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Астероид с пол стадиона пронесется мимо Земли в середине февраля An asteroid the size of half a football field will fly on February 15 27,7 thousand kilometers from the Earth. He will be the first asteroid that size, passed so close to our planet since the beginning of regular observation of space objects, says the Manager of the NASA program for the study of objects in earth orbit don eomans.

The distance at which the celestial body will be from our planet, almost 14 times less than the distance from the earth to the moon (384,4 thousands of kilometers), the speed of the asteroid will be 7.8 kilometers per second.

"From the beginning of regular observations of the sky in the 1990-ies we have never seen that the object of this magnitude took place so close to the Earth" - said the scientist.

However, he hastened to assure that the asteroid will collide with the earth, judging by its orbit. At the approaching of the celestial body to the Earth after it will closely monitor NASA scientists.

According to Comansa, the asteroid will pass between the orbit, which flies to the international space station's orbit, which are weather and geosynchronous telecommunications satellites. He also believes that the probability of influence of celestial bodies on the satellites are very small.

2012 DA14 - it is typical of the near-earth asteroid, the width of which is about 45 meters, according to the brightness of its radiation. To detect with the naked eye will not be easy, but it can be done by observing the object through a telescope or binoculars. Best of all, the passage of the asteroid on Earth will be seen from the territory of Indonesia.

Astronomers have discovered 2012 DA14 in February last year. Celestial object, according to scientists, is made of stone.

Estimated NASA, asteroids, such 2012 DA14, flying past the Earth on average every 40 years, and colliding them with our planet occur on average, 1.2 times for thousands of years.

Stone asteroid that size, by estimations of scientists, can cause serious harm to the planet, but can kill living beings that will fall.

Don womans also noted that the fall of the object of similar sizes 50 thousand years ago led to the formation of meteor crater - earthen bowl with a diameter of 1.2 thousand meters and a depth of 180 meters. However, according to Imensa, the asteroid was of iron, which led to such consequences.

In 1908 Tunguska meteorite, the size resembling 2012 DA14 exploded over Siberia, felling trees on 2,1 thousand square kilometers around.
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