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21:12:12 Весна в декабре: рождение Нового СолнцаThe main thing does happen! And the planet Earth and our Galaxy, and the universe are moving into a new cycle. And this process cannot be stopped. Those three days that you've been saying, the days of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of December, from the point of view of astrology is just a fact connected with the winter solstice of 2012 year. From the point of view of global processes in the Universe is the beginning of many new cycles.

And these cycles that make up a new one universal cycle, can be compared to the Expiration of the Universe. Now she has deep breath, gathered into her "I" all the energy... Your earthly three days of December, similar to a stage when the breath is transformed into an exhalation. But these three days is not really a pause, not a stop. This is the time for great creativity, time for a great Transformation and lighting Transformation. At this stage, the stage when all the Energy is concentrated in one great Point, a universal Family of Light is able to create Great New Unmanifest. All beings of Light these days grow as Creators, increase their natural light creativity. And these abilities grow, when the Light Beings are creating a new life, send Unconditional Love to all life forms in the Universe. Therefore, no matter how spiritual practice you may be doing these days, send Unconditional Love to all universal life forms and greet the upcoming changes for everyone!

Today we speak about the great changes that follow one another in the last months of the expiring in 2012 year. A lot of things you have already done and managed to glad universal spiritual elevation, which, with each new planetary action covers the entire world is rapidly and fruitfully. But, of course, to calm down early, very early! Therefore we continue our lighting co-creation!

Now let us pay attention to the approaching day 21 of December. About him spread the most controversial and sometimes threatening their forecasts rumors. Today is the last day before the strange and incomprehensible for many a day, which, however, the Family of Light already told people. But today I want to congratulate all of you with coming of a new Era in the history of planetary, galactic and universal development! Earth, along with the entire Solar system is included in a new light range of the milky Way Galaxy, which, in turn, goes to a new turn of the spiral of evolutionary development. Astronomically this Great Transition will begin tomorrow, on December 21, 2012. But the preparatory phase to it lasted more than one year and not one Millennium! During the execution of this preparatory work, none of the true Workers of the Light was not afraid, nor it is unclear on what and why they work. This is the case. Now we can summarize the results already passed you and us the Way, without which this Great Transition would not be Great. And this is indeed so.

All that was re-built and rebuilt on the planet Earth, created for the sake of the bright, goal - life in new conditions and under the rays of another, already born, New Sun. All that's been created, in no way is cancelled. But all the new creations will begin to occur in other conditions that are already created. New conditions do not reject anything created before! But now, in the new cycle of the planetary, galactic, Ecumenical development, you should be aware that creating a new world not only for men! New cycles cycles true Unity! Now your efforts should be focused on the Unity of the Consciousnesses of all life forms on the planet. The Association is in this day - December 21, 2012 is the main lever joint in the light range of the Galaxy. Next year is the year of Unity. And on this day laid the cornerstone of this beautiful, informed on all planes of state, a new unified planetary community. So all your savings; all your works on beautification of the planet; your efforts on introduction of the Land in the Corridor of a New Reality; your efforts to get dual energy; your great successes in building new Fiery energy supply system and the planet, and the Earthmen; call on the Ground of the Holy Fire and the beginning of the creation of a tri-polar magnetism; unprecedented your work in creating a new Firmament of the planet due to the growing inflow of Love, and many other creative actions leave no doubt that they were made with far-reaching evolutionary purposes. But because no one in the Universe, nor in your Galaxy, neither in the Solar system may not be interested in the collapse of what had invested so much skill, heart and energy, including physical effort! Life after the Winter Solstice 2012, not just continues! She will continue in the new cycle and a new divine possibilities for development!

Dear people of the planet Blue Flame! You deserve the status to be co-citizens of this planet, which begins to Shine with a wonderful light! It is the radiance of the Earth can already be seen from distant depths of Space. You know, appreciate you, love you, you send the energy support millions of the worlds of the Galaxy and the Universe! Do you make even think what you are intimidated by the advent of the Galactic Alignment? Have you nothing worked so many difficult years, thousands of years, eons? Such inappropriate Space does not allow! Family of Light says: tomorrow, on December 21, 2012, there will be a significant event, which many spiritually developed people of the Earth were waiting impatiently. Since 1987, when the Earth was launched at the end of the Experiment Duality and preparation for Ascension, they knew that this day is December 21, 2012 will be the key in all planetary transformations. And it is a Great Holiday! This holiday is connected with the advent of the New Sun. About the coming of a New Sun said representatives of ancient civilizations.

Why now we draw your attention to the manifestation of the New Sun? Quite simply, if We will recall that the Galactic Alignment is, first of all, our luminary. This means the purchase of new magnetic characteristics, change the solar influence on the entire system; new programs of development of the Solar system. Even pure perception of the earthly man rays of the New Sun will be different, and you will gradually get used to. Wherefore, we, indeed, are entering a New Era, in which will start to operate other development programs. A new Sun will start in a new way to interact with the newly awakening of the inner earth's Sun. And all this - marks a shift from external to domestic sources of energy.

How can we be tomorrow, December 21, welcome this new state and the entire Solar system and our planet? We can again, as during the last planetary Shares, to unite their efforts and to perform light Work for the benefit of emerging trends and processes. We offer you to perform Meditation, aimed at integration in Love. In this Meditation, we refer to all life forms, developing on the planet. We unite in Love with the elements; we consolidate your Sacred Heart with Mother Earth. Along with it we will help to revive the inner Sun, planets, which will bring into the planetary life Spring Update!

Most importantly, each of you can do in this wonderful day? Even just sending my Love to the Universe, you can do a lot!

Family of Light asks to remember that many of consciousness scared this afternoon. But because many people, not just people in large numbers, already generate waves of negative energy of fear that you can repay stable energy of a positive nature. Not to give to roam the elements under the influence of the energy of fear is one of the tasks embodied Lightworkers. You have now become a space builders and the true Creators of Light that can create the reality. So be such Creators Light on this blessed day! Your hearts are designed to radiate Love and Calm! Send this love how the planet, people, and all planetary life forms! All the worlds! As Creators Light send Love across the Universe - the Universe Updated and giving birth to new life!

Beloved Angels! In your Great Days of December, in these winter days actually born spring. This spring a new life at all levels of the planet and the Universe! So let your hearts be born spring love! Let every heart sounds spring thaw ringing joy! New life is born! From beneath the winter snow drifts outgoing cycle are born sprouts of a new life! New Sun begins gently to warm their children!

The Staff Of The World! Our dear! Angels Beloved!

Family of Light prompts you to run the 21 December Meditation in each time zone - in 21 hours. This will allow you to take part in it many a day to people. The formed Wave Spring of Love in the days of the winter solstice around the globe! She needed a birth of the new Sun and new life!

With love and joy - ascended Master El Moria, Saint-Germain, Kut-Humi.


Accepted Svetlana Drachevo, Sergey Kanashevsky, Marina Schulz

21.12.12 21 hours local time
And wave gives rise to the sun!

Hello, my dear Children!

You grow more and more! I tell you this is not the first time. Said very recently, after the planetary actionsand at the day 12:12:12. Speak now on the threshold of the next stage of development of the Planet. Twelfth December twenty-first of December... Time flies! Your linear time runs fast! Our linear time runs fast, and here we are again, we stand on the threshold of a new light.

You ask me - what? And I'll tell you.

The work will be of interest. Work into pleasure. The work will be unexpected. You're thinking of the twenty-first of December is a very important date! It attracts a large number and Staff of Light and simple citizens of the planet Earth. The twenty-first of December is a certain line, move which, as many think, is not given to everybody. Because someone is going to hide in a bunker, someone is prepared to spend a whole day in bed, taking a flashlight. Someone harvested quite a large number of products that in the nearest month or two, not to poke his nose into the street. Many have a variety of stocks on this account.

And what stocks you? How did you prepare for this date, my dear Children? Let us, first, will conduct an inventory of what you have come to this date. It's interesting to me that you honestly answered my question. What you got to this date, twenty-first of December two thousand twelve years?

I will explain my question, so you'll understand what I'm asking. I'm not asking about your material savings. Of course, I do not ask whether you have bought extra products. And even not interested in whether you have a flashlight. I believe that you have the income to live in this world.
I ask about something else. I'm asking you, my dear Children, you have succeeded? As you have succeeded in your personal growth? What did you do in order to approach the date of the twenty-first of December in new condition? In the state of new Separate. In the state of multidimensional deployment. What have you done to jump the hurdle of timelessness? New time without time, if so it is convenient for you to speak. To pass to the new schedule, the new calendar? What did you do such a personal order for you this date was not just a date on the calendar, but something Remarkable?

You, by the way, there is a little time to prepare. Someone enough hours, some two, some ten minutes to understand what I mean and to attune. To attune with the moment of expectation that will bring this date.

Now, My Dear Friends! Today, we are going to attune with this date. I do a lot of what I was going to tell you at the moment of our attunement. But for us the most important thing is to be in Harmony, to log in Consonance with those energies, with the possibilities that gives this date, this milestone. You need to come to the turn of the twenty-first of December, at twenty-one hours, in your linear time, fully aligned and prepared for this date. Of course, we must understand the conditionality of linear time, kvantovoi his perception. You can spend a connection to my meditation and early, and later, giving sincere, pure intention to live together with the whole Planet Earth, its inhabitants, and all forms of life the TURN of the twenty-first of December, twenty-one hours your local time.

So, Dear Friends, I offer you and to attune. I suggest you Light work. Light-wave. This is not a simple spiritual work is Svetovodnoy work. You will attune Svetovodnoy pulses.

My dear, close your eyes... And we go on a journey. Travel to Planet Earth. The starting point of our journey is the equator. We lined up at the equator, holding hands. Invite your relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, all who live in your town, in your town, your country, your continent. Invite! And then begin to invite not only the inhabitants of the Planet Earth, but also all intelligent life forms. Even if you don't see them in the moment of our meditation. You know that they're here. You know of their presence.

We are standing on the equator. Look how many people formed a chain around the equator! And the number of people increases. And you see people coming not only on the Earth. Floating, flying, rising from the depths of the Earth! All the kingdoms, all reasonable Kingdom join!...

And so we are all on the equator. I too am standing with you on the equator as it will not seem strange. I am with you on a spiritual level! I send from your Heart space impulse! Svetovodnoy momentum space in the heart of each standing in this chain! Take, my dear Children! Take the pulse! The Impulse Of Love! The impulse of joy! Thanks! Appreciation!... The Pulse Of Mother Gaia!... Take!...

And, taking into his Heart space, look how your neighbors accept my gifts, my pulses. Pay attention to its neighbors on the right, left, after one through two people... You nothing it's not like it? Look carefully!.. Look, look, look!.. Watch carefully what is happening in the Heart space of anyone who stands next to you. This you still do not see in your Heart space. But at the Heart space of your neighbors that you can see with the naked eye! You see how the pulses begin to unfold! They are like amazing Flower opening its petals and publishes fragrance! Perhaps it will be Astra may Lotus, rose....Flower with many petals. And he revealed!...Look right, left... and notice how in the Heart space of all of the people standing in the chain at the equator, flower opens for the flower! And now look at your Heart space. And notice what happens in it. Do you see there is the flower?

Yes! You see a flower! But it starts in your eyes to be transformed! One flower he begins to turn into different flowers! It Astra. In the next moment it is a Lotus. And then this is the chrysanthemum. And then this is the Tulip. And then - rose...

You will see what happens in your heart space! The riot of colors! The riot of colors! There is an amazing transformation and creation! Transformation!

What we observe? What a wonderful processes arise in your hearts spaces?

Look carefully! You not only see, you hear, know, feel, smell, hear. See!.. And this is important! That you in this amazing moment of unity of all of you with the planet earth. With all intelligent life forms. With each other. You begin to unfold!.. To open up your heart spaces!..

Your heart space begin to speak! They become speaking! They become multidimensional-defining for all that happens in you! Your heart space are you and the world with the gospel that you multi-dimensional! That you MDX! What you now beings of light in the full svetovanja presence! Your light body undergo amazing, enchanting changes!.. and it all becomes clear, manifest! And about that and just say your heart space, which play a riot of colors! They make amazing sounds! Bells, violin, flute, harp, drops!.. They make wonderful smells! This and vanilla, and the scent of the Lily of the valley, a lot of subtle SMELLS! AND, OF COURSE, THE SMELL OF ROSES! LOOK WHAT HAPPENS!

And now let's turn to feel. As you all feel? What is happening in the Heart space each of you? There is something new! In the Heart space are new, hitherto unknown and unknown opportunities! They are fragrant! They sound amazing sounds and colors! They reveal the Divine sound "LLC-Mmmm"!.. And Divine sound "LLC-Mmmm" starts to perform a miracle in your Heart space!.. Tune "LLC-Mmmm"... You can join me in a moment of meditation and begin to sing this Amazing, this Healing, this Divinely Pure, Delicate sound "LLC-Mmmm!..OOO-Mmmm"...(propagate).

And, singing, you begin to attune! All the cells!.. Your cells begin to sound in unison with all the cells of the universe! "OM" is the good news of YOUR unity with the whole universe! With the entire milky way galaxy! You are embedded in a divine way! In divine series! And you begin to sound, vibrate all cells at the level of the entire universe! In the new spectrum of light!..sound! Sound cells!.. "OOO-Mmmm"!..

We attune! Attune very carefully! Very neat! To your cells have come to our entry into the New reality of Unity fully prepared! Your cells - "I am the Divine Presence! And your cells quickly remember who you really are. Your systems, your body Multidimensional Divine! They are not subject to linear your perception. They are not subject to your left-brain thinking. All processes taking flowing in your bodies, your cells, initially multi-dimensional, multi-Layered, multi-dimensional! The cells don't need time to think about his Divinity. Because you, Being reasonable, plunged into Duality, they have had to adapt to the conditions of Duality. And now, when the Veil is removed, when the experiment Duality is coming to an end, and you are standing on the threshold of a new stage, the stage of recovery from the fourth dimension, out of the density of matter - your cells happily vibrate and remember your Divinity! They do it not at the behest of your left hemisphere. They do it on the basis of their Divine roots! Based on his Divine state of Omnipresence!

And here we give permission to your cells to function, to act, to be in line with their trueth Divine sense! Now and forever your cells again work in full accordance with the plan of God the Creator! The full original meaning of his divine creation! Your cells rejoice in that resolution! Your cells rejoice! Your cells are rising! And starting its revival, they give you as a reasonable person who lives in the body, consisting of cells, the command to start his ascension, start your full recovery of the divine Essence, as the Light Beings.

And now, we're with you on the basis of the processes that go into the Heart space each, starting with the light-wave pulses, start your Divine Reunification. We give the command the cells to remember all, remember the possibilities of rejuvenation, the possibility of regeneration, recovery of lost parts and organs. We allow the cells to create, to create a new enlightened life for you, my Dear Children. Today, we put the key in the lock, which opens your multidimensional-multi-dimensional opportunity to revive their bodies, to restore all your functions on rejuvenation, for the development of all the unique abilities that you carried and have gained during their previous incarnations as on the planet Earth and on other planets. You become the true masters of your life! And just knowing that "I can do everything", you go to a new state, "I know everything, I know everything, and I Am!"

My dear Children, I enjoy this amazing moment of our Resurrection and restoration of the Unity of being you, all forms of planetary life, and my "I" of the planet Earth. December 21 - it's the barrier. Ends the old linear time and opens when new, unique, ringing, sounding, pervasive opportunities.

My Dear Children! Spring is coming, Spring is in the Soul, the Spring of all your bodies. In all your cells updating, is a manifestation of the new. And we come before 2013, in a new amazing life.

My dear Children, my relatives, my beloved, you have carried through the years of Duality of the miraculous Fire that always lived in your hearts. And I want to connect you with the Fire, and I want to introduce you to this Fire. I want this Fire was kindled in you, and were burning in you now relentlessly.
You wonder what kind of Fire in question? Because so many lights, flames came to planet Earth at the time of its transition into a new light spectrum of the Galaxy, in a new role, the role of multidimensional planet Earth, multi-dimensional planet Earth. You know the Fire of the Holy Communion, the life-giving Fire. You know about Violet Fire, plasma Fire... And now I want to bring you back to the Fire that burns in your Heart spaces. How to see him? And imagine the orange asterisk and watch from the stars ignites the flame. We are going to clear anything that requires cleansing in you, in your life, around you on planet Earth. We will now clean ecology, ecology of the soul, ecology of consciousness. We will work with the elements of the planet. Today we are launching a global process of purification. And as we do this? The simplest way and the best way is to contact your hearts for your sincere hearts, to your trembling hearts, to your Heart spaces. In them the Fire of life, Fire of Life Energies, earth, sun, air, water. All the elements are living today in your Heart space. And we're starting to see how this Fire will burn brighter and brighter. And this will mean and already means that life on planet Earth is updated. Is updated in a new dimension, updated with new features and manifests itself in a new, unprecedented, high-frequency, high, light-wave level.

Feel it moving inside your heart space. Energy moving in a spiral on a circle on the sphere, toruses. Someone is activated at this point, your system Fiery energy. You can see tore system. You can see my tore system, it is also activated. We work with you in a multidimensional cooperation and Co-creation. This means that I say the phrase about some work, and immediately spectra show other work associated with this direction. Everything is so organically and in tune. Everything is so interconnected and synchronously. Everything is so appropriate. And it all happens so harmoniously and in accordance with your plan, development plan in the Corridor of the New Reality, in the corridor of the reality of the new features.

All sounds in unison

Together with the note of the Universe "OM"!
And the universe "OM" gives You,
And she is Grateful to You!

Poems are born each. If you look in your heart is the space where there is now the Fire of Life, you will understand that it is so close and verse, what are you Doing with joy, you Do Love. You Do not even thought or thought-form, you Create a Light, a light wave. And I will want you to teach creativity Light, creativity in the Light.

How to create light wave? More on this later. We will begin to Create light wave in January, when we SMOOTHLY move on the turn of 31 December and 1 January. And then I will gladly come to you with new meditation and with a new message.

And while we are fully prepared for the transition to a New Era of Unity. We came from linear time in the multidimensionality, the sphericity of time. Now the time has changed. And you will be to explore new time horizons and new temporary opportunities.

Well, My Dear and Beloved Children, I want you to say a few words. I want you looked again at the heart of the space for people who are on your right, on the left, next. Yes. Someone noticed it a long time ago, but I now only draw your attention. And you see, how all Heart space merged and become one, they are not just in a Single Heart space, and merged into a single tor. And this is not accidental, because tor, it is very in tune with you form, the energy form, charged with energy, energy-sounding. It is tor will help you in the journey of 2013. the system of Fire energy supply is waiting for further deployment. Well, again, the more we begin to work with it next year. Now we are preparing to move from 2012 to 2013. We are with you every step of the turn of the 21st of December, we have prepared for him. Now we go straight to the turn of 24 December, when we will have also a very important energy-magnetic work. But Mother Gaia has prepared you to it with the help of light-wave pulses. Information you will get about this work. And, believe me, you will like it.

My dear children! In this wonderful day, day of our unity, reunification and rebirth in a new, awesome sounding capabilities, I am giving you my motherly heart. I join with you in a single heart space! Watch this amazing layered tor, which combines my heart space and your heart space.

And now, dear Children, yet a little attention! Look what is happening in the middle of the heart of our combined space? See: there begins to form the orange star. So she starts to pulse, it begins to expand, it starts to increase. Watch carefully! You are the most amazing process, the process of revival of my inner Sun! At that moment, when your mother the Earth together with their inhabitants immersed in Duality, I was switched to an external source of power supply in the form of the Sun of our Solar system. It faithfully served us a long, long time. It will serve us, being filled with the amazing new magnetic energies, new programs. But right now our focus is Internal, Earthly Central Sun. It revives for you! Send him the energy of your spring love, send earthly Central Sun wave pulse of your heart space!

The rebirth of the Sun is another good news in December 2012. The sun is reborn, but it has still to be serious way. And in 2013, the year your Sun, our inner Sun, will be actively developed, and you will be directly involved.

My dear Children! You see, today we are not only paved the bridge between 2012, starting from December 12, next December 21, 24 December, 31 December and 1 January. We built a work plan for the following year 2013 year. Believe me, it will be no less interesting than 2012, and may be even more interesting, because it is the year of Unity, year of Creativity and creativity. And do always more interesting than to overcome something. Agree, in 2012, the year we had much to clear away, to overcome, to move. This was not easy, but you managed it. And I congratulate you on this achievement, so 2013 year with its amazing, multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional capabilities already waiting for you. He beckons to you, he invites you to collective creativity - you and me, your world, your Mother the Earth. And I, my Dear Friends, happy to join this work!

Now we again see how we are all on the equator. We stand, hand in hand, together cardiac spaces, creating a new fire for the internal earthly Central Sun. And that sun is born again! Watch this great divine picture and place it on your own a heart space. And this will be your personal area of work. You will work with this little Earth, with a Heart space of the Earth and all its inhabitants. From the inner earth by the Sun you will work, being now in a close and strong ties with all forms of life on planet Earth, with the planet, with all reasonable realms and worlds that exist in support reasonable kings, with all elements of the planet Earth and with her inner Sun. This means that you are now part of an overall amazing playing in Light of planet Earth 5th dimension. You are building a new life for the planet, but the planet is building a new life for all of you! And you have the model of our harmonious peace in his Heart space.

And I invite you to Co-torate, to work with this model of our joint world. Fill it with love, joy, harmony, balance, divine "OM". Thus, you can harmonize all the earth element, you can harmonize all the processes that occur in human community, you can harmonize all the kingdoms of the planet Earth, all the worlds. You saturate the internal energies of the Sun. Co-Toraja, we'll build up, and already building a new wonderful world, the world of Land 5-th dimension with amazing new opportunities for all of its inhabitants.

Well, My dear Children, my dear beloved and revered children, we have made amazing journey to his true self, to your Heart space. And we laid in our Heart space and space in the Heart of every wonderful world, our world, our collaborative, joyful and happy life. And this is indeed the case! Embracing you with my motherly embrace, send each of you a pink rays of Love from your Heart space.

And let us, my Dear Children, to live amicably! Let's love each other, and then all our kingdoms, in all our rooms, planes, dimensions will be Peace and Prosperity.

I love you immensely!
Your Mother The Earth!
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