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Ключевые детали 3-х дней Квантового скачкаRead quietly with this article, in it there is nothing terrible, it is a natural evolutionary process, which has its own characteristics, and it is better to experience it consciously. Because we always afraid of the unknown, or that we do not accept and want to get away from it, to hide it. Properly reacting to changes, we change together with the planetary body in the best way.

Three days of darkness is not about fear and panic, and the ascension into another dimension. Ascension is the process of changing the frequency of vibrations that going to the next harmonious order (from 8 Hz to GC). At some point the end of the cycle of experience, all the energy and information is compressed during the synthesis, resulting in a sharp jump to a new level, and the expansion in a new quality, which changes the geometric arrangement of space, and only in him.

The larger the end of the cycle, the greater the compression of space, and its extension, together with what is expanding and consciousness, absorbing the previous level and the next level.

Here is a short video in which all this is confirmed by experience.

Please understand that I'm not trying to scare you. I try to prepare your mind to the correct reactions, through realization of this process. The transition comes to Love, and all fear what we feel is that we chose, is what keeps us in the past. For the transition you want to free your mind from all attachments and fears, and to direct their attention in the bright world of the future, to meet in the state of love new race dawn. Make the smart choice, friends, for the Transition will be the beginning of comprehension of the true and holistic, multidimensional, infinite and omnipotent.

Three days of darkness, in fact, are related to the occurrence of Mother Earth in the Photon Belt, going from the Central sun of the galaxy sweep of the planets lined up along the entire galactic sleeves and the solar system.

This will lead to the onset of the three days of darkness, and this event will Herald the beginning of the Transition and the entry into the Fourth Dimension.

Now that passed our mentors from the subtle world of the future.


At this point will be a feeling of complete and absolute confusion, will begin deep soul-searching, all the old things will begin to lose a sense, the veil of "the illusion of separateness" will begin to dissolve.
This is not to create fear. Yes, fear is allowed by the Creator, but you don't have to succumb to this fear, you learn to look him in the eye to rise above it, understanding that this is just a reaction of the body, and then not he governs us, and we them.

Those of you who are reading this article, will have a full understanding of the events that will occur in this period. We still, however, have to dismiss the fear, as it will permeate the whole Earth plane, and all of our body. This revival very deep evolutionary memory at the cellular level, which should go to the surface, and we are much aware about yourself is true, and the truth of life itself. Each deliberately passing through the Transition, can truly heal my fears, creating a projection of diseases and negative situations. The healing of our fears is part of the plan.

Thus, the very first day we will vibrate with the illusion of mass diseases and seemingly terrible confusion, this is the beginning of a meeting with his shadow before dawn, shadow of the collective consciousness. We will literally leave the Third Dimension and engage in the Fourth mixed with Photon Energy. We feel the shift of Land, large-scale shift, much greater than we could ever feel up to this point. Somewhere in the first 12 hours of the first day we literally don't want to walk. We are, without exaggeration, will have to remain stationary.

This process of approximation of Mother Earth to a grinding halt 3rd dimension. During this period She shakes Himself and configures many of Its aspects, followed by real moan Mother Earth, before the birth in a new dimension.

The result could be a number of local earthquakes. There is a possibility that they will be small, it will signal that the Earth is awakening and preparing for the Transition.
However, when She comes in its original position before making a Transition, where the energy of the 3rd dimension goes to the 4th, and the Photon Energy is already begins to bathe the Earth, it will prepare the ground for their last spins through the 3rd Dimension. So, about 12 to 16 hours on the first day we will be difficult to be in a vertical position.

Don't panic! Keep constantly calm, even if you lost it, come back to it again and again. If we are not falling into a panic on the first day, everything will start to settle, for the swinging and the tilt of the Earth will begin to decrease.

Next, we begin to show some signs of a drop in temperature and decrease of solar lighting. The following two days will be, in fact, like the late evening. From this point, we don't have to see much of the sun, until we come out of this part of the Transition.

At this time, will begin to show the calling thrill long-awaited revival. Depending on the sophistication of our psychic abilities, our friends and relatives, who crossed into another world, will be able to communicate with us. This time spoke ancient, that "the dead will be resurrected". This will give us the opportunity to experience what was not possible to test the most in the current incarnation. This is just another reason why in the last few years Guides who knew and talked about the Transition, recommended MEDITATION. Meditation is the most valuable skill that will need at this moment.


The earth plane begins to permeate the increasing darkness with cold, which we had never experienced. It will be a deep and penetrating cold, cosmic vibrations of ultraviolet light, photon belt coming from the Central Sun of the galaxy. This penetrating the vibration that will free us from the darkness at the cellular level. At this time we have to meet and to communicate with his shadow, to thank her for all the lessons of life, awareness and revaluation, to accept it with Love, to dissolve in the white light of your consciousness, and release to the center of the Earth to complete its transformation. Important not to fight, and don't deny it, for it gives only shadows force.

Here's another reason why we can not be based on fear. We are faced with what will be one of the greatest tests. All we need to understand what THIS TEST. We will need only to keep in the Light, for using white light, our awareness will be raised to the highest point, and the test will disappear.


On the third day, Mother Earth is fully seated in the Photon Belt, and is actually the transition in the 4th Dimension. Photon Energy will surround the Earth plane, and will begin three days of darkness. The outer zone of the Photon Energy is very tight, to clear the existence of the 3rd Dimension "of the illusion of separateness" and light energy of the 4th Dimension.

Is dark because the light particles are so dense that it seems like there is no light. In order to go through this external zone will take about three days, and will be under the impression that we are in absolute darkness. That sensation occurs, because the photon beam has enormous density, and it is freeing us from the dark energies accumulated for all of our existence, raises the darkness from the depths of our subconscious out, therefore, and the impression of the dark. Sometimes it will seem that the inner world turned inside out. This in fact will be karmic cleansing of each, at the cellular level, including cleaning of collective consciousness. How far it will happen depends on the degree of our openness and acceptance.

First, remember that the shadow is also a part of us, and she also wants liberation and transformation, help her quietly emerge, to transform our world, and return to the source of life.

You have to pay attention to the time and not to dwell on it, because it will be making bunco games, and, as a result, energy will require even more time to be balanced. Let go, trust the natural flow of life, just and just observe, and take your place in the light. Admire, as the researcher of this huge process, because for this we are here, to get a unique experience of transient processes. With our Higher selves, we are in itself at the cellular level, and study the process from the inside, it's amazing journey will reveal many secrets about myself and about life.

When we move in the Photon Energy, we will not have to experience "the ice age". Don't be so harsh, but will probably become extremely cold. Our body is exposed to vibration shift to compensate for the lack of movement that will suffer most.

No sense in trying to come out and settle anything. Would not make sense to go down to the shop on the corner to see if it works. We will not die of starvation for three days, we will not even want to eat, because that will be a huge saturation of cosmic energies. First of all, our metabolism will change so that we will not want food.

After the firstwave vibration of the ascension, many will learn only the lightest substance. First, it is the only thing that the Creator has brought as a light in the form of flora. This is what the Creator is always provided us. For whatever reason, to date we have used plants unwise. And now we're not only going to use them wisely, but also learn the true essence of their vibration. Some of us will spend a little time, resonating with it, but most will really enjoy this new source of food.

Those who wish to consciously go through this event, learn about the movement of vibration of the body and the Union movement, so the existence of this body will be completely protected.

Do not doubt that the energy body will connect us with each. That is why it will be important to conclude our brothers and sisters in the embrace of love. We will not die from the cold, because we learn about meditation and the movement of vibration of the body. All these things that we are taught in this purely mundane level, in reality, are a preparation for the time not so distant future.

In the middle of this three-day period of complete darkness and cold most of the earth's population will be deprived of mobility. We will Sametime to such condition that the three days of darkness will not be felt as time there is now.
In this way and will be removed some fears. Some even hardly remember passing through this part density. For some it will be like hibernation inside.


The output of the 3 days of darkness will be beyond our wildest expectations. After the darkness begin to dissipate, it will take two to three days before will again become as bright as day. It will seem that we are in the twilight. When we make the first step, you will realize that barely touch the ground, as it was before. We find that our gait and the body has become easier.
Some time will be zones of the new energy, and still quite dense remnants of the old energy, so it sometimes can be difficult.

We feel through our body moves something new, and will discover that we can fill our bodies with this new energy that shines inside. From head to toe we'll love this new feeling completely engulf us new.

Most would take two to four years to learn how to deal with this novelty, with instructions of teachers that will support us in this new reality. They will be read for what they will share with us and we appreciate all those who before the start of the Transition studied skill manifestations. It is very important for each to complete their key lessons, which are repeated in life, before the Transition. Then you will not have to experience them after.

As a warning, let me remind you that you will transfer all pending trials in a new reality, therefore, before the beginning of the Transition prepare yourself as best you can, so you don't have to waste precious time, when others will move in a new pace, on the crest of a new wave of global change.

We will be amazed at how new will feel your body, the greater part of body fat on our body, if not all, will disappear. When we, in the end, all the same we get hungry, we will understand that we need to eat something that Nature has created. We then look at a plant that were always there, but we really never noticed them before. We will sarvam one of them, put in your mouth, and it will slowly dissolve. We feel the energy of this plant is radiated into our body system. Then, suddenly, we understand that breathe too different. We will breathe through the crown of our head and fill your body really unusual way. In the first few days after the Transition we will learn how to act with all that is now different.

A lot of new things take possession of our new, enlightened thinking. Our thought process is so clear that our memory will surpass all our expectations. We will have close to 2000 years, to enjoy a New Dimension.

In fact, although it will seem quite precarious situation, it will be the beginning of the period of full enlightenment. Most of us were prepared in the course of many lives, just to remember his true integrity and the process of ascension to the source of life. Nothing was wasted, so work on yourself with a great desire not to take the old baggage in an exciting new era.

This is only the beginning. Do not judge about the whole ordeal by short period of time, for each, this will occur individually in its rhythm and tempo, and most importantly, don'T PANIC! Panic to experience the destructive emotions are those who remain on the other side of the low-frequency, false, leaving world, which are to be disposed of ... Well, the bright spiritual people of a great spiritual emerging device of the New world, which will unfold another 26 years.

Stay focused and tell the fears, doubts, and limitations goodbye. We are approaching the finish line, at least at this stage of our journey. Of course, this means that at the same time, we only included in the starting gates of the new world, the new time, but it is a happy event for all.

Now look to the future. Fix in your mind the image of the one man, how are you going to be after this transformation will be complete.

Stay firmly in their hearts. Be in a state of gratitude and love every moment. Our time has come, the time of long-awaited dawn. Feel the love around us, inside us, as it becomes more and more. That's what we came here.
Be in the world and not worry about the result, don't get attached to any expectations, be maximally trust yourself and life, the only intention of which is to make us more happy.
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