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В 2040 году столкновения с астероидом не будетWith a telescope Gemini North" on a volcano Mauna Kea, Hawaii team of astronomers from the University of Hawaii has confirmed that the probability of collision of our house with an asteroid 2011 AG5 negligible (collective sigh of relief?). Previously, scientists estimated the risk of meeting with this object (140 m in diameter) of 1 to 500.

The image 2011 AG5 received multipurpose spectrograph Gemini Observatory. The stars represent strips length about 15 seconds of arc, because the asteroid was shot with exposure 300 C.

If the collision took place, it would be released about 100 MT of energy, which is several thousand times more power of atomic bombs, ending world war II. According to statistics, the body of this size strikes the Earth on average every 10 thousand years.

Observations made by means of multi-purpose spectrograph was very difficult, says their party Richard Wainscot, for the asteroid dim. It was able to note 20, 21 and 27 October 2012. In addition, two weeks before that were obtained image object using the 2.2-meter telescope of the University of Hawaii (located on the same Mauna Kea). However, this data is less convincing and need confirmation.

2011 AG5 opened in the framework of astronomical project "Catalina", the Toolkit which is located on mount mount Lemmon in the American state of Arizona. It is reported that now the uncertainty of the orbit of the asteroid decreased by 60 times. The jet propulsion laboratory of NASA says that after the new observations, the interest to the object will sharply fall.

Based on the materials of the Gemini Observatory.
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