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Ураган "Сэнди" - не только разрушения, еще и аномалииA week ago the American coast of the Atlantic ocean was subjected to the action of the hurricane. Employees of the center of space flights of them. J.. Marshall in Hunstville noticed a surprising anomaly - luminous arcs that were intertwined around midday sun.

Many meteorologists believe that this phenomenon is caused by the hurricane. Despite the fact that the epicenter of the "sandy" was far away from this area, it is worth noting that part of Cirrus clouds, which consists of icy debris that may extend for hundreds of kilometers.

This painting was created by the refraction of sunlight through these ice crystals. Scientists, of course, explain this phenomenon by the scientific facts. But some superstitious radical groups consider this anomaly sign of the Apocalypse. Some of them came to the conclusion that it's time to repent.

Experts say that in the last few days across the Atlantic coast of the United States passed a number of different phenomena that can be explained recently passed on these areas by the hurricane.
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