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Конец света 2012 – из 14 версий,что будет?What can cause the end of the world in 2012?

1 - a Collision with a giant asteroid.
2 - the most Powerful volcanic eruption.
3 - a Giant rift beneath Antarctica are melting all the ice cap of the continent, the formation of a dense cloud cover over the whole Earth, as a consequence, the flood in the past.
4 - Technogenic super accident involving nuclear reactor.
5 - Terrorist attack with the acquisition of nuclear weapons, its subsequent use.
6 - Education in hadron Collider black hole and consume the Earth and the whole Solar system.
7 - the Spread of genetically engineered and escaped to the "liberty" of the deadly virus.
8 - Unexpected outbreak of the Sun, which increases the energy of the light flux received by the Earth in the tens and hundreds of times, destruction of vegetation and of all living things.
9 - the alien Invasion and destruction of the human civilization.
10 - super Computer virus, tampering in the control systems of nuclear weapons, arbitrary launch missiles with nuclear weapons.
11 the Most peaceful version of the end of the world 2012.
12 - the end of the world , associated with the lack of electricity (funny version).
13 - the end of the world in 2012 because of the formation of the so-called light beam, connecting the centre of the milky way galaxy, the center of the Solar system, that is the Sun, and the Earth.
14 - the end of the world 2012 - as a result of the development of the processes caused by the global financial and economic crisis.

Now consider in detail each of the versions of the end of the world.

1. The end of the world 2012 because of a collision with a giant asteroid.

If such a collision in fact, it leaves practically no chances of mankind to survive, and indeed could be the cause of the onset of the end of the world, if not for one circumstance. Modern development of observational astronomy has gone so far that the best orbital space telescopes can detect at a distance of several light years, the planet with a size commensurate with our mother Earth. But the asteroid has a significantly smaller size, you may say. Of course, but the asteroid, to be able to face the Earth and cause the end of the world in 2012, should be within the Solar system, much of this space is scanned, not only the orbital telescopes, but many Amateur astronomers in many countries of the world. So the end of the world is similar scenario for the movie "Armageddon" us is excluded, in view of its low probability.

How could leak the end of the world when the collision of the Earth with an asteroid?

If the asteroid will fall into the ocean, in the place of falling formed a huge funnel, which in different directions will diverge tsunami. This will be the first wave, which, according to various estimates, the height from 70 to 250 metres, which will go around the globe in a time of 4 minutes to half an hour. Itself funnel is cancelled in less than a minute, and this process will cause a second wave of the tsunami, several times less powerful, but no less devastating. The fact that the first wave, flooding coastal areas, and have not rush away from the continents will act as a lubricant for the second wave, and it will be able to move deep into the continent at a much greater distance.

That is, at the collision with an asteroid, the Earth faces the end of the world, in the form of a flood, and that, in the history of mankind, probably already happened. The main characteristics of asteroids: weight from 1 year to 10 23 grams, the size from 1 cm to 1000 km, the average speed of approach to Land 10 km/S. According to the calculations of astronomers in the Solar system, the number of asteroids with a diameter greater than 1 km, about 30 thousand (the largest asteroid in the Solar system Ceres in diameter 1000 kilometers). Small asteroids much more - hundreds of millions. In the asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter asteroids do not bear the risk of collision with the Earth.

However, several thousands of asteroids with a diameter of more than 1 km have orbits that cross the orbit of the Earth. The appearance of these asteroids explained by the formation of zones of instability in the asteroid belt. Here are a few examples.

In 1968, the asteroid Icarus flew a distance of 6,36 million kilometers from Earth. If he collided with our planet, there would be an explosion equivalent to the explosion of 100 megatons of TNT, or explosion of several atomic bombs. Another asteroid - A diameter 9 m took place on January 17, 1991, at a distance of only 170 thousand kilometers from the Earth. Pause it just for 1.5 hours, and it would clash. The asteroid 1994XM1 9 December 1994 flew over the territory of Russia at the distance of just 105 thousand km

Here are some estimates, made by scientists:
* approximately every 500 thousand years there is a collision with a large asteroid that could lead to a global catastrophe;
* collision with a small, do not cause severe damage to the Earth asteroids to occur on average once every 300 years.
In the list of potentially hazardous known asteroids orbit which will be held at a critical distance from the Earth to the end of the 21st century, about 300 objects. The maximal approximation of 880 thousand km, according to scientists will have asteroid Hathor in October 2086 year.

Comets have on average the following characteristics: weight 1014 - 1019 grams, the size of the nucleus 10 km, the size of the tail to 10 million miles, speed of 10 km/S. the nucleus of the comet - a cluster "dirty ice”. The comet's tail gas mixture, ice and dust. The passage of the Earth through the tail is not dangerous due to the low density of the latter. For example, with the passage of the Earth through the tail of Halley's comet may 18, 1910 was not noted any anomalies on Earth.

The problem of the collision of the Earth with a comet has only intensified in 1994, in connection with falling of fragments of the comet of chumacero-levy on the surface of Jupiter. The explosions that occurred in this case, valued at an amount equivalent to the explosion of 60 000 MT of TNT equivalent to the explosion of several million atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima.

According to the calculations of astronomers, comets pass between the earth and the Moon every 100 years, and fall to Earth about once every 100 thousand years. Research has shown that over the last 2,400 years was 20 dangerous (closer 15 million kilometers) walkthroughs 18 comets. The closest, at a distance of 2.3 million kilometers was the comet Lexile in July 1770. It is estimated that in the next 30 years the close passage of will have three studied comets. But, fortunately, the minimum distances are not dangerous - more than 9 million kilometers. However, the opening of the zone of concentration of comets in the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud may mean that the probability of collision of the Earth with a comet can be much larger.

2. Version of the end of the world 2012 because most powerful eruptions, or even exploding volcano.

A strong eruption can cause emissions of giant clouds of ash and dust. This will lead to the fact that the rays of the Sun can't warm the surface of the Earth and it will come "nuclear winter". To the end of the world, this scenario could lead only in the case if the power of the explosion was able to raise in the atmosphere of about 30 thousand tons of volcanic ash and dust. Considering the density of such volcanic substance, the amount raised in the sky soil is represented by approximately 23 thousand cubic meters, which is practically impossible (the calculations used the ash from the furnace in a mix with dust). Even if such an unlikely event will happen in 2012, human intervention can significantly speed up the dust settling on the surface of the Earth. Although here we will have to wait another danger.

Settling volcanic ash will get into the lungs, mixed with the saliva, and cemented in the lungs, with fatal to their owner outcome.(Remember the picture "the Destruction of Pompeii”). The work associated with the acceleration of sedimentation of dust and ash will also be associated with a huge risk. In addition to the above, the pilots will have to deal with near-zero visibility in the clouds, great gassed with carbon dioxide, and the aircraft will be equipped with special filters, so that the engine does not allow dust. It should be said that modern methods of monitoring volcanoes have to give a reliable forecast in the case of "training" the eruption of such magnitude that could cause the end of the world in 2012, although completely exclude this option cannot.

3. The hypothesis of the end of the world 2012, called giant tectonic fault under the Antarctic, or at the bottom of one of the oceans is, but only as the version.

The probability of such a development just a paltry. Tectonic activity in the modern period of development of the planet in the thousands and tens of thousands times less than in the time of formation of the planet and we completely exclude from consideration the script the end of the world. However, recently there emerged a version of a high probability of a similar scenario in another part of the world, namely, in Greenland. In this case, the end of the world will be as follows.

According to the Russian scientist Nikolai garvina a special role in this process will play global warming. The fact that a significant part of Greenland is covered by glaciers, the thickness of which is in some places more than two kilometers. Due to the gravity of the earth's crust, and with it the mantle of the Earth bow to Greenland to a depth of about one kilometer. Due to the dramatic melting lednica, this deflection would decline very rapidly and will cause a significant increase fault crust on the bottom of the Atlantic ocena, which is located between Greenland and Britain.

In formed a giant rift will rush of the ocean water. From contact with hot mantle, forming a huge burst of hot steam into the atmosphere. A sharp cooling of the breed from contact with water will cause a chain reaction in the form of zemletryasenii throughout the zone of faults and earthquakes will cause a huge tsunami. The atmosphere of the Earth will be filled with excessive amounts of water vapor and the Sun can't warm up the Earth, and with it the atmosphere. The movement of the clouds, which will become thicker to slow down, the moisture will appear on the Earth, but because of the sharp fall of temperature will freeze. In the end, we can expect the end of the world as a new glaciation. And this end of the world seems to have already happened recently, which can serve frozen almost instantly body mammoths, which in the mass order are in eternal mesnote our Northern Siberian regions.

4. The following three versions of the end of the world 2012 related to the so called human factor and, therefore, are considered by us as the most probable. Technological disasters such as Chernobyl or the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, shows that people often follow the old Russian proverb, "while the thunder will not break out, man is not to be rebaptized." Given the fact that all forecasts and predictions ever come true, not only in the place and at the wrong time, for which they were made, leaders of the "nuclear" countries should make special emphasis on the safety of nuclear objects, especially those in earthquake-prone areas.

The end of the world, in the case of man-made disaster in a seismic area could be at the following scenario. Accident causes severe earthquake in the near lying area. This earthquake itself could change the speed of rotation of the Earth around its axis. For example, the great earthquake of 2004 that killed more than 200 thousand inhabitants of the coastal areas of South-East Asia, decreased the length of day 3 microseconds. A strong change of speed of rotation of the earth causes the change of magnetic poles. During the pole shift "protective shield” from cosmic radiation, which is the Earth's magnetic field at the time disappears, and all located on the surface dies.

5. The problem of terrorism

Especially clearly manifested itself at the turn of the century, and still remains a major international threat manifests itself in the form of possible causes for the onset of the end of the world. Although Bitter and called, "the madness of the brave we sing the song, brave and bold - that is the force of life, from madmen we have some way to insure that if you do not want the offensive end of the world in 2012.
The output here is one. It is urgently necessary to develop alternative energy.

6. Version of the end of the world 2012 due to education in hadron Collider black hole and consume the Earth and the whole Solar system.

This version of the end of the world was first on the agenda recently. But breakage pushed her into the background. As the author of the General theory of interactions, I believe this hypothesis is absolutely untenable. The idea of black holes, which now prevails among scientists too vague to build on some assumptions about the possible formation of a black hole in hadron Collider. And if based on the theory of black hole, which is described in the General theory of interactions, the probability of her education in the Collider is zero.

Comparison of views on the black holes that exist in the General theory of interactions and in the General theory of relativity can be viewed at a Black hole - the riddle of gravitation.

Hadron Collider - a giant particle accelerator, created in cooperation of scientists of many countries of the world and approximately estimated in the sum from 7 to 11 billion euros. Normal operation hadron Collider for the past year and a half could not be established because of the constant failures that prevent compliance with the rules of technical safety. This makes the version of the end of the world 2012 from any failure on hadron Collider (if it is running) is plausible enough.

Personally, my prediction regarding hadron Collider pessimistic. I believe that scientists, with all due respect to their efforts, will not be able to achieve a normal run of this project at full capacity.

Very bad in this version of the end of the world what scientists do not know that the Collider could happen. They act on the principle: let's go and see what we come out.

7. Distribution, created by gene engineering methods and escaped to the "liberty", the deadly virus.

This is the reason for the onset of the end of the world 2012, though is me with the greatest probability, still has weaknesses. The level of public awareness and shumopogloschayuschy the nature of the epidemic, when a sudden flash of morbidity and mortality simply deprives the virus to those objects (people), with which it could be extended (they just die), and the remaining time to take action, do not allow to consider this version as one of the possible reasons of occurrence of global end the world in 2012.

Another option of the same series may become the next version of the end of the world. The use in food leaves genmodificirebuli plants, is mutation of ordinary aphid. It is able to multiply quickly at lower (and even close to zero temperatures).
As a result of rampant reproduction aphids, she devours vegetation (trees and shrubs in the summer, and the grass even in winter under the snow), greatly reducing the oxygen in the atmosphere. Chemical or biological means of control of aphids, only diversify the number of mutating species, and only accelerate the process. Blue-green algae in the oceans also provide food for mutated species. Eventually, the Earth's atmosphere ceases to contain the oxygen molecules and the overwhelming number of living organisms die. It is not excluded, that such variant of the end of the world has happened in the past (see page chemicals in human life).

8. The end of the world 2012 as a result of unexpected flashes on the Sun.

This outbreak, will raise the energy of the light flux received by the Earth in the tens and hundreds of times. The death of vegetation, and all life on Earth. Astronomical data indicate that in 2012 should be a high level of activity of our luminary. But the age of the Sun and the nature of its "burning" preserving its stability for millions of years, making this version of the end of the world is unlikely. And if to judge on Geology layers of earth crust, in the near historical past of such events that could cause the end of the world and would destroy all life on Earth, did not happen. Hence, it should not be expected in the near future.

However, if this happens, the end of the world will really end. The giant flare will be able to reach the Earth after 11 minutes after its formation on the surface of the Sun. And even if it will be a short process, it is still the ozone layer of the planet will be destroyed and civilization will perish. Will finish it hard gamma and x-ray radiation, harmful to all living things. But viruses and microbes to survive, because they survive in the open space, "traveling” through the Universe on meteorites and comets.

9. The alien invasion and destruction of the human civilization in 2012.

Briefly repeat the arguments here. In the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings I have no doubt, because I don't think the conditions that existed at the moment of occurrence of a life on Earth is so exceptional that they never have occurred, or will not occur. But that's a possibility, and in the need to aliens invading I don't believe. Not only that, being able technically to perform such intervention should be peaceful, otherwise they probably would have destroyed themselves, on their own planet, as it can make foolish mankind.
The need for such an expansion of the friendly aliens I also do not see. Any resources, if the resource to understand energy, can find on your own star. And our "reasonableness" I think they do not need. So this scenario the end of the world has no chance of being implemented.

10. Computer virus or system failure nuclear arsenals

any country with nuclear weapons could lead to a nuclear war in 2012. But I think that the system launch ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads , not based on "clean”, without human intervention, the decision of the computer programs. So this version of doomsday in 2012, although it is possible, yet cannot be selected as the most probable. The script of this end of the world coincides with the scenario of the end of the world, caused by man-made disaster.

11. The world ends in 2012 is the end of the current scientific theory of light.

Let us look briefly at this theory, describing her, avoiding use of pseudo-scientific phrases and formulas.

Light, as it is now, is a mysterious combination of two magical abilities such elementary particles like the photon. I'm not kidding. Judge for yourself.
On the one hand photons is elastic balls, flying at the speed of light, and able to knock electrons out of atoms. Mogucnosti properties here is that these balls have neither mass nor charge. Fly always at the speed of light, however, may have different energy. At radiation they magically born (at the speed of light), and in contact with the substance magically die (also at the speed of light). Little of this, photons can pass through each other, as fly in all directions, without changing its velocity and not deviating from the original direction. And, for example, in the reflection from the mirror photon, before his death remembers the direction in which he was flying, with the purpose of being born again after reflection, again is to remember, and to fly further, in strict accordance with the law of reflection (the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection).

On the other hand photon not the ball, and the wave spreading in all directions, and can interact with other waves (diffraction and interference). Moreover, the photon, being neutral (with zero charge) is the vector of the electric field between charged particles. In the physical vacuum are born and die a million times a second virtual photons, having time during their virtual and fleeting existence to have a real, measurable physical devices effect.

This is the theory of light there at the moment (it is studied at schools and institutes), and the end of this theory of light predicted by us as the most likely and least destructive of all the possible end of the world 2012.

12. Version with electricity cuts result of a major accident in any of our big-city life, especially in Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can also read the small end of the world.

A lot of people stuck in elevators, a huge amount will be under the ground in the subway, in complete darkness. On the streets will happen devils-because off the lights. Shorter than a complete nightmare. The probability is great. In the example, the U.S. East coast, after a major accident in power a few years ago. However our energy argue that in Russia this can not happen. But to imagine our power?

13. Version of doomsday in 2012 due to the fact that the center of our Galaxy, the Solar system and Earth will be on the same line.

As a result, the influence of galactic electromagnetic radiation and gravitational effects may be intensified by the gravitational lensing in the Sun. The resulting "translucent laser”, can have unpredictable effects on magnetic and gravitational field of the planet. Version of the end of the world in 2012 with participation of the Sun is becoming more and more popular in recent years as it is considered the most mysterious at the moment.

14. The world ends in 2012 will become the result of the development of the world financial and economic crisis that began in 2008.

This version does in early 2011 new zigzag. Could you ask the question. Isn't the wave of revolutions swept across North Africa and the Middle East the beginning of the end.

Currently preparing two more versions of the end of the world, against the announcement of one of which I strongly oppose. But since it has not announced already, only lazy, we present a detailed critical analysis of the version with Nibiru.
And here is another reason for the possible end of the world hasn't been specified. We will disclose it later, because it requires more careful consideration.

After the publication of these two additional versions, we will have 16 possible reasons of the end of the world. And all these reasons it is impossible to ignore

What will happen after the end of the world?

After the end of the world will come the new world. And here is what it will be depends on what the end of the world all the same will happen in 2012.
If it would be a global catastrophe, then most likely, after it achieves long "nuclear winter”, after which the vegetation regenerated again. According to Dr. Kirshvink on Earth had happened glaciation, which lasted for several million years. First glaciation began about 2 billion years ago. Bacteria payushina on earth for 200 million years before (eukaryote) could withstand glaciation, as some of them were near thermal springs. Under the ice then covering the entire planet gradually accumulated products of their allocation containing oxygen. And eukaryote gradually evolved. Then on the planet warmer, the ice in places melted, and the products produced by these bacteria have become mixed with the atmospheric methane.

Another global glaciation occurred about 800 million years ago. The temperature on the planet averaged a little more than zero. The development of bacteria were first blue-green algae, and they produce oxygen became fast enough to destroy methane atmosphere of the Earth. This has led to a rise in temperature. 600 million years ago, the first multicellular (details on page chemistry of life).

If the same will happen powerful release of energy from the Sun, which will take over the Earth, after the end of the world, the Earth will resemble the current Mars.

But we hope that will come true positive scenario, although that will be after the end of the world, to say too difficult, but it will be different, optimistic story. When will the world end in the optimistic scenario depends on us, and I suggest You to zoom in, becoming a member of the movement Galaxy Mind.

If the world will end in 2012?

This is actually the decisive question. All our versions can get in 2012 confirmation or refutation, and only one of variants of the end of the world, fortunately, has a positive status. I, as the author of the new theory of light would like to see the world end in 2012 marked the return of humanity on the path of self-realization and development. After all, as I wrote, the flood described in the Bible, according to the views of some scientists means a darkening of the human consciousness, and as a consequence, the failure to adequately understand and show the world around us.
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