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In September 2012, Gordon Duff (Gordon Duff) chief editor Veterans Today ("Veterans today, the prestigious American specialized edition of veterans of the American army and employees of the Department of state.) told the world that are "war on UFO", and that China and the United States have joined forces to fend off the UFO off the coast of San Francisco. Gordon Duff not usually prone to sensationalism.

Tanks in Antarctica and crashed UFO. A frame from the video (below)

Here is what he wrote:
"Asian intelligence report that the combined operation of the fleet of the USA and China continues and is already full combat operation against what is called "extremely hostile extraterrestrial threat".

Inspections of the operations of the fleet were many, there was no evidence from the United States, while the ships were seen and clear, making each vessel. The true nature of both factors and threats, and the degree of use of multinational military forces are outside of any conceivable classification levels.

Rumors: Extraterrestrial ships are on submarine bases. The actual event classification allows to say that "the enemy" is out of this world and is extremely aggressive and hostile.

"Threat" is a "clear and present danger" and isolated in the Pacific".

That "war is raging in Antarctic waters" on 26 October reported another major source is a former American military contractor and a scientist by the name of John the Kettler (Kettler). The Kettler quoted an unnamed "confidential sources"to substantiate his allegations that the coalition headed by the US Navy is in the military cooperation with hostile aliens. And that "UFO war is the continuation of the alleged naval battle off the coast of San Francisco, which had previously reported Gordon Duff from the Veterans Today. Both refer to an unnamed "trusted" sources.

As writes the edition Exopolitics.org Michael Salla, "there is little more than a collection of unnamed sources in support of such assertion, and there is every reason to conclude that the claims of Duff and Kettler are part of the operations within the framework of the psychological war, which may be associated with planning an important event under the "false flag" ( falsification). There is one historical case that is associated with new applications of Kettler. It is not proved the information that in 1946/1947 famous Admiral Richard Byrd during a naval expedition met and engaged in battle with a mysterious forces UFO in Antarctic waters.
According to John Kettler, "UFO war continues to expand, there is a serious action in the southern ocean ... in accordance with vysokoorganizovannymi sources. Two Chinese submarines (the Navy of the people's liberation army) were immobilized in the accident, but none of submariners not perish.

Also the Kettler States that: Yesterday evening ( October 25, 2012), 20 UFO, moved by the group with the speed of 25,000 mph, left the Antarctic ocean and went to Guadalajara, Mexico. Another group of 15 UFO was flying at the same speed, and went to Argentina. This morning, another 12 came, and went in Chile".

The absence of confirmed sources raises questions about the statements of Kettler and Duff about the undeclared war between hostile aliens and the forces and coalition under the leadership of the U.S. Navy in Antarctica and / or the Pacific ocean. If you do not require to dismiss them entirely, write Michael Salla. This is especially important because information operation on false encounters with UFOs could be planned decades ago. And there is a high probability that the Kettler Duff, knowing not just spread misinformation about the hostile aliens that may be part of the plan of the military.

The proposed meeting and fight with UFOs in1947, in Antarctica, with the participation of the U.S. Navy, could really take place, but also the information about it could be false. That is why it was transferred to the USSR during the Stalin era. As for the General public it surfaced later, in 1991. If the Soviet message based on misinformation, it helps to create conditions at the international level to declare "events involving UFOs" under a false flag. If the Soviet message, essentially, is accurate, and reflect the historical precedent in 1947, it would be unwise to simply reject the applications of Kettler and claims Duff, as misinformation, concludes Michael Salla.

Meanwhile on YouTube appeared video using the power of Google, shows the place in Antarctica, where allegedly crashed UFO. And that it went a few tanks (or all-terrain vehicles), and even took a short fight. Tanks (very similar)visible on the image were fixed for weeks, and is therefore covered by a layer of snow.
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