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Астральные битвыWhen scientists talk about parallel worlds, most often refers to some field of the form of the States in which the density of matter is significantly different from the density of our earthly physical environment. However, the nature, the living entities, landscape, life itself in parallel spaces are sometimes not very different from the earthly world. Rather, they are different, has its own peculiarities and features, but are quite amenable to the descriptions of those who happen. There are such people, they travel to other worlds so-called astral and mental bodies, and sometimes talk about their impressions.

"I was there every night..."

16-year-old Veronica to my request to try to find arguments to prove that the world is multidimensional and megaaslan, wrote to me in confusion: "And what you want to hear from me about the hypothesis about the plurality of the worlds? As it will prove if I am almost every night communicate with representatives of these multiple worlds? I don't know how to do it. Get up to our level - so, probably..."

However, in my environment there are people who astral travel is nothing new. One of them Nastya and she only recently gained the ability for such journeys. But the experience is a lot. However, she believes that she is not so much the astral as vital travel, and explained the difference:

- The vital is when I can control the process, " she said.
"You learned this?
- Not perfect. I still practiced. And my first astral turned out for a few seconds. I lay sleepless, suddenly! - a perfect view of her room. Eyes closed, and see perfectly. I was so scared - Bah! - and all was lost. I was told that in the astral have to be very careful. If you come unprepared, then the best thing will be to stutter fright some time...
... That day she was very tired: preparing for examinations, and went to bed only in the morning. And suddenly immediately, spontaneously, easily released from the body. PU-uhhh! - and found themselves in another room. Immediately joy: we did it! Looked out the window...
- Surprised looks like the land in the astral, - shared it with details. - The ground was covered not stars, but all around the radiated light. It was spring, and every blade of grass shone, each part of the city landscape-cut. There is no sun, the sky is dark, but you can see everything! His body felt and not even looked at himself, was only joy - it is necessary to learn, to gain experience!..
Nastia decided - I'll fly along its streets: he wanted to see one of his friend. However, flew into the confusing maze of houses. Realized that not pass. So, not destiny...

And suddenly found that I was someone had come, she continued the story. - Chubby such a man in my pajamas, blond... I thought: "Danger!" Flying, not on earth go, and myself do not know how I look from the side. And since I came to a dead end,
you have the same past this guys to come back for a second... He caught me by the arm and says, "What? For the first time? Well see you later..." - and brush waved back. And I quickly home... Saw the light in one window - and there...

The tragedy in the mental hospital

Dramatic story about the features of the astral Nastia told her oldest friend, the expert in other worlds, a psychologist by profession To. I Admit, the first time I hear such unusual details.
Through a friend K. asked to meet with 20-year-old girl, Anna, which at the time was in a psychiatric clinic. She assured of others, which sees entity from the Subtle world who go after people like shadow, and often provoke scandals and various kinds of disassembly. They obviously were sustained by a power from quarreling citizens. Anna noticed invisible to other entities holding hands on the backs scandaladik. Yes, people were fighting, cursing, swearing, and gave some kind of invisible energy tax collectors.

Anna told about it to their friends, parents, tried to stop the flaring scandals, but she did not believe. So much so, that the girl was sent to a psychiatric hospital for examination. The doctors, of course, no violations were found, therefore, advised to Anna to be silent about what he sees.
- Stop talking about it and we'll write!

But she persisted:
- I am not a cheat, I see it! No, I will not abandon their words!.. I am a normal man, you should warn people.
K. met with Anna, understood everything about her problem.
- You have a rare gift of seeing these parasitic entity, " he said. "But you will not be able to convince anyone of the other, therefore it is not necessary to insist. But you are able to help many. Try to drive away these publicans. How will they react?
The girl changed her behavior, she immediately wrote a bunch of false diagnosis and was discharged from the hospital. Anna began to act. The publicans-the shadow was very scary: cost them to chase, even mentally, and they immediately disappeared, and the dispute was stopped by itself. That is, it actually stopped the conflict, comforted scandaladik people. She even liked such a role.
Told: there is a woman on the street and crying. Behind her lay the astral shadow and obviously gets charged with grief citizen. Anna secretly suganuma publican, and the woman immediately stopped crying and wiped my tears puzzled - what is it found? Went further cheered... And it's happened more than once.

But one day Anna called K. something very worried. Says that watched a fight at the bus stop. One of the publicans immediately ran away, and the other one was shaken, but not retreated. "Go away!" - postroila Anna, but he only mentally said, "Which eye you see me?" - "Both see! - cut clairvoyant. Went away!" Neljudi turned and slowly disappeared.
- You know, me something scary... she explained call. - I'm afraid of something...

Volzhsky psychologist calmed Anna, advising him to monitor the situation and to call him if anything. But calls are no longer followed. Two days later he began to seek her, drove to her home, met with the parents. The girl was gone...
Soon we received a call from the parents: "Anna in the hospital, in the ordinary. She went blind..." Message
sounded like a thunder in a clear sky. K. went to the hospital, met with doctors, saw Anna. She was frantically, blinded, and speaking incoherently.
It turns out that it brought people to the streets. The girl was lying on the lawn near the house, saw nothing, crying and mumbling incoherently someone threats. Not easily found by her parents, they were in shock. After a few days, Anna died, not coming to consciousness...
For K., and for Nastia, it was a hard lesson. So, beings of the Subtle world are able not only parasitically be fueled by the energy of people, but also to cause significant harm to health, including death.

- I do not exclude, that the essence of who attacked Anna, was very strong and belonged to the devil's estate, " said K. - Maybe she'd only blind in one eye, if he did not kill her at once... But Anna was dangerous for them, revealed something of the secret of the acts of the astral world, and it was destroyed. We are warning... We know very little about the characteristics and laws of the Subtle world.
By the way, I remembered domestic alcoholism that was voiced at one of the conferences. Alcoholics are forced to drink the essence of the Subtle world! They literally clusters, black balls hanging over the drunkard, urging him to constantly kiss the bottle. While the person is, in the end, does not die. These publicans ate the energy blemish! The same thing happens in the case of drug addiction, only the even more tragic and hopeless. The publicans stronger than the will of many people.
I think we should study the characteristics of the Subtle world, in order to oppose parasitizing of inhabitants of the world to the people. The experience of such rarities as deceased Anna, yields results, and the fog of our ignorance will gradually dissipate.

Author: Galimov
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Psi-factor" №2, 2011
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