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Найдены метеориты родом с МеркурияНайдены метеориты родом с Меркурия

German collector bought a few Mercurian meteorites. Meteorites are heavenly bodies that enter the Earth's atmosphere at speeds. Usually supplier of meteorites is a large asteroid belt.

Just less than a year ago, a scientist and collector of meteorites from Berlin Stefan Rely (Stefan Ralew) bought Moroccan merchant 35 fragments deep green fragments of the meteorite. The trader sold discovery at very high prices, however, unusually rich color of these pieces made of a scientist to agree with the high cost of these Martian, according to trader, meteorites.

Stefan did you not think that the acquisition of meteorites can be from Mars, because they had a surprisingly rich green color and polished surface. After long studies and surveys of this meteorite, including spectral-chemical analysis, the scientist came to the conclusion that these fragments of meteorites come from mercury. They are composed mainly of silicate minerals with impurity of chrome. This is a special previously unknown species achondrites.

So historically, that practically all greenish meteorites found in Morocco, considered to be of Martian origin, but this time, feel and a keen eye German scientist did not let him down and immediately told him that this meteorite not Mars.
The weight of the meteorites found in Morocco and bought scientists from Berlin, varies from 100 to 375 grams.
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