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"Конец света" по-научномуSince the days of John the theologian humanity intimidated "revelations" about the inevitable "end of the world". All kinds of seers, prophets and astrologers call us to live in fear of catastrophe, which will put a final point in the history of civilization. Fortunately, panic expectations little to do with reality, being a product of unbridled imagination. "Doomsday" will come, but it will happen very soon and due to natural causes.

Supernova named the Sun

Periodically in the press can be found to the assertion that the Sun enters the era of instability and soon will burst supernova, destroying all life on Earth. The latter is especially absurd from the point of view of science, because the Sun never destined to ever become a supernova.

The evolution of stars well studied astrophysicists and looks the following way. The star energy is generated by nuclear fusion reactions in the gradual conversion of hydrogen into heavier elements. This process stops when the end synthesis of iron - inert substance in "atomic ashes." If in the Central region of a massive star accumulate enough iron thermonuclear reaction stops, and starts collapse, which leads to a monstrous explosion. To accumulate the necessary amount of iron to our luminary will take billions of years, but then it will not explode: to ensure gravitational compression, which will launch the mechanism of collapse, will need a lot of one and a half times the mass of the Sun.

Astrophysicists say that in 6-7 billion years the Sun will become a "red giant", which with time "deflate", ending the life of a "white dwarf". In the present state of our luminary is stable and there is no evidence to suggest any anomalies in its development.

Within the cosmic clouds

Where greater fears of scientists cause our cosmic environment. New telescopes have allowed the astrophysicists to study in detail the vicinity of the Solar system and find that the Solar system is moving towards the cloud of interstellar matter, a million times denser than the space environment that surrounds us today. Collision with it threatens to change properties of the atmosphere and, as a consequence of climate change. In addition, intense bombing of the charged particles will inevitably lead to a rise in radiation fields around the Earth and contribute to the change in the magnetic field of the planet. This cloud appeared in the prehistoric supernova explosion and spread quickly in the direction of the Solar system. How fast? You can be comforted by the fact that significant quantities Land impacts of charged particles from this cloud will reach not earlier than 50 thousand years, which is comparable with the age of our civilization. If the pace of human development continues, by the time a "clash" we will certainly be able to invent a way to protect the Earth.

Micromega is coming!

For the future of the Solar system can be influenced by the expansion of the Universe. It is known that as a result of the Big Bang the universe is rapidly increasing - this is manifested in the so-called "recession" of galaxies. But not all galaxies move away from each other - some, on the contrary, seek to merge into a more impressive star system, leading to unpredictable consequences.

Our closest neighbor is a spiral galaxy Andromeda (denoted in directory as M31) is moving closer to the Milky Way with a speed of 120 km/s, and 2 billion years are faced with it. If people by that time had not die, they will truly breathtaking sight. When galaxies will take gravitational interaction, will begin a gradual process of uniting into one elliptical vergeletto. Arise giant and rather messy swarm of stars revolving around a common center - scientists call it education "Micromegas" (or "Androecuim Way"). Although the mixture of individual galaxies of stars almost never collide (the distances between them are too great), catastrophic changes cannot be avoided.

The fate of our luminary depends on which parts of the Galaxy, it will be a period of mergers huge stellar systems. The usual path of the Sun lies far from the center of the milky Way, but according to astrophysicists, already during the first interaction (i.e. over 2 billion years) there is a small chance that the Solar system is just thrown out of the galactic disk and will be in its "tidal tail". In the second step merger, the chance to fly in "tail" increases to 30%. There is a small probability that the Sun will leave the Galaxy and will link their fate with the Andromeda Nebula (then some time the inhabitants of the Solar system will see the milky Way as a whole).

In subsequent billions of years fragments of galaxies will again attract each other, until completely merged 7 billion years later. Black holes at their centers (currently relatively stable) form a double core, the activity of which will increase dramatically due to the influx of new material from the gas planets and stars that are in the vicinity of these monsters. The collision of dust clouds contribute to enhanced star formation; there will be many new solar systems. Ultimately, all of these interactions will lead to the fact that the moon will be in the outer halo Macromedi and there will be live out its life in the form of cooling "white dwarf".

"The Theory Of The Great Divide

But what happens at the very end of the Universe, will go out when the Sun and the galaxy will run up to unimaginable distance? The astrophysicists have an answer to this question.

A group of scientists under the direction of Robert Caldwell, hypothesized that under the influence of the mysterious "dark matter", which includes about 73% of the mass of the Universe, the process of expansion of the latter will continue with increasing acceleration. As a result of this disastrous process will be overcome strength of nuclear interactions. The expansion will be so fast that literally tear apart galaxies, stars, planets, and eventually - matter itself. Nobody knows how it will look, but then there will come the proverbial "end of the world".

Such result, according to a group of Caldwell, expects about our Universe through... 20 billion years. All the space inside is smooth, gravity will cease to operate, and single particle will be isolated from each other.

Scientists defending "the theory of the Great Divide, understand that their calculations are too fantastic. Serious evidence to confirm the hypothesis. And here is the science paradoxically associated with faith...

One of the astrophysical theories in the evolution of the Sun will gradually warm up. Already over 500 million years, the intensity of the radiation will increase so much so that because of overheating the Earth will turn into a kind of Venus, and the biosphere on it will perish. But on Mars will be quite favorable conditions. But then it will have to leave, because the transformation of our star in "red giant" is accompanied by the expansion of its shell. In this age the most appropriate place for life will become satellites of giant planets: they will melt water ice and released gases that form the atmosphere.

Recently, a keen interest is December 21, 2012. Many believe that on this day the world will end. Gloomy expectations associated with the interpretation of the Mayan calendar: allegedly South American Indians on the basis of astronomical observations knew exactly when on Earth will be a global event, finishing human history. The i put one of the elders Maya - a Guatemalan, Apolinario chili Pixtun. He argues that the apocalyptic interpretation of the ancient writings comes from a Christian worldview and not have the slightest relation to reality. Pixtun also stated that "tired of hysteria and pesky people who with their questions makes him mad".

Anton Pervushin
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