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21 декабря 2012 года - обычный день. Катаклизмы начнутся в марте-апреле. ПророчестваOn December 21-23, 2012 nothing significant will happen - ordinary days. But some prophets predict that should be expected global earthquakes around the world in the spring of may 2013. According to the predictions of St. John Chrysostomos, there will be four strokes from the ground floor.

Edgar Cayce. The first signs of the approaching tectonic cataclysms, as claimed American "hibernate" prophet Edgar Cayce, will be the increase of seismic activity in the Pacific: "When will the first fluctuations in the southern sea and will significantly lowering or raising of the fact that almost opposite, or in the Mediterranean, and in the area of Aetna (Etna). Then we know that it started."
Just before this happened as predicted by the prophet, should resume its activity the volcano Vesuvius and the Mont - Pele - on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean sea.

In the book of David Wilkerson "Vision" describes the horrible earthquake that happens in the United States: "In the not too distant future in the United States will happen the greatest for all history of the earthquake. The day is coming that in this country the media will report about the terrible news about the most powerful and devastating earthquake in history. This message will cause widespread panic and fear. All TV programmes will be interrupted, every day will only talk about this disaster.
It will be preceded by a very strong earthquake in Japan...". (Perhaps the earthquake on March 11, 2011 - Approx. SV).

John of Antioch (Chrysostomos Chrysostom), presumably in 395 ad, saw a vision, which he described in his work, "Revelation in thunderstorm and storm" (translation N.A. Morozov), which is almost the same, "the Revelation of St. John the divine, but the Chrysostomos has some additional information about the calamities: God shows John Chrysostomos vision cataclysms that have to go through earthlings. One of them - a series of devastating earthquakes which will begin in the sign of Aries, i.e. in late March early April: "When Owen opened the sixth seal, there was the first shock of the earthquake, and the sun became black as black hair bag, and the whole moon as the stain of blood, and the stars in heaven, it seemed that fell to earth like a Fig tree, shaken by a strong wind down their immature fruits.
And part of the firmament separated, curled up like a scroll, in the form of storm clouds, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, the great men and the commanders and the rich and powerful, and free, and slaves hid in caves and under the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks...".

Famous American psychic Chet B. snow, with which Dr. Helen Wambach conducted hypnotic sessions progression (a vision of the future in trance), in his book the Future. Your life after 2000" leads many circumstances forthcoming catastrophe associated with the increase in seismic activity of our planet. Here are some extracts from records of a psychic: "thine Eyes are closed and you are pleased that they are closed, " says Helen. Deep relaxation, it covers your facial muscles, language mouth weakened falls down.... Hovering and moving forward in time, you're at this time all that see, hear or feel, will perceive as happening with you in my dreams". Further, while under hypnosis, the psychic said: "Recently had a volcanic eruption, a terrible storm and lowering of the soil, which led to heavy floods along the West coast. This resulted in atmospheric disturbances and quite heavy destruction throughout the Pacific region.
- What kind of volcano? Where it all began?
- Fuji.
- Where? Tell me the name of this volcano again. Your voice sounds distinctly and clearly, when you miss the whole scene all through his consciousness, just like in a dream...
- It was a Fuji, I think. In any case, the volcano in Japan. Its eruption caused a chain reaction of powerful earthquakes and subsequent eruptions of volcanoes in the Pacific region, up to Alaska. In the newspaper it is called "flash ring of fire".
- When did it start?
- About at the beginning of March, as it seems. A more exact date I do not know, because in our area were only small tremors before Fuji exploded.
- And what about California? There something happened?
- Yes, there is a heavy storms, floods...may have occurred even what is called a small tsunami. I think there were subsequent tremors, even, perhaps, one strong earthquake. This has led to terrible floods. Part of the coast just went under the water, and as a result of sea water has penetrated into the Central valley country and flooded the lowlands. Worst of all in southern California, there's a huge part affected by the tremors of the earth surface has failed. - After a few moments I heard your voice continued, " But I believe that the population was warned, or (disaster) did not happen immediately, for I know that was a large-scale evacuation of people in the mountainous area. Now at the end of March, TV and radio reassure people that everything is the worst behind us. Water slowly retreated, and we just have to adapt to the new situation...
Voice Helen moved me forward. First, everyone around me was black. Then I realized that it was completely darkened the sky. In the air flew so much soot and dust that I have for some time held my breath...
- The second act of the tragedy happened, " I replied. Then I said that was a month ago, in may. The exact date seemed inconsequential. I saw myself in nature (Arizona)where they watched the horses and worked in the garden, which we started to provide yourself with fresh vegetables. I enjoy tinkered with animals and plants, as if in compensation to the lectures and studies, which you did. Suddenly gromyhnuli deep under the ground and rolled as a skating rink fluctuation of soil knocked me. Part of our ranch collapsed, people shouting and screaming, he came out of him. We conducted classes for survival in the disaster, so I knew we had to run faster and faster to huge tank of propane and tighten the valve to shut off the gas. Only then I noticed that the whole body shaking and terribly frightened!" In the cataclysm, according to a psychic, "the Gulf of Mexico has absorbed almost all of Texas, "the shoreline has moved a couple of hundred miles to Phoenix in Arizona, and up to Oregon above the surface of the water remained only mountainous areas". Submerged part of Japan, which killed millions of people. From Australia was only a small island in the Atlantic ocean appeared from under the water a new continent.

American clairvoyant Dr. Lindsay acquired the gift to predict future events in childhood. During a storm in 1947 (Georgia) was seriously injured and four days was in a state of clinical death. After recovering his ability of divination even strengthened. Many predictions Lindsay relating to the 60th years of the 20th century have already been fulfilled, but the rest of the prophecy was kept secret in the interests of U.S. national security. Preserved only some fragments of his prophecies.
Tectonic cataclysm: "In the days of Noah, God warned people (the flood), but the people refused to listen to that message. Also on this day God warns his people through visions and revelations, will give a clear warning. All this will be over a year before the great cataclysm of our time - the earthquake. This warning comes in the form of three characters. These events will occur in different parts of the world at the same time.
Australia will experience the greatest earthquake. The volcano will erupt in the Mediterranean, resulting in massive tsunami. Minor earthquake will happen in California, which will cause only minor damage and cracks of the walls in the houses of Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Exactly one year later, after fulfillment of these three events, huge cramp will shake the whole earth. In California, the San Andreas fault will be moved apart, and the lands to the West of it begins to sink into the ocean. This is a global earthquake will cause tsunami waves height of 150 feet in the world, which would be flooded most of the coastal towns. Immense cracks will appear in the ground. Many of the volcanoes will erupt. The whole earth will tremble".

Prophecy of the elder monk-schemamonk John labored in the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the village of Nikolskoye (Yaroslavl region), Uglichsky district) of the Yaroslavl diocese of Russian Orthodox Church: "In April, when will put "bald" from the Mausoleum, there will be a failure of Moscow in salt water and a little from Moscow will remain. Sinners will long swim in the salt water, but to save them there will be nobody. They will all die. So those of you who work in Moscow, I recommend to work there until April. Will be flooded Astrakhan, Voronezh region. To be sunk Leningrad. City of Zhukovsky (Moscow region, 30 km from the capital) will be partially destroyed.

The prophecy of Nostradamus about the beginning of tectonic cataclysms.
1 - 46

Very close to Osh, Lectura and Miranda
Great fire will fall from the sky for three nights;
Happens thing is amazing and horrifying,
Later the earth tremble.

Osh, Lector, Miranda - cities in Frenchthe Department of the Gers.
A large fire - polar lights or anomalous glow of the sky at the latitude of France caused by the disturbance of the magnetic field of the Earth. Quite a rare phenomenon in the southern latitudes. Omen terrible earthquakes that will occur in the near future.
2 - 52

Several days will be shaking the earth,
In early spring will happen two tremors.
Corinth and Ephesus drown in (their) the two seas.
Between the two brave in battle begins war.

1-2. In early spring will happen two push - start the disaster caused by the displacement of the core of the Earth in March - April 2013.

9 - 83

The sun in the twentieth (C) of the Bullock, and the earth shall shake so much
What strikes a large full (people) theatre.
The air, the sky and the earth blacks out and pautada,
When the unbeliever will call upon God and the saints.

1. Probably another devastating earthquake caused by contact of the inner core of the planet to the solid rocks of the mantle, will occur in the beginning of may ("the twentieth degrees Taurus").

Grigory Rasputin predicted terrible events of the future that have to go through earthlings: "Earthquakes in this time will become more frequent, water and earth will unfold, and the wounds will absorb people and belongings... "Sea, like thieves, will enter the city, in the house, and the land becomes saline. And salt will enter the water, and there is no water, which was not salty. Salt of the earth will bring forth more fruit, and if they bring, it will be bitter fruits. So you will see the fertile land into a salt marsh. And other land will be dried by the growing heat. People will be under salty rain, and will have to wander around the salt of the earth, between drought and flood.
About one disaster - "a terrible storm", which will take place on 23 August 2013, Gregory warned: "... the fire will consume all life on earth and the life on the planet will die and there will come a grave silence".
From the book V.A. Simonov "Big encyclopedia of the Apocalypse". Of "EKSMO", 2011
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