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БУДУЩЕЕ МИРОЗДАНИЯThe long-awaited date 21.12.2012. We don't know what idiot came up with the phrase "end of the world", it seems that this is another information sabotage chernozemnoy. The world will not end, it will be the End of Darkness!

After the second Reboot, when the Body of the present Universe authorinitials and become one with Autologous universal Logo, will be corrected and it sacrilegiously form - bearing Frame. It will be built in the image of a Perfect Symmetrical Crystal Fractal, which included the perfection and Harmony of Form. Annie centers and centers of mass of the Future of the Universe is uniformly and equilibrium distributed on the principle of Symmetric Fractal, due to this will be achieved perfect balance.

In addition, the whole Universe, the Matter will be transformed to the level Paradifferential Matter, i.e. its form is shown below a Perfect Fractal. All this together with other actions (elimination of karma, distortion Autogenic light and so on) should put an end to the collapse of the Universe and the existing forms of Life. Thus, we will have lifetime to move from modern Apoptotic Universe to Perfect Fractal Universe.

In the new Autogenic the Universe will change the fundamental principle of Life. The principle, which currently kills and destroys our Universe from within. This is the most important principle of Life-support. Thanks to Wallowa and Ialtabaof almost all forms of life on lower levels of Existence exists at the expense of other forms of Life. More precisely, are doomed to exist. Take a look at the earthly nature: it is built on the principle that one form of life could exist solely due to the absorption of other life forms.

This applies, since the animal world. People also can get overwhelming share of the energy they need only due to the absorption of other forms of life, and no matter whether the sources of animal or vegetable origin. It is a vicious circle, which also condemns our Universe to a slow death.

In the new Universe will be introduced another, the only principle of power Supply of Life Forms. This is the principle of self-RELIANCE! No form of life will not exist at the expense of destruction, acquisitions other form of life!!!

In the Higher Echelons of Being self-sufficiency ratio (self) Life energy will be 100%, at lower levels it will be lower. Three-dimensional person, if any, will be to provide themselves with energy at 65-70%. Missing the remainder is to be replaced by Prana, Solar Energy and Water.

By the way, the physical body of the new man on the New Earth, the lower echelon dimensions which we forecast at the level of kd=3,85-3,90 (against 3,14 of the old three-dimensional Earth) will consist not of protein-molekulyarnoi basis, and liquid crystal base, based on the crystal water. But this is a separate issue, if we remain on Earth after 21.12.2012, we will tell you about it.

December 21, 2012, the period of the great Ecumenical Bifurcation. 12.12.2012, began Predeformation Period. As the universe as a single whole system, will be brought to a point of Bifurcation and Evolutionary Point Zero? There are two lever: push the damping of the old evolutionary programs and smooth "off" universal Beam projection of the Center of the Universe.

When old evolutionary program and universal Beam will be paid off in full, you reach the point "zero-phase or Point full Evolutionary Zero. All the old programs of the Universe will be terminated. At this point the Universal Matter go into a state of Chaos, i.e. lose orderliness. Then universal Logos will give a Single Pulse with New Autogenic Evolutionary Existence and at the same time the "enter" universal Beam.

There are many different variations of erasing the old program of Evolution, karma virus programs etc. BUT the most effective is only one pass through the Chaos. In this case, immediately solved all problems in the entire Universe. And risks associated with artificial managed by the overthrow of the Universe in Chaos now considered to be minimal. Although, you need to be prepared for any eventuality.

After passing the Point of Chaos Matter begins the existence of "from scratch", but already in a new capacity - condition Primarily Differentiated Matter. But for this it will still have to scan through the Crystal World Order.

We do not understand why everywhere now fixated on the Mayan calendar? Yes, their calendar ends h, rather Cycle of the Fifth Sun - the period of time longer than 5 000 years. BUT that date is much more challenging, because g, 11 hours 11 min GMT ends immediately, the other cycles.

Ends Zodiac Year duration 26920 years (it is associated with the precession of the equinoxes, that is, the movement of the Earth's axis on the Zodiac constellations). Ends Axial Year, connected with the stay of the Earth's Axis in the little dipper constellation. Our new North Star is alpha Lira VEGA. The South pole after displacement of poles will be focused on a particular star. What he now looks "to nowhere" in the starry sky suggests, in Star Circle (group of Stars and Constellations that control the projection Galactic Beam and the position of the earth's poles), responsible for spatial orientation of the Earth, has failed. The North and South poles of our planet should always be oriented towards certain Bodies.

Ends galactic Year duration 250 000 000 years. This is the time in which our solar system makes a complete revolution around the center of the Galaxy. On completion of Galactic, the system is zero space in which there is an evolutionary upgrade programs for the next galactic Period. This is usually three days, which is why it is called the days of darkness. Actually these are the days of silence, when the system goes on a new evolutionary level, and within it are not old evolutionary program.

Each unit of the Galaxy is moving around the Galactic center of the spiral, so the completion of one full turn it gets closer to the centre. The closer system to the center, Tralee it is. The last full evolutionary evolution are in the center of the Galaxy and dissolved in it.

But the most unique event is connected with the end of the universe, that is, the period of rotation of our Galaxy OHM (milky Way) around the Center of the Universe! This period is equal to approximately 10 billion earth years, which means that the Earth and the Sun for the first time in its history, pass through the Portal. Because when our Galaxy was held him for the first time, the earth and the Sun was not yet! And in the history of the Galaxy this is only the second Ecumenical Year. At the end of the universe, our Galaxy also runs the Universe is the Gate, and becomes closer to the Center of the Universe.

Earlier it was supposed, that at this moment the Galaxy must pass the point of self-Determination, that is, to choose what power (Light or darkness) will be in it dominant. But now it is irrelevant, for the hierarchs of darkness no longer exists.

The coincidence of the end of the universe and the Galactic Year, Quantum Transition, the Great Universal Bifurcation put our Land in the exclusive-unique terms. Besides gaining experience we (the Earth) can get the opportunity to become the New Spiritual Centre of the Universe and be an island of stability in the conditions of temporary universal Chaos. Besides, our planet must become "the lower Pole of the Universe and lower EON of the Pleroma. So all those who will stay or come back to Earth soon will be a very interesting time and events.

Returning to the theme of universal transformation, we can add that currently Noautorename universal Logos Universe emanates old evolutionary program, the codes which he has. To broadcast a new Autogenic Program while it is pointless and even dangerous, as most of the existing in the Universe Life forms will not be able to bear it." It is mostly those who have karma, i.e. mutations at the level of the Causal or Monticello plan.

And what is old Evolutionary Program of the Universe? This program is Death and Decay! Hard to believe? And you imagine a person (for example, yourself or your close relative, friend). All people tend to live without thinking, or not realizing that every moment brings it closer to death. Death to humans as something inevitable, inevitable death sentence hanging over each. Of course approaching a time when the death and decay of matter, but still it is there. Now knowing that the person will die, not usually interferes him to live each day, doing their usual business.

Something similar in the Universe. Every moment it die and are born Planets, Stars, Galaxies, but the universe is thus doomed to aging, decay and death.

To 21.12.2012 universal Logos forced to translate and to support the program, so that the Universe did not come Informational Chaos. But after December 21, everything will change.

Now a few words about karma. It is known that the Creators announced 21/12/2012 last day of the existence of karma. Accepted for realization the concept of virtual karma. It's all good. But what to do with existing and accumulating in real time karma? Initially it was supposed that it will be undertaken on the development of Higher Entities and the Lords of Karma. But vyyasnilose that this is impossible in principle. For different reasons. To go into details will not.

The question now is can only speak about what the lords of Karma and Noautorun (and all who wish to participate in this work) will assume some part of the karma of those who have it. This will be done in order to help the person (or other entity) in the development of his karma. The only way. To take 100% wrong!

This "analysis" foreign karma is already underway. We recently been diagnosed with one person, so he grabbed karma with other people, placed it in his causal body, filling karma 100% of its volume, and sealed, do anything without doing. Apparently, its Highest I hoped at the time of Transition in one fell swoop to burn through her. Everything was good, but likely to survive the physical body at that, no, they are equal to zero.

And let's not forget that it is possible to evacuate from the causal body of the incarnate (living) people from the past in his causal body (i.e. the one that accumulated in the current of life). The karma of past lives is already inscribed in the core of his causal body, matirova it.

The main intrigue of the Transition is Emitted from an Absolute Impulse or not? There will intervene if HE's in the course of Evolution directly? On the one hand, this Momentum would solve all problems. After contact with him everything that can't perceive (i.e. karma), burns. Karma disappears, destroyed in full. But on the other hand, with her burned and its carrier. As for the perception of Absolute Impulse to be free from karma, to radiate Light and Love.

Also now we can confidently say that the Divine plan for the empowerment of Life Forms, deprived of Freedom of Choice, such, completely failed. They got freedom of choice and began deliberately to gain karma, instead of to try it out! Less than 1% responded to the Call of Creators! This is a huge disaster, catastrophe. We personally do not yet know what will happen to this entity after 21.12.2012.

And the last. Recently there was information that in the Universe there is an Intermediate Link. Between levels of Matropater - Christ and epinoy-Annoyi. The author of "opening" calls this "intermediate" the essence of the all-Seeing Eye that (or rather, which is now in the incarnation on Earth. Now is MISINFORMATION, don'T BELIEVE!!!! No "orphaned links" at these Levels is NOT and never WAS! Declare it responsibly!

We, New Age Masters, 21.12 2012 completing Twelve years of his Great Ministry (now we can responsibly use this word, even in spite of the recent expedition). Our earthly mission ends 21.12.2012, 11 hours 11 minutes What will happen next - we do not know themselves. But we will, and we will work and write the site, keeping you informed of what is happening. Just in case I would like all to say goodbye and to say thank you for everything!
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