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На борту таинственных НЛОThe first thing that surprises has risen on Board a mysterious ship, it is a large internal volume of the building, devoid of the usual for spacecraft clutter of cables, devices, pipes, toggle switches.

The whole situation most often are comfortable armchairs, pools control, overview and the star map.
"...When the morning was come, Rama sat in the chariot of heaven... this Chariot moved by itself...

It had two floors with many rooms and Windows... When the chariot made her flight in the air, it gave a monophonic sound (ancient Indian epic "Ramayana"). "...There is no subject, only sophisticated fixtures and what looked like a small cloth, all the stars and dots, each of which was pulsing in his own way" {Alberto Gordoni; Sicily, Italy; 3 may 1753).
You can imagine how remarkable were the kind of situation for medieval resident. However, in our enlightened XXI century, even engineers with higher technical education feel inside UFO ignorant savages... "...Looking at one of the Windows of the ship, like a cone, I saw a marvelous picture.

Shone 5 rectangles is similar to TV screens. One of them was very large - there I never seen!.. In front of the screen in an empty room the woman with the Golden braid looked at some pictures, drawings..." (Magda; Kranj, Slovenia, Yugoslavia; mid 1960-ies). "...A strange object matte color was the size of a car with a height of 2.5 meters, form - like ball to play Rugby (i.e. ellipsoidal UFO. - Auth.). At the side door, like sliding. There were 2 of the critters about one meter, and they had big ears and a hole instead of a mouth...

The lower part of the device was 50 cm from the ground, she relied on a cylindrical pipe. The upper part of the apparatus consisted of transparent (as Plexiglas) dome, so it was clear that inside there is nothing that could attract the attention... Both unknown went inside, the door slid down, and included haven't made any act or gesture to do this. They are perfectly visible through the skylight.

Then came a dull noise, the machine went up by about half a meter tube came out of the earth, and four legs began to rotate clockwise. It flew on a sloping with great speed and after 50 meters have disappeared (dematerialisierte?). Approximately a quarter of an hour the witness could not move..." (farmer Maurice Mass; grape field near the village of Valensole, South of France; 3.45 a.m. July 1, 1965). He did not notice that pushed the second door, but felt that we had closed from outer space.

"The leader of" put a hand on the remote and started to push. The car started to slowly climb up, simultaneously rotate around its vertical axis. Rising 40 meters, stopped... Suddenly I saw a very rapid acceleration up. Overload was not, but things quickly began to shrink in size" (Ushanov; a village 27 km from Pskov, USSR; January 1978).

"...A rectangular object size 3x5 m and a height of 2.5 m, similar to the bus, hung at the height of 2-3 meters. On the surface there were no seams, no rivets, and from the tabs on the four sides sticking out of screw terminals in length of 1-1,5 m, reminiscent of the rotating part of the grinder. These cores were rotated at high speed, producing a buzz.

Then the sheet metal object curled up into a roll and opened the hatch, which went down the stairs.

Strangers gestures were invited to climb inside. Inside the spacious room, in addition to the similarity of the lantern on the top, a dozen benches about the "black and gray hair" smooth walls and lying on the floor paralyzed birds nothing" (Jan Volsky; Amelkin, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland; on the 15th may 1978), "...I again asked them to take me back home again lost consciousness. Woke up flew to the ship that hung in the air for a short distance from the earth. He was like an inverted pan dark gray color with many small bulbs, symmetrically around the ship. Lamps were lighted up, went out...

Woke up inside, in the round hall, sitting in a red armchair without armrests. The hall was equipped in such a way that all sides was set remote control (in a circle) with flashing lights red. Then through the doorway rounded shapes THEY come in..." (an employee of the military Academy; the Otradnoye district, Moscow, USSR; August 1989).

"...I am a skeptic and a realist, and therefore initially took UFO for our space ship... got Up on the "petals" (the ladder?) 8-10-metro-new egg-shaped apparatus and got into a small shower room, where flowed frothy liquid and blew warm wind... Opened the inner door... Inside were three chairs in the centre of the round table there was a globe of the Earth. Looked on the globe there are no state borders, but only some TIC..." (AAS, engineer; Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine, USSR; September 1389).

"I took over the railing and into the corridor. He was wider the aperture, the smooth floor was made of some kind of metal, there were no doors, walls and ceiling above formed oval, on the reverse side plating viewed some of strengthening and securing. In 7-8-metre corridor I got into a big white hall with a diameter of about 20 meters on the perimeter there was five identical inputs, between which was 5-6 racks with a flickering light. Dome ceiling radiated soft diffused light blue light.

On one wall there was an information screen. Near the other wall stood a panel on which there was a large number of switches black pens and rectangular luminous buttons with the drawn characters. The same flashing buttons were on the rack. Devices and scales I have not noticed. Next was a long straight sofa. Along all the walls around the circle was a crack, apparently, the Central part of the hall with the remote control and the sofa was able to rotate and stay near any stand" (Oleg K; Arkhangelsk region, 80 km from Plesetsk, USSR; November 1989).

"...A foot from the window hung a small object, similar to the two put plates on which proceeded zigzag (?) rays-green, yellow and blue. The plate was clear, then it is gradually revealed as shell, inside was only the computer keys, the screen, the screen starry sky and the same dish. Also there were six white haired man in the same silver (even sparkling) suits, one of them was a woman..." (Juvelina, 8 years; Sterlitamak, USSR; the beginning of the 90-ies).

"...Inside plates remember only one remote control, which was 25 buttons: 5 rows and 5 columns..." (Yuri K.; Moscow region, USSR; the beginning of the 90-ies). "...Two big glowing ball, every several meters in diameter, descended from above. The white ball was left, and red came a strange many-eyed, being taller than human... both of Us pulled into the ship.

There was remembered only the seat, on which I sat, and a flickering screen right in front of the chair... Comer said that the ship has 4 forms (?) and is able to move at the speed of light..." (Eugene H., a fifth grader, Omsk, Russia; 14 October 1991).

In addition, people who visited inside of alien ships, struck by the abundance of a variety of mysterious equipment and devices. Actually, on the other and can not be, contactees if invited for a research ships. Well, on UFO other assignments, even if they are, are not efficient. And if a drive (for example on a warship), it is unlikely that release...

But we already know, man-made UFOs have big empty interior volume, which probably makes them very versatile in use. For example, transport vehicles can easily be converted into a research - if the inner rooms to be equipped with adequate equipment. Actually, contactees was noticed not only multifunctional or redeveloped premises (the characteristic sign - cluttered devices passages and corridors), but also specialized laboratories, workshops, stores, museums, operational and other obscure functions compartments.

"...I was examined some tools and devices, like a large needle on the "operating table", which stood in the centre of the room... Humanoid gave me a book to look at her instead of letters were point and all, thick and thin, straight and curved lines. He crossed the room to the corner of the Desk, opened ka-some hole in the metal wall and got (unfolded) map out stockli value from a pinhead to coins and connecting them thick, thin dashed lines... It was the scheme of the interstellar routes" (Barney and Betty hill; new Hampshire, USA; September 20, 1961).

"...Monet Stafford was lying in a room like operating, and around it sat 3-4 figure in white gowns, and surgical masks. She was paralyzed, and had seen watching her large eyes. For Elaine Thomas watched humanoids growth of 1.2 meters in the empty dark room, where, in addition to the buffet, nothing more" (Lsmith, Mccaffery, Atoms; liberty, Kentucky, USA; January 1976), "...I woke up in the laboratory. It was a room with white walls, similar to the training room. There was a lot of machines. Everywhere was luminous dials. The room constantly moved glowing balls the size of an orange" (Frank Fontaine; CERGY-PONTOISE, France; 1980).
<br />"...I saw the green room and... them with her hair, twisted into something white, but not 8 my clothes. I have, and we-the one that was looking, and the one that was on the table were fused. And I felt the panic and fear... Nobody was in the green room. But I saw a long, centimeters '20, metal rod as a pencil. It seems passed each other's hands, as surgeons tool. But I have not seen..." (N., the employee of one of Moscow scientific centers; USSR; until 1993).

"...Fixtures it was not visible, but it was very light, though not light hurt my eyes. And this light is largely contributed to the emergence of a sense of comfort... Then all the women were transferred to a nearby room smaller, they were staying there alone, put them on some chairs, walls - completely consoles, entirely there was a web of tubes, which is something like tech. All this is a solid game of light and color, movement of sweetpotato. Part of the tubes had a suction Cup. There was a feeling that these tubes with suction cups as if endowed with the beginnings of mind.

The woman was here and was plastered all these suckers. And if from the movement of a person sucker flew off and then immediately itself again automatically searched still point and was sucking him..." (woman, N.; the case was investigated Niggaroes from Togliatti, Russia; the end of 1994).

Turning to the national archives of the UFO center, you can easily complement the overall presentation about the situation on the man-made UFOs. According to the generalized data of kontaktorov-Russians, stolen and later returned home, the first thing they often see is oblong hall or tunnel.

35 described Vajaga cases this tunnel was quite long and winding (perhaps the "tunnel" is not material and is only visible manifestation of any of the fields). Then abducted into the room, which resembles an operating or a dentist's office.

Description of the premises coincides in many stories (95). In 29 cases, the location of the UFO was described as having a round or dome-shaped form. In 18 out of 31 cases it was dominated by white light, in 11 cases - grey (or metal). In 3 cases mentioned wall of black color. 32 subject noted poor lighting on Board.

In 25 cases mentioned a very bright room, and 13 - dark or very dark. Several entities have met with both versions. The rooms are included variations usual for us things. One or more tables is marked in 52 cases. Usually the table hard, smooth, relatively narrow, on the same stand. Sometimes Desk lifted high, low or omitted has the form of a reclining chair. From other furniture often attended items like kitchen shelves, computers, screens.

In practical terms, it looks like the tables have seen 52 people; screens, displays - 17 people; computers - 16; chairs - 11; shelves, rack - 10; cabinets - 10; benches - 6. In 18 cases, the subjects mentioned specific aroma, unlike the conventional smells. Four could smell his burnt hair or body, and six celebrated unpleasant odor emanating from the aliens. Some have been able to describe and also present there are some devices intended for certain medical procedures (such as scanning body of the subject).

It also happens that the correspondents not just describe the cases heard from hearsay, some with their own eyes see such anomalies. This is what, for example, wrote the own correspondent of "Izvestia" in Maputo (room 27. 02. 88 g): "After I gave in "Izvestia" message about the mysterious object that is seen in the sky from the aircraft departed from Beira, came published in the city newspaper "Diario di Mozambique". There published three pictures of UFOs and the story of how it had been many residents of the city.

Observation on a meteorological station was carried out in the binoculars, but to the naked eye was visible brightly glowing object, still hovering over the Beira. According to the local station, it was not artificial satellite and not a probe. The oblong body had two "USA" and two bright eyes. According to the commander of passenger plane Boeing-737" of the national airline LAM, he had seen from the cockpit glowing UFO and included aircraft lights, as if calling for his attention. At this point, both the "eyes" of the mysterious object has gone out, and he began to take off to the side, quickly hiding in the southern direction..."

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" №23 2012
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