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Аномальная зона в Атлантическом океанеWhatever ignored inhabitants of various kinds of abnormal phenomena, but they are more or less universally accepted manifest themselves and are considered long been recognized by scientists from all over the world, as a phenomenon is not fully studied, due to lack of experience, or inability to meet the requirements of modernity, even advanced modern technologies.

The proposed location of radiation unknown object

And here is one such phenomenon manifested itself last year. American scientists in the area of the Atlantic ocean, thus attracting many different researchers found that in depth, under the thick layers of ocean water and earth, is a source emitting radioactive rays related to the variety of gamma-radiation. Moreover, despite the fact that this type of radiation is not different wavelengths, their cover star system, and, first of all, it concerns - Sirius.

Almost immediately reacted to the government of the United States, and estimated the territory of the abnormal area was cordoned off by the U.S. military, who took a fast there, on warships, which probably implies that with this, or have already met or research in this field was carried out quite deliberately. Despite the fact that the Americans did not give any official confirmation of the information radiation "in the bag, especially from Russian scientists, who are the main competitors of "state", since the times of the Cold war.

Thus, it has been revealed, with the assistance of the Russian space forces on the territory of the United States of America (land) fixed powerful gamma radiation source, directed towards the same star system. Location, using precise modern navigation systems, were identified with precision up to one kilometer. This place was the American military base "DAHUA", which for some strange, seemingly reasons recently closed, and, specifically, in the time when the radiation source is moved from the area of the Atlantic in the area above the aforementioned military base. Just not in favor of secrecy, says that in the area of detection of a radiation source, for a period of some tests" it is forbidden to fly the aircraft. This prohibition was referring to what may refuse navigation system, and this is another fact that mysterious source (according to unconfirmed reports, representing a pyramid-shaped object located at a depth of half a kilometer) was extracted and sent to Dagua" for further research.

By the way, it must be mentioned that the place where you will retrieve the object pyramid-shaped, some researchers call the place where once existed and went under water mysterious ancient civilization of Atlantis, around which has always been a lot of speculation put forward as Amateurs and eminent and respected scholars. And the number of mystical and magical treatises related to the existence of Atlantis, is a simply unbelievable variety. Anyway, it is considered that the inhabitants of Atlantis were in one way or another connected with the star system of Sirius - it is assumed that they are, or have come this far, but bright star, or flew at her when their land was acquired by the waters of the Atlantic ocean. But, the majority supports the view that the Atlanteans were studying Sirius, and maybe even sent him some signals or messages, use progressive for its time, technologies. In the framework of the matter under discussion, based on the evidence of scholars like last time, and may be assumed. And some have already called pyramidal object control device is capable of transmitting coded messages over long distances.

As for already more than once mentioned, military base "DAHUA", then based on the reports of high-ranking military says it is just for testing. An anomaly, not a word was said, although these sources of radiation were found before in various places of the globe. Only, in this case, the power of gamma-radiation (by the way, is extremely dangerous to human health) has surpassed all his predecessors in dozens of times. The base itself is located in a secluded spot in the desert and surrounded from all sides by mountains, making it possible here holding various kinds of secret trials. In the American press has repeatedly met shocking interview that the purpose of the base "DAHUA" extends beyond mere military trials. There are many, alas, no documented evidence that the primary task of the specialists working in the desert, is the study of unidentified flying objects, strange happening in the Bermuda triangle and other phenomena, officially called anomalous.

Some scientist think such frequent anomalies, including the gamma-ray source, to unavoidable climate change, the first signs of which can be seen by everyone. Moreover, it is assumed that this kind of radiation in the coming one to two years appears in many parts of the world and will lead to changes in the Earth's magnetic field, which will affect or disastrous global warming, or a new ice age.

Alas, citizens, as always kept in the dark, and, judging by appearing here and there evidence - many governments are already aware of something inevitable and will be able to survive only elected. If to consider more such evidence, it should be mentioned that in China, presumably, there are, at great depth, underground tunnels, which is over five thousand kilometers. As in the Russian Federation over the past years, we have built an enormous number of bomb shelters and harvested lots of long stored provisions. In Norway was established place, where he collected DNA of all animal and plant organisms, at the moment, the planet Earth. The United States now realize the order for production of sets of the most needed in case of disasters, more than a million copies.

Anyway, many things, starting from the ancient legends, and, to the undisputed facts, suggests that you need to think about salvation, in order to survive possible cataclysms or a destructive abnormal phenomenon.
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