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onua.org » 2012 » 21.12.2012. The Earth's magnetic field. Will disappear or not?
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21.12.2012. Магнитное поле Земли. Исчезнет или нет?A change of magnetic poles he is reaching the alleged causes of the end of the world, which is expected on December 21, 2012.

Science today is powerless to give a precise answer, as far as possible abrupt reversal, however, scientists continue to explore this natural phenomenon.

French researchers from the University of Paris VII named Denis Diderot found that a change of magnetic poles may occur at any time. According to them, to predict the polarity reversal is possible only in 10-20 years. A longer and more accurate prediction impossible.

The inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth, who have repeatedly occurred in the past, was accompanied by the short-term displacement of the magnetosphere. For the Earth's biosphere this means thinning of the ozone layer and the disappearance of the solar wind and cosmic rays. If "reverse" completes quickly, life on our planet can be saved, but if the Land will be left without a magnetic field for a few years, it will mean the death of all living things, writes sunhome.ru

Now the magnetic field of the Earth is falling. Over the past 22 years the Earth's magnetic field has become weaker by 1.7%, and in some parts of the Atlantic ocean it decreased by 10%, and in several regions slightly increased.

The offset of the magnetic poles of the Earth was registered back in 1885. Since then, the South magnetic pole has shifted to 900 kilometers in the direction of the Indian ocean and the North magnetic pole is toward the East Siberian magnetic anomaly. The drift velocity of the poles at present is about 60 kilometers per year, which has never been observed.

Magnetic poles of the Earth

Magnetic pole is a conventional point on the earth's surface where the magnetic field of the Earth is aimed strictly at an angle of 90 to the surface.

North magnetic pole

The movement of the North magnetic pole of the Earth since the beginning of the XVII century.

The location of the magnetic North pole does not coincide with the geographic North pole. Approximately since the beginning of the XVII century pole is located under pack ice in the borders of the current canadian Arctic. This leads to the fact that the compass needle points North is not precisely, and only approximately. Every day the pole is moving in an elliptical path, and, in addition, shifts in the North and Northwest with a speed of 10 km per year, so all its coordinates are temporary and inaccurate. From the second half of the twentieth century pole quickly moves in the direction of Taimyr. In 2009 speed of movement of the North magnetic pole was 64 kilometers per year.

As stated in 2005 in Ottawa, the head of the geomagnetic laboratory of the canadian Ministry of natural resources Larry Newitt the North magnetic pole of the Earth, at least 400 years "owned" Canada, "left" this country. Having a property to move the magnetic pole, approximately since the beginning of the XVII century located under pack ice in the borders of the current canadian Arctic, went beyond the 200-mile zone in Canada.

The South magnetic pole

Location South magnetic poles do not coincide with the geographic South pole. He currently lies on the edge of Antarctica.


Traditionally, the end of the magnet that indicates the direction to the North is called the North pole of the magnet, and the opposite end - South. It is known, however, that like poles repel, and are not drawn. From this it follows that the North magnetic pole, which specifies the North (blue) part of a compass needle, from the physical point of view is to the South. As noted above, the difference between true North magnetic pole and the North pole of the Earth is insignificant. So with reasonable accuracy can be argued that the compass of the blue part of the arrow points to the North (referring to the geographical North magnetic pole and the North pole of the Earth).

Geomagnetic pole

Geomagnetic poles are called the point where the axis of the magnetic dipole (which represents the key component of the decomposition of the Earth's magnetic field on multipoles) intersects the Earth's surface. Because the magnetic dipole is only an approximate model of the Earth's magnetic field, geomagnetic pole differ slightly according to its location from the true magnetic poles, in which the magnetic inclination is equal to 90 degrees.

In 1831 English polar researcher John Ross in the Canadian archipelago was discovered North magnetic pole is the place where the magnetic needle is a vertical position or inclination is equal to 90 degrees. In 1841, James Ross (nephew of John Ross) reached the South magnetic pole of the Earth, located in Antarctica.

Author: Ivan Ivanov
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