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Воздействие НЛО на людей и техникуSpecial attention deserves the impact of UFOs on the psyche of people, which is manifested in various forms. First of all it should be noted that people have different sensitivity, resulting in a different perception of UFOs. There are a number of cases where individuals even before the appearance of UFOs felt wanton excited and anticipating that something unusual. Significant impact on the psyche of people has sometimes the appearance of a UFO. At this point, some suddenly Wake up with a sense of some concern, and go to the Windows, where you can see the UFO appeared.

Particularly strong specific impact on the psyche of people has their stay in the immediate vicinity of the UFO. In some cases it calls witnesses fear or even terror.

In Allier (France) people went to the large luminous dome, landed at the side of the road, but half way filled his causeless strong horror. He felt that he brought muscles, rose hair, ran back down my spine and began to subside heartbeat. Soon the fear gave way to panic, and the witness fled. In August 1979. Polish fishing boat "Hel-127" were in the sea close to the Hel Peninsula. Suddenly above the surface of the sea appeared unknown fire red pulsating object the size of a soccer ball. The skipper of the boat, Lomborg felt a strange numbness, pain in the chest and began losing his sight. At the same time he began to feel a kind of fear, which knew not even the most powerful storm. Steering Alvart also became numb and even threw the wheel, and the other two members of the team, Figurski and Bon came out on the bridge, I felt a severe pain in my temples. Odd ball was accompanied by boat within 20 minutes, then fell away, but Sambora still kept feeling some vague fear, Poland. 1988. N8).

Perhaps this feeling of fear is caused by radiation emanating from the UFO. Tours in different countries of the experiments have shown that getting into the electromagnetic field of a certain, very high frequency, a person begins to feel a sense of fear and gloom. There were also cases when UFOs or out of rays brought witnesses in the state of strong excitation.

Sometimes close encounters with UFOs ended for witnesses more severe consequences related to a strong nervous shock, causing the overall mental state. In February 1975, a resident of the French city reunion Severin after a short stay near hovering at low altitude strange object, like a hat, have temporarily lost the gift of speech, and then the vision. And only a week later, when his condition improved somewhat, and it was restored Severin was able to tell the police what had happened to him. But if one tries together with the gendarmes again to visit the place UFO sightings North every once again lost consciousness. Examining his doctor made the following conclusion: a state of extreme exhaustion with prostration as a result of strong emotional shock.

Sometimes UFO apparently influence the subconscious witnesses, and this effect lasts for some time and after meeting with UFOs. This is expressed in the fact that in some cases people who were in the immediate vicinity of these objects, remember all that were with them to UFO sightings and after it, but that was during the time of the meeting itself, completely falls out of their memory. Sometimes this gap can be restored using the so-called regressive hypnosis.

Foreign sources listed a number of examples of people subjected regressive hypnosis, thought the dog, what happened to them during the meeting with UFOs. So it was, in particular, in 1961 with their spouses hill, in 1961, Herbert Schirmer, in 1973 with Hixson when and Parker and police Sergeant 0'Connor in the US in 1974, with family EVIS in England, in 1976 with the three Americans in Kentucky and N. Julien in France.

However, experts in hypnosis indicate that there is no full confidence that the recoverable hypnotized picture is true, and is not imposed by their subconscious.

Besides, there are other cases, when and with the help of hypnosis was not possible to force witnesses to remember that with them .. happened while their minds were disabled. And in some cases the witnesses themselves without any hypnosis gradually recollected all the circumstances of his meeting with UFOs.

The impact of UFO's on the mind of some people near the UFO was expressed in the fact that they are then in a few days saw repetitive and very real nightmare, from which they woke up in a very excited state. This was the case with housewife Century from Wellington (England) and with the son of the owner of the farm therefore Delphos, which for several nights after encounters with UFOs had nightmares.

Also registered some cases when people, who landed near objects, then slept for weeks and months to 16 hours a day. In very rare cases, after the close encounters with UFOs mental capacity of witnesses sharply increased or they have appeared ability to supersensitive perception.

So it was, in particular, with semi-literate night watchman old Brazilian Masalacom that after irradiation UFO in December 1972, was free to speculate on philosophical , theological and astronomical topics, to solve complex mathematical problems. He listed the Constellation of the milky way, predicted geological disasters and began carving of stone sculpture he had seen a UFO.

The impact of UFO on the unconscious man has not been studied, but it is possible that in this direction and should step up our efforts in order to quickly determine the nature of the UFO phenomenon. Yet it is totally unclear what the mechanism of some physical and especially mental effects of a UFO on people.

Obviously only that no magnetic field, neither known high-frequency radiation is not able to influence the human body in this way. Apparently, all this happens through some very thin and as yet unknown to our science fields, perhaps those with whom it has parapsychology. In concluding this section, it should be noted that the physical and mental effects UFO people occur not always, and in some cases, people who were in the immediate vicinity of the UFOs did not perceive any effect.

Fixed various types of impact UFO on various kinds of equipment: from harmless rotation arrows compasses before the destruction of the aircraft.

Force field generated by these objects, able to temporarily disrupt electrical and mechanical clock, radio communication equipment, control systems, armament and even power entire cities, to call a stop of internal combustion engines and, finally, to draw objects heavy objects.

The impact of UFO on compasses ships and planes was expressed that their hands are sometimes followed objects, as if drawn by them, or continuously rotated.

There are a number of cases in the USA and in France, when the appearance of a UFO caused disruption or stop the electrical and mechanical watches.

In 1958 in Kazakhstan over a group of students, who sat by the fire, at a height of 3 m swept large disk, then we all watch has stopped.

A similar case occurred in 1978, the passenger ship "Shota Rustaveli" in the Atlantic.

Very often, the appearance of UFOs led to the termination of radio equipment, which again began to work as soon as UFO flew away. Proof of this can serve as the following examples:

In November 1957, at a height of 2 - 3 km above the town Baskatong (Canada) crashed UFOs, from which came the beam of light. All shortwave receivers in the city immediately stopped working, but some of them had heard a signal similar to Morse code. When the object has disappeared, all receivers working again.

In our country, in October 1977. in 260 km from Ryazan, when the unknown object is ellipsoidal approached three military aircraft, ultrashortwave telecommunication aircraft with each other and with the earth stopped, and with the removal of the object is recovered again.

Cases of termination of radio communication with the appearance of UFOs were observed also in 1954, Marion, Virginia), in 1957 in Arranga (Brazil) and in 1977 at the mother ship "Volga", located in the Barents sea.

In the paper "Moskovskie Novosti" (1978. 33) with reference to a number of foreign agencies reported that in November 1978 . during landing disc-shaped UFO with a transparent dome 40 km from the capital of Kuwait was out of order, not only all radio, and telephone Kuwait city with the outside world.

In 1957 in the town of Ringwood (Illinois), in 1959, salsbury (Carolina), and in 1963 in the city of Victoria (Australia) with the appearance of the UFO began to fail in the work of the TV.

In other cases, a UFO in the work of radio and television stations was noted interference. Characteristically, that in the event that took place in 1968 in the town of Tismana (Romania), noises emerged only in the long wave range, while on medium wave, they were much lower, and on shortwave in General was not felt.

Recorded cases of interruption of the operation of radar stations with the appearance of UFOs, as it was in 1950, two American aircraft in Korea, in 1973 in Columbia (Missouri), and in 1977 on our trawler "Vasily Kiselev" in the Atlantic.

The examples given below show that UFOs may damage the operation of control systems of armament.

In the documents of the command of the air defense of the North American continent (NORAD), declassified in accordance with the law on freedom of information provided evidence that in the spring of 1966 on missile base in great falls, Montana) appeared unknown glowing object, and immediately on the remote control, there are errors in the system start-up and guidance of 10 missiles "Minuteman", resulting in none of them could not be started.

Similar cases have taken place in August 1966 on the missile base in North Dakota and in March 1967 on the missile base Malmstrom (Montana), with UFO management system 10 missiles "Minuteman" also out of order.

An interesting case of simultaneous impact UFO on radio and electronic fire control of the aircraft took place in September 1976 in Iran.

According to TASS, not published in our press, in this day, in 75 km from Tehran was discovered mysterious round object with a diameter of half of the disc as seen from earth, which was flying at an altitude of 2000 m, flashing alternately in red, blue and green. The intercept was raised Iranian fighter type "Phantom". When he approached the UFO 45 km, all the appliances and telecommunication aircraft out of service. Then he stopped the persecution and turned back. All equipment work again. From the Earth to the pilot was given the command to return to base, if he can't come close to UFOs.

In the air was raised a second "Phantom". When he approached the UFO 45 km, he was quickly removed, and its color changed from blue-green to reddish-orange. Then from UFO separated bright round object with a diameter of about 5 m and at high speed rushed to the plane. The pilot wanted to open fire on him missiles, but electronic fire control system and radio communication also out of order. Then the pilot turned the plane back. Small object for some time followed him at a distance of 5 - 6 km, then returned to great UFO and he joined himself with him and equipment fighter immediately earned.

One of the proofs of strong electromagnetic influence from the UFOs are also unexplained failure of the power supply systems of entire cities with their flights. In some cases, completely stopped the supply of electricity, because the relay emergency shut down or blown fuse.

The most impressive event of power outages whole large area took place in November 1965, when the whole North-Eastern United States with a population of 36 million people were suddenly plunged into pitch darkness. Stopped working all enterprises, stopped commuter trains, went out landing lights airports, stopped working telephone, radio and TV. Tens of thousands of people were isolated from the outside world staying in the underground and elevators. Practically lives in eight States was paralyzed for 10 hours. The reason for this ”disaster of the century” to the end and has not been installed. According to some data, not without a UFO.

It turns out, for a few minutes before the blackout, the pilot of the plane, flying over power substation Glue, distributing electricity from Niagara system, saw a huge ball of fire, and here in Syracuse has switched off the light. A few minutes later, officers from the airfield Hancock field saw the same fiery ball with a diameter of 15 m, and 2 minutes later the lights went out in new York.

Two UFO long time flew along the transmission line in new Hampshire and all this time they closed relay storm protection. In the same moment a strange objects were observed in other cities of the northeastern United States: new York, Newark, Rhode island, new Jersey, etc. it is Unlikely that all these facts can be considered a coincidence

It is also remarkable that the investigation of this case was that the equipment of power stations, substations and power lines that were in the area, was fully operational.

Cases of termination of power supply of entire cities with the appearance of the UFO recorded in 1957 in Baltimore, Philadelphia, 1959 in the city of Salta (Argentina) and Hubert-Lande (Brazil), in 1961 in the city of Vukovar (Yugoslavia) and in 1965 in city Cornavin (Mexico).

In 1978 unknown disc-shaped object fell sharply to a height of several hundred meters above the city of Sfax (Tunisia), after which the whole city at once plunged into darkness. It turned out that it was due to low current generated by gas turbine generators with 50 to 30 Hz. Within 9 minutes electricity supply was resumed.

In our country in 1981 over the territory of a military unit, located in the Gorky region, flying ball of fire, that suddenly changed its direction of movement back and hung for 10 minutes. At the same time put out all the lights located on the perimeter fence, and stopped working telephone network. And when the object was gone, all systems have earned again. A thorough investigation of this phenomenon showed that it was not caused by normal faults, and install it true reason failed.

However, there were such cases of interruption of power supply during the flight UFO when light bulbs in cities continued to smolder, i.e. the work of power stations did not stop, and a power switch off, which indicates some special effects of UFOs.

In August 1954, as span UFO over the quarters of the capital of Madagascar Tananarivo gradually lights dimmed.

In 1957, when the span of three disc-shaped UFO over the Brazilian city of Urine-Mirima the blackout in the city has only been observed under the flight path of interest, and on either side of it were weaker as the distance.

Cases when the appearance of UFOs have only led to a lowering of tension in the network, recorded in 1958 in Rome in 1969 in one of the districts of Tallinn Maninka, and in 1961 in the city Lequel (Massachusetts), and in 1973 in La Spezia (Italy). And during blackout in Rome one engineer was included in the network of measuring device and found that there is tension, but insufficient for glow lamps. The following example shows that UFOs may have a simultaneous impact on various sources.

In the Polish journal "Przekroj" (1966) describes how in January 1979 on the power plant in Quitah, located in the Polish Tatra mountains, at a height of 100 m appeared ball of fire, from which came down bright yellow shaft of light that formed a circle on the ground with a diameter of 70 m On plants at once the lights went out. In this case it is voltage in the network, and when the ball flew, light had come on.

It was also noted cases when ripple hovering UFO caused a corresponding surge of electric lighting or zvonkovoy alarm.

A very interesting case was observed on August 25, 1955, in Bedford, Indiana). Two women, who were returning to his house, where the light was, saw that next to the house hanging pulsating UFOs and the beat of his pulse light in the house is getting brighter, darker.

In 1973, near the city of Santa Cruz (California) calls the alarm rang synchronously with flashes of lights UFO, privseo over the coast, and when the UFO flew away, calls immediately stopped.

In the letter of the Leningrad Silaeva describes how in the winter of 1979 on the city of Chudovo, at the height of about 1 km flew a large ball that every 5 seconds flashed a bright blue light, illuminating everything around. And with every flash lights dimmed all the houses and in the headlights of vehicles.

It is also noticed that when UFOs at low altitude petrol engines of cars, find themselves in close proximity to these objects usually go deaf, headlights at night fade or go off, but the radios are turned off.

According to MUFON, in the US were more than 400 cases of a stop of engines of cars during the encounters with UFOs.

In February 1989 of a large UFO hovering above the town Progress (Guatemala)in the direction of the earth was sent to a wide beam, under the influence of which stopped the engines hundreds of cars travelling on the highway connecting the Progress with the capital of Guatemala, bearing the same name. Known similar cases in our country. But it happens that the vehicle is turned off or only the engine, or just the lighting, or only the radio, or two of these components.

In the book of Mania and hell "Call UFO" provides an analysis of 43 cases of exposure UFO on equipment hire, in which they have an impact: in 12 cases - only engines, 7 - only on the radio, 3 - only the light, 15-on motors and lighting, in 3 cases - for engines and radios

There are also examples when under the influence of UFO stopped or started to work intermittently engines-flying aircraft.

An interesting case occurred in September 1959 in the district of Newfoundland, where the airliner flying from new York to Paris, approached unknown entity in the form of a plate with a diameter of 30 meters with a rotating dome and continued to fly near the plane at the distance of 600 m . Then he immediately approached the plane at a distance of 15 m from the left wing, and then in the work of engines of the left wing began interruptions. When the plane abruptly turned to the right and fell away from the object of about 2000 m engines working again normally. But UFO again followed the plane and took the heater position at a distance of 10 - 15 meters from his right wing, and then right engines were working properly. Attempts crew to communicate by radio with the Earth were unsuccessful, because the radio is not working. The total duration of stay of a UFO near the plane was 7 minutes, after which he developed a tremendous acceleration and disappeared into a shining point. Radio immediately recovered.

In the paper "Evening Rostov" (1968. January 27) told about the event that took place in our country.

In September 1967, by plane an-24, flying from Zaporozhye in Volgograd, dived UFO in the form of cigars and flew near the plane. With engines of the plane immediately stopped, the interior light is off and the plane started to plan. When he was at the height of 100 m above the ground, UFO soared and disappeared. The engines of the plane immediately earned, and he was again able to gain height. This case was seen by multiple witnesses not only from the plane, but with six settlements that are not connected with each other. Therefore, its authenticity is not in doubt.

For the last years in our country took place, and other cases stop the engines of military and civil aircraft when UFO sightings. In most cases, the aircraft made forced landing, and in two cases the pilots had to eject.

In Czechoslovak newspaper "Kridla vlasti" (1959. 26) described a case when under the influence of the UFO was not able to start the engines of the aircraft, who was on earth. Has it happened in November 1959, when the pilots and service personnel of one of the Czechoslovak military airfield saw over their heads UFO with a typical form of plates with the diameter not less than 150 m, surrounded by a luminous ring. The radar also recorded this object. With great speed and no sound UFO flew over the airfield at an altitude of about 1000 m, made a sharp 90-degree turn and disappeared. A minute later he again appeared at a height of 100 m and within 2 minutes hung over the runway. Then instantly scored a fantastic speed and disappeared. This aircraft, which was at the airport in combat readiness, received orders to rise into the air, but for some reason were not able to do it.

There are also known cases of simultaneous impact UFO on various kinds of equipment. Here is one of them.

In June 1966, on the American military camp nga, Trench (South Vietnam) came round brightly glowing object with a diameter of about 15 m, which is hung at the height of 100 - 150 m above the ground, lighting up everything around. And immediately stopped six 100 kW diesel generators camp and nearby airbase, two aircraft engines, intending to take off, eight worked bulldozers and several cars, while disconnected gas tanker, standing in the roads in the sea. Electrical equipment start work only after 4 minutes after the UFO left the area.

Many UFO researchers suggest that stopping gasoline internal combustion engines, apparently, is called the powerful electromagnetic fields that can be created these objects and to influence the ignition engines. Under the influence of such a field in the reel is induced a very high voltage, and the circuit breaker is heavy ions, causing breakdowns places at once to all the candles, and the ignition becomes continuous. And this leads to simultaneous ignition of combustible mixture in all cylinders and unconditional stop the engine, and thus running from him generator.

To study this problem in Leningrad hydrometeorological Institute experiment was carried out, during which over the vehicle engine "Zhiguli" open the hood at some distance placed tube generator with a capacity of 1 kW with frequency 50 to 100 kHz, after its start the engine immediately stopped.

As for the lights and the radio of the car, then they may shut down due to the fact that in the chain relay control by external electromagnetic induction excited magnetic field that holds the relay is closed on a broken generator, resulting in the headlights, and the receiver is not receiving any power, and they stop working. However, the battery at the same time, apparently, will not discharge, because after the removal of UFOs and termination of its impact engines in most cases normally infest.

And yet this is only a hypothesis, an attempt to give an unusual quality UFO ordinary prosaic explanation.

By the way, according to UPI in the US designed and adopted by the police Detroit electronic device that can stop a moving car. Under the influence of the generated radiation disrupted the supply system, and the car spontaneously stops (Labor. 1988.6 November).

Considering further the ability of UFOs to draw to themselves with a great force of various types of equipment may also explains created by these objects powerful electromagnetic fields.

An unusual thing happened with the American military helicopter near the airbase Mansfield (Ohio) in October 1973,

When flying at an altitude of about 1000 m, the crew of the helicopter saw some object with a red fire, flying parallel course. Suddenly this object is changed direction and with great speed off perpendicular to the course of the helicopter, so he created the threat of a collision. Radio communication with the database immediately disintegrated. To avoid collision, the helicopter has fallen to a height of 500 m, and its commander even started looking for a place to land. At this time, all four crew members saw that the object is already over them at the distance of 200 M. the Object was a length of 15 - 18 m, had a cigar-shaped form with some add-on, and seemed to be made of metal. His bow was shining bright red fire, and from the lower part proceeded large green light cone. When the helicopter was illuminated by the light, compass needle began to spin rapidly. But the most surprising, that the helicopter began spontaneously rise up, as if drawn by this object, although the controls were on the descent and the commander did not add a gas. Drawn unknown force, the helicopter rose to a height of 1140 meters , and then they heard a sort of shock. Soon all members of the crew saw the UFO flew to the West and disappeared from view. Radio helicopter base immediately recovered.

The very fact that this case was stated at the meeting of the special political Committee of the United Nations in 1978 personally by the commander of the helicopter Lieutenant Colonel Quiet, speaks about its high reliability.

In the foreign press also quoted very rare cases when falling down low UFO attracted and was lifted in the air passenger cars together with the trapped passengers.

According to reports, one of these cases took place in 1971 . in Ontario (Canada)and the other in 1988 on the highway leading from Perth to Adelaide (Australia). However, one can hardly be sure of their full validity.

However, in Soviet movie "In search of the alien" is the case when the UFO matter how attracted and repelled a train. He also described in the journal "Technology towards the youth" (1989. 8).

It happened on February 17, 1985, at the railway haul Petrozavodsk - Suojarvi, where a freight train moving between stations Imants-lake and New Sands, glowing ball flew and flew in front of the train at a distance of 150 meters While the train, how would attract this Orb, immediately noticeable speed increased, although this segment was the rise, and the driver S.orlov completely dropped the gas and even began to brake sharply. According to Orlov, the wheels had to be tightly trapped shoes, and instead speed trains increased to 5 km/h . Scared the driver handed radio station that can't slow down, because the UFO pulls the train. Come out to see the spectacle on duty at the station, New Sands Parshukova saw rushing towards the train, before which was glowing sphere, and in its center - red biconvex disk, making the vibrational motion. With the train was approaching the station New Sands this glowing ball flew back, and after passing the station again approached the front of the train, a movement which immediately sharply slowed, so Orlov and his assistant nearly ran into the windshield, although in this area was the descent and the driver had not touched the brakes. With the arrival of the composition to the station Zastava this ball first hung in the trees a short distance from the train, and then disappeared. Orlov decided to check what had happened with the wheels after such a strong and long-lasting inhibition, but it turned out that they did not erased. After 25 minutes of Parking trains ball again took place in front of the locomotive, as a result, as soon as the driver was released brakes, heavy composition 280 axes spontaneously took off and went for the ball with increasing speed, while the driver did not give gas and in this area there was no draft. Then a ball at high speed disappeared in the direction of Finland. The total duration of maintenance trains ball was 1 hour and 15 minutes.

In cases of UFOs had a direct physical impact on the cars.

In 1952 in Inide (Oklahoma) and in 1961 in the city of El Vigia (Venezuela) unknown disc-shaped objects dived for trucks, turned over them and dropped out of the way.

In August 1979 in the red river valley (Minnesota) unknown glowing object hit the police car, smashing to pieces the windscreen and headlamp, pokoriv two antennas and leaving a dent in the hood, and who was in it assistant Sheriff led into unconsciousness. <br />
In may 1973 in the city of Veracruz (Mexico) beam from the UFO truck was turned into a heap of molten metal.

Recorded cases of damage to the aircraft when meeting with UFOs.

In July 1956 the plane "the type field"flying in the area of Pixel (California), suddenly shook, and something with the force of hitting the right Board, causing the plane began to fall, and only 300 m the pilot managed to seize control. The tail part of the plane was badly damaged.

In June 1975 UFO quickly approached the Mexican passenger plane has made a number of maneuvers and was attached to his tail, and then the plane started strong vibration, and he began to lose altitude. Scared the pilot urgently requested permission to land. Only at the landing strip object soared and disappeared. During the inspection of the aircraft were found numerous damage to the planes and the bottom of the fuselage, as if someone tried to cut machine with a can opener.

Two cases of meetings of our planes with UFOs were included in our press.

In the journal "aviation and Astronautics" (1979. 3) describes the collision of our passenger aircraft TU-134 with some luminous object, in which there was an explosion and fire caused considerable damage to the aircraft.

In the "red Zvezda (1981. 4 November) and in the Central "True" (1981.8 November) described an incident in one of the aviation units of the Baltic fleet, which were as follows: October 16, 1981, in the district of Kaliningrad Lieutenant Korotkov - the pilot of the aircraft-missile flying at an altitude of 1300 m at 520 km/h , when landing saw five metres in front of a fire ball with a diameter of about 5 M. the Ball was svetlosanova color with the core in the form of a brown ring with a diameter of 1 m . For a moment the ball was flying in front of the aircraft, and then disappeared. And immediately in the area of the tail of the plane there was an explosion. The engine of the plane stopped at once, and devices stopped working. The speed of the aircraft immediately fell to the ground and the plane went down. And only when the earth was already left 300 m, Korotkova managed to start the engine and land safely. During the inspection of the aircraft were destroyed power elements cladding and fairing upper back side of the keel.

Detailed investigation of this case was made Aeeording-Sodra and described in the journal "Technology towards the Youth" (1982. 4).

Also known deaths aircraft when confronted with UFOs.

In April 1959, the crew of a military-transport plane C-118 before boarding air force base Mac-Cord near Tacoma (Washington) unexpectedly passed: "We hit in the air about something", then a signal l" and the last word "Here it is...", after which the plane crashed and crashed near Salner (Washington), and all four members of crew were lost. At that, the two witnesses and the police chief of the city of Ortiga Elmwood said that he saw two parachuters object near the plane at the moment of his fall.

In our country took place two catastrophe of MIG-21 in area of Borisoglebsk, when near their radars recorded some unknown objects.

One of them happened in April 1984, when the crew "Sparky" MIG-21, which was carrying out flight training, received a warning about detection on the screen radar station near zone of the flight marks from the unknown object. After some time the plane as if something came across. The crew felt a strong impetus, the engine stalled, and "sparks" began to fall. Her carriage was ejected.

In may 1985, during loss of communication with another MIG-21 and its subsequent catastrophe near the aircraft at a height of 1500 m, too, was observed unknown object. While searching the site of the crash in the area of Povorino a search party found in the forest humanoid figure growth of 3.5 m in clothes silver, after which saw the rise from the earth some unknown glowing object.

As described below in the case of a landed UFO with its rays, apparently, destroyed and set fire to the antenna of the radar station.

This happened in the night of 13 September 1990 on the territory of the station airborne early warning, near Kuibyshev, and in the newspaper of the Volga-Urals military district "For the Motherland ' were given specific indications of witnesses of the event.

Started with the fact that duty was fixed at RLS approximation of large flying object. At the command of the head of the shift of major Atolina was included automatic identification system, which is "grasping" signal from an object that has failed, and the grade from the object on the screen radar suddenly crumbled. All this is registered devices and a video.

Captain Plasaka and senior Lieutenant Tolit reported that emerged from the bunker officers saw flying over them at the height of about 10 meters the object of a triangular shape with rounded corners and black smooth bottom, where there were no Windows, no landing devices. Up from the object came three light beam.

Corporal S. Dudnik, as a sentry, seen as a black triangular object size is about 15 m without Windows and doors sank near the station on the ground and then from the middle erupted beam, which sparked steel radar antenna.

Captain Plasaka also noticed the outbreak and when together with the other ran to the antenna, saw that she fell on her side and was burning like a wood, and was lying nearby its engines.

The guard commander senior Lieutenant Whorin in these circumstances raised the guard at the gun. As a member Predmetov saw the burning antenna, ran to the corporal to Angelica and got ready to shoot, but he shouted that he did not shoot.

After about 1.5 hours unknown entity rose up and disappeared.

Confirmation of landing of UFOs around radar is used and the report of the commander of jesusgod senior warrant officer Voronkova, which indicates that after landing object in the garden all stems and fruits of tomato has been flattened and was even smashed the earth as if under the influence of volumetric explosion .

So it was written in the papers "For the Motherland" and "Rabochaya Tribuna", and then began incomprehensible.

Correspondent "Working tribune" for some reason were not allowed to the territory of this military unit. As the operative person on duty of staff of Volga-Ural military district on request "red star" stated that the military unit, where sat UFO allegedly does not exist.

Even more strange was the behavior of the correspondent of the newspaper "For the Motherland" captain Druzit, who described the story, which after a reprimand from the authorities began to speak to the correspondent "Working tribune" already quite different: what a UFO staff radar could take the cloud, and emitted rays them could be the light of conventional floodlights that may not lit antenna the spilled oil that tomatoes on the field could be crushed boars, etc. (working tribune. 1990.23 September).

All these attempts of Ruzica to give originally described facts completely different interpretation looks artificially strained, because it is ridiculous to think that the officers of the air defense, being on combat duty, could take a cloud for flying at a height of 10m object, and spotlights in the air defense forces is long gone.

But it's only been two days, and Ruzic made a new unexpected turn. In an interview with the Deputy Chairman of the Leningrad Commission on TH Ibatulina he suddenly said in a newspaper at the end of his notes about this case allegedly forgot to put the phrase "with humorous Hello". At the same time, he categorically refused to name the town in which this station far detection, hindering the possibility of an additional objective investigation.

Commander of the air defense forces, General of the army Tretiak in an interview with "Literaturnaya Gazeta" stated that no report about the destruction of the radar station in Kuibyshev district have been reported, and this "duck" allegedly invented the correspondent of the district Newspapers to attract readers.

But this is the fourth version of the explanation for the appearance of notes, contrary to the first three. While it is difficult to believe that the newspaper "to attract readers" began to put completely fictional story Yes "with humorous Hello".

The impression that urgent measures were taken in order best to drown out the leaked about this case information.

The impact of UFO on soil and ice cover is manifested mainly with their so-called landings that took place on all continents, including in our country.

Foreign sources indicate that at present there are already more than 5000 UFO landing in 65 countries (mainly in the USA, France, Canada, Spain, Australia, Argentina, England and Brazil). By the way, the French gendarmerie is no longer in doubt the ability of UFOs to land and take off. Confirmation of this is a questionnaire survey of landings, sent by the Directorate of the French gendarmerie, which recommends to give details about the type landing object left over from the landing tracks, and feelings of eyewitnesses.

Most often, landing occur at night and in remote sparsely populated areas away from the major cities, although known incident that occurred in August 1965, in Lima (Peru), when a UFO landed on the roof of the school, as was written in all Peruvian Newspapers.

According to Pellipse, the average length of time of UFO on Earth is about 5 minutes. In most cases, land egg-shaped UFO diameter of three meters or objects having the form of plates with the diameter of 7 to 9 m

When the landing of UFOs usually issue a boarding support, and sometimes saare on the body in a horizontal position, although there are some cases when they landed "on the edge". After takeoff UFO on the ground of their landings, approximately 50% of cases, remain different traces of mechanical influence. Sometimes on the ground are dents, which, apparently, formed under the influence of the weight of objects at their landing right on the case.

According to the candidate of technical Sciences Spousehow in June 1984 on the landing site of a large UFO near the city of Kattakurgan (UzSSR) were found three dents diameter 8 m and a depth of 5 cm

Showed similar dents and in the snow. In a letter sent to the Commission on anomalous phenomena, geologist Abutorin reported that in the winter of 1962, when conducting aerial hydrological observations from aircraft YAK-42 in the basin of the rivers Calva and Vishera in the Northern part of the Perm region were found two nice in the snow perfect circle diameter of 60 meters at the distance of 300 m from one another.

In the Perm newspaper "Molodaya Gvardiya" (1988.27 November) placed description of events observed in the same state planning Committee Bachurin in October 1983 in Kishertskom district, on the border of Perm and Sverdlovsk regions, 12 km from the village Molebka. In the evening Bachurin saw at some distance from the Molebka some bright glow on the earth, and the next morning found this place perfectly round thaw diameter of 62 m, from which the snow in different directions differed "rays length of 60-70 m and width at the base of up to 12 m and at the end of 4-5 meters of Grass in the centre of the patches was crushed and pressen, and in all directions from her parted traces the fleeing animals. It appeared that after a stay at the thaw watch Bachurina reason behind by 1.5 hours. Soil analysis in this thaw made Gorjkovskij researchers of anomalous phenomena, showed a higher content of zirconium and other rare earth elements.

On frozen lakes sometimes discover the unexpected polynya of regular geometric shape, which is associated with possible landings and takeoffs UFO.

In April 1968 on the frozen lake Opperman (Sweden) was discovered huge triangular polynya area of 500 M. it Seemed that a large object, fallen from heaven, broke the ice with a thickness of 80 cm, and scattered it around having smashed to pieces. There was a supposition that this wormwood could make a big UFO, which two weeks ago was seen near this lake.

In October 1968, a strange round hole with a diameter of 50 m from scattered around chunks of ice has been detected on another Swedish lake about Arvidsjaur.

In our country, in January 1990 in the area of Merefa, Ukraine Avoronov watched from close range unknown object shaped like a children's toy - whirligig huge size (diameter of about 25 m and a height of about 10 meters). In the center of the object was visible blue stripe, and on top of a small pin. The object was hanging at low altitude over the extension of the river Mja, and under its influence the circle of ice with a diameter of about 22 m gone under water.

In ten minutes the object instantly rose straight up and hung at the height of 30 m, and then flew away in the direction of the village Kolesnik, then under water circle of ice slowly emerged. Later this circle frozen in the place of the break, why was formed flat ring in the form of a roller of the ice and snow.

Remained and other material traces of this object. The tops of some trees, over which it had passed, was broken, and on the grass field with willows under the trajectory of the object found traces of high-temperature burns.

In other cases, on the landings are deepening, which can also be classified as traces of the UFO landing legs. These pits have straight or funnel shape and form a right triangle, square, or polygon. Their number varies usually from three to six.

Three symmetrically located rectangular grooves were found on places of UFO landing in 1966-1967, in the suburbs of Madrid - Aluco and Santa Monica , 1970 about village Enbacken (Sweden) and in 1979 on the outskirts of the town of Zolochiv, Kharkiv region , and in 1966 - four identical hole remained on the ice of a lake near the city new Jersey (Pennsylvania).

In the catalogue traces of the UFO, compiled by Ted Phillips, is 62 cases of detection of such cavities or holes. There were also cases of detection on the landing places of the UFO one or several deep wells, which, apparently, cannot be associated with traces from the landing legs.

So, after landing unknown spherical object near the village of Vladimirovka Kuibyshev region in October 1989 on the site of his landing was discovered strange bore size 40x60 cm and a depth of 60 m, the singularity of which was that about not finding the remnants of excavated material. The first Secretary of Khvorostyanskogo district Committee of the CPSU Vlahova and the Chairman of the district Executive Committee A. Dubina starting November 4, on the place of landing of UFOs, I got the impression that the land in this place as if pierced by some giant rod.

Another case. On top of the hill near the village of new (Taman Peninsula) in the summer of 1989 was discovered strange flat site, which in a circle with a diameter of 12 m symmetrically located five mystery of round holes. Holes are of the same diameter up to two and a depth of three meters, narrowing upward, as the bucket turned upside down. Wall holes consisted of alloy expanded clay, baked at temperatures of 1200-1300 degrees. It is also characteristic that the content of strontium, titanium and rare earth elements on the site are much higher than normal.

The age of these unexplained holes specialists defined in two to three years, with no traces of human activity on the volcano were detected. The impression that earthly breed of these holes evaporate under the influence of some powerful radiation. The appearance of holes difficult to explain otherwise than by the influence of light coming from some unknown object or landed at this site, or hung low over her.

The analysis of soil samples from the field of UFO landing shows that it was so dry that does not sink in the water. In addition, the soil is crushed, as if she was subjected to powerful ultrasonic radiation. These results were obtained by analysis of soil on the site in Sharapova Hunting near Moscow.

On the place of landing of UFO therefore Delphos (Kansas) in November 1972, the soil was so dehydrated at a depth of 35 cm, which was three months is not absorbed water. In addition, the ring of soil and trunks of the surrounding trees, this place was shining over neskolkih nights. When this people, trohovski glowing areas, fingertips for two weeks was losing sensitivity.

In directory Philips is 35 cases of dehydration of soil on the landing places of the UFO.

On the landings were registered abnormal presence of substances that are not typical for this area, in particular, magnesium, manganese, tin, and oily green volatile liquid that has no analogues on Earth.

On the place of landing of UFOs therefore Delphos in the amount of zinc in soil was larger than the surrounding area, 200 times, copper in 50 and iron in 20 times. Detected green liquid, which could not be installed.

Recorded cases when migration UFO on the ground fell strange long strands of white color, nicknamed "angel hair". These threads gradually turned into studentul smelling mass that quickly evaporated. Contact is caused itching and leave stains on his hands. Drop "angel hair" was celebrated in France, Italy, USA and New Zealand. Spectral analysis of these "hair"conducted by the scientists of the University of Florence, showed that the content of boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium.

In his lectures Phel argued that the study "angel hair"derived from New Zealand, in some of our institutions are not allowed to equate them with known on earth substances and led the conclusion academician EverEve-Sokolova: "... they are of interest as thin-fibrous substance and is unlikely to be a natural connection".

The impact of UFO on vegetation is primarily expressed in the fact that the landings often find circles or rings burnt or flattened grass and charred or broken trees.

In February 1963, in the district of Alsogaray (Argentina) were discovered on earth two strange trace in the form of rings in diameter of 3.3 m in which not only grass, but also its roots to a depth of 10 cm completely burned. Studies have shown that these places have been exposed to temperature over 1000 degrees. And a few days before that, there was seen a UFO flying low above the ground.

Circles scorched grass on the ground of UFO landings were discovered in 1968 in Pressure (Brazil) and in Necochea, Argentina, and in 1968 - to the North of Ottawa (Canada).

On the place of landing of UFOs in the area of Ngatea (New Zealand) in 1969, was discovered a circle with a diameter of 2 m, inside of which the cane was burnt on the inside, and outside remained intact.

In 1989-1990 in many Newspapers were placed messages and pictures strange clearly marked areas perfectly round, arising in the fields of wheat and rape in southern England. The diameter of these circles is from 3 to 100 m

The first mention of these circles in England belongs to 1678, and in recent years their number increases. In 1987, in the South of England was found about 50 mysterious circles, in 1988 - 98, in 1989 270, but only for the first half of 1990, more than 200. Around large circles sometimes symmetrically placed the small circles. Within the circles all the stalks of wheat fallenbecause there are usually only clockwise, and inside the small only in the opposite direction, as if they were exposed to some objects rotating in different directions. Outside of these circles ears of wheat are intact.

An impressive example of such a group circles found in Winchester, was shown by Leningrad TV in April 1989, around a big circle with a diameter of 12 m there symmetrically were four small circles of diameter 3 m distance

Attracts attention and strictly symmetrical location of groups of the same circles, which form an equilateral triangles or squares, triangles with a circle in the center or a square with a circle in the centre resembling a Domino with five points. And around the same circles were sometimes found one or two thin rings.

Recently the structure of groups such circles are becoming more complex. So in Wiltshire detected an unusual group of nine arranged in a line and related circles with parallel rectangles and branches.

According to the British researchers all these strange circles appear mainly in July and June and usually at night.

It is also characteristic that at the request of the crew British air force inside those circles in Wiltshire microphones, tape recorders stopped working, while outside of the circle functioned normally (Week. 1990. 38).

In the centre of one of the circle was discovered white gel-like substance, the origin of which could not establish despite thorough research in the laboratory of the University of Surrey. Recorded cases of accident cars near the places of occurrence of these circles, coinciding in time with the emergence of community.

According to the English researcher Dmedia these circles appear under the influence of the descending electromagnetic atmospheric vortices, which may be accompanied by light radiation, although this opinion, of course, does not explain perfectly correct form of these circles and their strictly symmetrical arrangement.

However, most researchers believed that these circles cannot have natural origin. Engineer Andrews argues that the circles are created by a large amount of energy coming from above, from some unknown source. And the scientists Wingfield and ELS claim that this phenomenon generated some reason (abroad. 1990. 40).

In turn, some ufologists associated with the appearance of these communities with UFO, resulting in a confirmation of this testimony of dozens of witnesses who observed the fields luminous round objects, which are then took off and disappeared.

Thus, to come to a definite conclusion regarding the origin of these circles is not yet possible. Meanwhile the appearance of such circles registered in 30 countries.

In the United States were found four such a circle with a diameter of 12 m in the States of Kansas and Missouri. The rice fields Japan also found two circles with diameter of 10 and 18m.

According to the newspaper "of work experience is required Dagbladet" on one of the fields of the southern Sweden around Kristianstad annually there are two rows of the same circles, which are located at an angle to each other. The diameter of the circles is 10, and the other 20 meters. The circles appear in different places, and their number from year to year changes.

In our country, in July 1990, machine operators farm "Limansky" Scherbinskiy district of Krasnodar region saw in the steppe flashes, like a flash of electric welding, and the next morning found the correct form a circle with a diameter of 30 m, educated prikatnoe to the ground the wheat. Inside this circle were two rounds of smaller diameter, in which all the stalks of wheat fell exactly clockwise. Having entered the circle two eyewitness almost lost consciousness from severe headache (rural life. 1990.26 July).

And in Central Asia according to the message of Leningrad Spousehow, huge "patch" length of about 80 m and a width of 30 m found on the place of landing of a UFO near the city of Kattakurgan in 1984, this "patch" vines were completely dried and pressed into the clay soil.

It is also interesting that in the study of landings in Moscow region (Sharapova Hunting, levkova Mountain, the platform is New Jerusalem) was that at a depth of 30-40 cm there or absent protozoa microorganisms, or their number was six times less background.

However, there are many cases, when on the place of plantations leave no traces.

In February 1990, the villagers of Naraku and Zarechnaya Dzerzhinsky district, Minsk region observed six glowing spherical objects with a diameter of 2 m, which landed on the field 70-100 meters from each other. There they stood on some stands almost 1.5 hours, after which have broken into pairs, and two object flew in the next field, but quickly returned. The third object disappeared into the woods, and soon became the fourth. However, any physical traces on the place of landing could not be found (Znamya Yunosti. 1990. Minsk. March 7).

In conclusion it should be noted that on the landings or hangs UFO at low altitude, as a rule, traces of radioactivity were not found. But sometimes I managed to reveal certain anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field, regardless the terms of impact. This is confirmed by the results of the research expedition starting in the summer of 1982 in the area of Robozero Vologda region, where in 1663 was observed flight unknown spherical object.

The expedition was headed by the scientific Secretary of the Commission but anomalous phenomena of the Geographical society of the USSR, head of magnetic ionosfernoi laboratory of Leningrad branch IZMIRAN candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Ashurkov. A special magnetometric equipment route survey has allowed to detect abnormal changes of the geomagnetic field presumably in those places flight trajectory of the object, where he hung out and Shine. These changes may be related to a strong electromagnetic impact of a low flying object in the layers of lake sediments. The impacts of well preserved for a long time due to properties "magnetic memory" substances of precipitation.

The research confirmed not only by the objective reality of this event, and extremely high energy saturation of the observed object.
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