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Astronomers for the first time in the history of observing the process of mass destruction in the area of the black hole in the real-time mode.

Scientists-astronomers reasonably believe that in the centers of most galaxies are supermassive black holes. And our galaxy, the milky Way galaxy is no exception to this rule. It turns out that the black hole in our galaxy has its own name - Sagittarius A* (Sagittarius A*, or Sgr A*), and the following year in the field of a black hole Sgr A* scientists-astronomers will be able to observe cosmic cataclysm vast scale, and the process of mass destruction nearby cosmic bodies and objects.

Due to the fact that black holes do not emit light and matter into space, scientists-astronomers are unable to watch them directly, even using the most modern and advanced scientific instruments. But scientists have the opportunity to observe the behavior of cosmic bodies in the surrounding space, which has a strong influence gravitational influence huge "cosmic vacuum cleaner", a black hole. Below is a video made from pictures region of space around a black hole Sgr A*in the past 10 years telescope Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the European southern Observatory (European Southern Obervatory), located in Northern Chile.

But this unassuming by human standards, "cosmic dance" will be nothing compared with what will happen next year. Scientists are very excited by the fact proximity to the black hole Sgr A* huge gas clouds, which weight is three times greater than the mass of the Earth. And the collision of clouds with a black hole Sgr A* must happen somewhere in the middle of 2013.

Currently, the cloud is at a distance of 36 light hours (40 billion miles) from the black hole Sgr A*, in the past seven years under the influence of gravity of the black hole speed of the gas cloud has doubled and is now 8 million kilometers per hour. None of the scientists-astronomers do not know what will happen in the area of the black hole Sgr A* in the following months, but right now the edges of the cloud began to change their shape and in the nearest future we should expect the gap clouds into smaller parts, leading to oblivion, begin to accelerate, heated to high temperatures and will begin to emit x-ray radiation.

Of course, all that is happening now before our eyes, in fact already occurred 27 thousand years ago, that is the time you want the light to cover the distance between the black hole Sgr A* and the Earth. However, as they say in one saying goes, better late than never.
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