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Не вытаптывайте «Страшные места»!Probably anyone who's ever been in the forest at least once experienced a sense of fear, not nostalgia, anxiety, without any apparent reason.

Hiking in the "anomalous zones" in the big fashion

And the forest, it would seem the same, and swamp like you've just seen as two drops of water, and the skin shiver runs.

Such places in ancient times was associated legends about evil spirits about the mysterious enchanted treasures. Here sought desperate heads, and people are cautious, on the contrary, tried to pass them by. Now these areas are most frequently included in stories about UFOs and other abnormal phenomena.

Isn't that curious? We have addressed for explanations to ufologist Stanislav Ermakova.

-On the issue of the location of areas I would not like to answer, - warned us Ermakov. - Hiking in the "anomalous zones" in a big fashion. Should people know about the existence of such places, as there are crowds of enthusiasts, pseudo-seekers and just curious people. The zone will simply trample. And such an amazing place, in my opinion, are in need of serious scientific study, but in no less serious protection, until the announcement of their biosphere reserves.

One of these areas became known in 1986 from the stories of local residents, continues Ermakov. - With surprise and even outright fear they talked about the movement of the surrounding fields some "dark pillars", information on arrivals and landings "flying saucers", about the appearance and disappearance of strange shapes, like human. Grandfathers of today's villagers saw 30-40 years ago the same as their grandchildren today. A similar place with a long history of anomalous phenomena we call zones "increased the probability of contact".

"What You have seen in this area? Were You able to see a strange phenomenon?

The area in question, I have visited many times. Seen UFOs, and dark "Stolby", and humanoid figures. Natural boundaries, pronounced in the area, the zone no, but "the entrance" into it feel almost everything. However, different. Someone feels the pressure in the solar plexus, some headaches, buzzing, as if it was filled with some obscure information, while others, on the contrary, feels strange lightness.

One of the most interesting and difficult to explain phenomena in this area humanoid figure. Black, almost two meters tall, like shadows, they appeared in the most unexpected places: in the field, in the forest, on the road. To approach these phantoms no one - either they are rapidly removed, or simply disappeared. We tried to photograph them, and not once. However, the photos either does nothing, or was strange luminous cone.

Somehow, almost lost hope to find out, are these figures obsession or not, I decided to do a kind experience. One of the participants of the expedition. Tatiana Fominskaya, sat in the tent and took notes. She never saw a dark figure, suddenly announced on the road. I asked her to determine crossed whether somebody's way, and if so, in what place.

Tatiana, a unique master of biolocation, pulls out a box and repeatedly run it up and down the road. With each pass frame "beat" linear anomaly in the place where we was watching the figure. So, it seems that it is not a delusion. Something really was there.

- How can you explain the appearance of a strange dark silhouettes?

-Explanations may be several. You can, without thinking, just call them aliens, as do many ufologists. This explanation appears to be the most primitive and there is little that actually explains. Can be considered shapes and something like a holographic image that is distinctive captured "in memory of the place." This version, by the way, helps to understand their rapid movement, instantaneous and equally mysterious disappearance. But maybe we are dealing with something else, more complex and less clear. Who knows. This has yet to understand. I think not so important to explain and sort through each concrete phenomena occurring in a particular area, it is more important to study the characteristics of the zones themselves and above all, their connection with geological and geophysical anomalies.

More than twenty years ago at the world geographical Congress in Moscow was said about a curious hypothesis that our planet Earth allegedly represents a giant crystal, abnormal physical zone is concentrated at the vertices and the edges of the crystal lattice of the crystal. There are always going on something strange. In particular, they must occur unusual phenomena, caused by power connection of Earth and Space, which must be accessed through these zones. In my opinion, long forgotten theory can explain almost all phenomena occurring in anomalous zones...
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