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На Кузбассе обнаружены круги
A mile from Kemerovo village of Konovalova in the Belovsky forest were found circles on the ground.
It looks very strange: a large circle with a diameter of about 600 meters and inside another six 30 metre. Found circles were due to the satellite, which broadcasts images of the earth surface in the online Google Earth.

This phenomenon was called in the Internet environment excitement. The majority stated that the traces of the UFO. Especially if to consider, that it not the first similar case was recorded in the Kemerovo region.

But everything can be much more prosaic. Forest circles indeed may be the launch pad, but quite real earthly missiles. Maps Wikimapia the same circles are clearly visible and designated as the location of anti-aircraft missile systems s-75 Soviet era.

Incidentally, this place on Kuzbas are not unusual. The same circles, most likely, not at all alien origin have already been discovered in Topki area in the village of Deep and near the regional centre of the area Nutcracker. As it turned out, these places also once were Soviet missiles.
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