent scurvy, atherosclerosis and used as part of many medical preparations, aimed at combating skin diseases.

In our area is quite popular in the cultivation of onions (mainly because of its simplicity - it is possible to grow any crops and in all weather conditions, and in dry weather and high humidity). Onion is very rich in essential oils, which are actively evaporate if the damage of its shell. Hence the effect of tears while cutting onions - these essential oils are quite irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes and nose. In addition to food can be eaten as leaves onions and bulbs. It is very popular in cooking, as it is considered a good agent of appetite, promotes the secretion of digestive juices and a quick and easy digestion. And yet he is credited with healing power of the cleansing blood. It will help to calm your nervous system and will help to cope with restless sleep. Another bow seem a great helper and defender for those people, who had once had a heart attack. Scientists have shown that the systematic use of the bow will help prevent a second heart attack.

He has good healing property. A proven way from stings of insects (mosquitoes, botflies, wasps and bees) is onion juice. Just a couple of times to anoint onion slice where you have been bitten by the ill-fated insect, and you will immediately reduce the feeling of pain, much stronger swelling subsides. If bites numerous, here we need to act a little differently. The green part grind onions in a little water, put the mixture in a gauze bag and determine the location of the bite.

Another widely used various means to prevent the common cold and influenza in people with onion juice. This requires three to four times a day to lay nasal tampons moistened with onion juice. By the way, studies have shown that workers in greenhouses, where mostly grown onions, do not suffer from catarrhal diseases (in particular the flu) or in warmer months, or even during epidemics of these diseases. If you have problems with your lungs, or some purulent inflammation, very useful and effective inhalation using fresh onion juice or svindlande onion gruel.

And of course all the known benefits of onions for a human hair. If you have problems with the regrowth of the hair, weakened, dull, lifeless, sick hair - just use masks for hair and onions. We need only to RUB into the scalp onion juice or paste a couple of times a week, and then rinse it all. The only disadvantage of this method is that the pungent smell, but not for long. Once your hair will become a magical view, you will immediately forget about the problem with the smell.
Onions, useful properties of the bow and what vitamins define them:

Onion contains carotene (provitamin a), which, once in the body, turns out there in retinol (vitamin a), which are necessary for the normalization of the processes of growth and development for our skin, hair and teeth.

In addition, onion contains vitamin B1 (thiamine), which plays an important role in almost all metabolic processes. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, supports the tone of the muscles.

Another component that determines the useful properties of the bow. This is B2 (Riboflavin), responsible for the correct flow of exchange of substances necessary for our Central nervous system, protect our skin from aggressive environmental factors. Lack of Riboflavin leads to anemia.

Unnamed 8 All familiar onion, useful properties luchese one "arrow" - vitamin B3. This substance is important for water-salt and protein metabolism, promotes cell respiration, healthier skin, is good for the nervous system, heart and blood vessels that leads to normal cholesterol.

Vitamin B9 (or folic acid) is necessary for blood; it is especially necessary for children and future mothers.

Has a bow useful properties which make strong walls of blood vessels, prevents the formation in the body of carcinogens. And all this thanks to vitamin C. the Only one bulb contains in itself the daily amount of vitamin C.

So here's a he onion, useful properties of which You are now known. As to the much-hated us "onion" smell - well, there are many simple ways to freshen Your breath, but this other product like a bow You will not find!
Despite the useful properties of onion, some reason it still does not love him. Someone from the fact that he makes to shed tears, others simply can not tolerate his taste.

For those who don't like "cry" could be one useful tip: cut onion underwater. But just note: the more the bow causes tearing, the more active substances, and therefore it is more useful. But in General, tears are falling down because of the essential oils contained in the bulb, which are released in the process of cutting vegetables.

Useful properties of onion can help in the treatment of colds and cough. There is a very simple recipe: mix in half the onion juice and honey. Take the mixture should tablespoon during the day 3-4 times. This recipe is contraindicated in people with high acidity of the stomach, heart disease and liver.

Useful properties of red onion
krasnyi lukНаверно, the first question many: is there a difference between white onion onions and red? If You are ever in my life tried these 2 onions, then you already know that the taste of red onion is not as acute as onions (red more sweet). It can be used for preparation of various dishes and give them a special refined taste. This red onion does not burn mucosa.

But in addition to the taste of the differences between onion and red onions there are still differences in terms of therapeutic effects on the body.

What useful properties of red onion distinguish it from rapstage?

Regular consumption of red onion can reduce cholesterol levels by 20 %. White onion, unfortunately, such a property is not.
It has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties thanks to which it is successfully used in treatment of angina and bronchitis.
Promotes strengthening of protective forces of the body, especially in the season of influenza and SARS.
Has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Normalizes metabolism.
Regular consumption of red onion able to rid the body of worms.
Anti-inflammatory effect for gums.
Helps with headaches caused by stress and fatigue. Has a calming effect.
Prevents the formation of malignant tumors.
Mask of the red onion prevent hair loss.

As you can see, the useful properties of red onion and useful properties of onion are some differences, albeit small, but they are there). Which of these types of onions to include in your diet - You decide. In any case, the benefit You get from red and from onions.
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