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Древние Боги - звездные пришельцыIn the vast jungles of South America in Brazil lives in small tribe of Indians kayapo in 1952 expedition English scientists, who visited the country, stated strange religious cult of natives.

In ancient legends of Indians said about the mysterious creature that "once appeared in the settlement kayapo". The natives call it White, Cororate. The mysterious stranger was dressed in "Bo", suit that covered him from head to foot. In the hands of Bel Cororate held "CPC", "weapons of thunder". When this creature entered the village, residents hid. Only a few brave men tried to attack a stranger But they failed to cause any harm to "messenger of the heavens.

Their sticks and spears just crumbled, when someone had managed to touch the "Bo". Bel, Cororate was "good God". To show his power to the people, he picked up the kop - the weapon of thunder", sent him to a tree, and it turned into dust, sent him on the rock, and it crumbled White, Cororate stayed in the village and stayed there for many years. He taught people to believe that showed how to heal the wounds, improved methods of hunting and brought many changes in the life of the tribe.

However, getting together with everyone, he never ate food kayapo" some time "the messenger of the heavens married a girl from tribe, and soon BEP Cororate had children. Legends say that the new kayapo were much smarter than the rest of the people. BEP Cororate has ensured that the knowledge he gave tribe, were not. For this, he gathered a few young men and women and taught them all kinds of teachings".

One day the messenger of the heavens went on a high mountain to her to ascend to heaven. Almost all the seed went for him to conduct his benefactor. BEP Cororate went up into a mountain, where he was descended in the cloud, there was a thunder, then lightning". In "a burning cloud BEP Cororate disappeared at the height of the sky...

Aborigines did not forget his "teacher." To our times the Indians kayapo survived the holiday in honor of "God BEP Cororate". Indians weave raffia ritual service, which symbolize the image of a deity, his suit "Bo". Kayapo clothe them and dance. In the hands of the dancers hold palm sticks, which indicate a mysterious weapon BEP Cororate - kop. According to researchers, the ritual service of the Indians strikingly resemble the modern space suits.

No less interesting legends of another tribe of Brazilian Indians - tupinamba. They tell of powerful God Mo-Nan, who created the Universe and man. According to the legends of this tribe, the God of Monan lived in those distant times among people who honored him. But then people began "to live not according to the covenants of Manana" Angry God went to heaven in a huge shimmering cloud of fire, deciding there to punish people for their sins. He sent to the Earth "heavenly fire, which destroyed all people. Only one person was spared Mean. His name was Dr. Irina-Mare, and he was pardoned for great worship of the deity. After the fire ceased to rage, took IRIN-the Magician to wife one of the daughters of Manana and came down to earth to continue the human race.

Another small tribe in South America that live on the banks of the river Hing (a tributary of the Amazon), in their legends, come down to our times, reports the amazing information about the history of mankind. According to legend, in ancient times, people lived "on the distant star". Somehow gathered all the inhabitants of the stars on the Council to choose a new residence One of the "Indians" he told his counterparts about the beautiful planet on which he once managed to go through a "hole" in the sky. After his message, the Board decided to move on the Ground. The entire population of the stars began to weave cotton thread, which they had slowly come down to Earth. Soon the most "Indian" moved. But the new inhabitants of the Earth with this mysterious thread was constantly in contact with their remaining on the star brothers. But the evil demon cut the thread, and "Indians" never was to meet with their "star relatives"

Tales of the inhabitants of the African continent, remote thousands of miles away from America, also tell us about the events, reminds tales of Brazilian Indians. African mythology says that in ancient times, "God's children lived with his father in heaven in the world, wealth and happiness". But one day God hath determined to test their children and sent them to Earth, banning "is the salt of the earth". Descended "children of God" from heaven on the thread, which is made for them, father. But almost all the sons forget the Covenant of the father, and tasted of salt. When they decided to rise to heaven, then the thread is torn, and they were forced to remain permanently on Earth. Only one of the sons has fulfilled the Covenant of the father and returned safely to heaven.

Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetan myths also tell us about the "sons of heaven", that are descended from the heavens SA "and I remained to live on the Earth. Legends extraordinarily similar, which suggests that they all describe real events that took place in ancient times.

Anthropologists from different countries suggest that the "primitive peoples" tend to take for gods more developed Nations and imitate what they see. History knows many examples, when the missionaries, conquerors, explorers and ordinary people were taken in various tribes for gods and higher beings. The most striking example is the Spanish conquistadors, where the local tribes considered gods and initially did not resist the invaders. In 1871, Russian traveler Miklukho-Maklai was at the shores of New Guinea. Local residents have accepted it for the Supreme God Customs of Be, which, together with other white gods came down from the moon to the wonderful divine vessel".

And in 1945 on a small island Vivak, near New Guinea, there is a strange religious cult. For a long time aborigines observed the various planes that landed on their island and again rose into the sky. When the island airfield was moved to another place and aircraft ceased to fly to Vivek, the natives began to make huge model airplanes from straw, hoping that "birds of heaven will come again."

The Dutch military, some time based on one of the Islands of New Guinea, noted amazing feature of the natives. After some time with people, they are build from straw and leaves the station. Aborigines were talking to each other with wooden microphones, carved from wood antenna and helmets worn on the head, twisted leaves in the form of a capacitor.

Such examples show that primitive peoples copy confusing them machinery and equipment more developed Nations, which are taking over various gods or returned ancestors From the point of view of ethnologists, sociologists and anthropologists, there is no doubt that in ancient times people took to be gods some beings, copying if possible their clothes, hardware, behavior. Who were these mysterious aliens visiting the earth in ancient times, the science is not yet able to answer.
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