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Эти поезда не придерживаются расписанияThese trains do not adhere to the schedule, do not stop at the stations, ignore semaphores and don't take passengers. They appear out of nowhere and, as legend says, follow straight to hell...

It is believed that in the world there are three railway Ghost: the mourning train Lincoln, sanitary echelon of world war II and three-carriage tourist composition, missing in Italy in 1911. Special popularity was gained by the latter.

Three-carriage tourist train has left the Roman station. This flight was arranged by company "Canetti" for wealthy Italians. 106 passengers wished to see the sights surrounding the new stretch of road. The train was approaching kilometer mountain tunnel in Lombardy when strange things began to happen. According to the testimony of two passengers who scared, jumped on the go, all of a sudden was covered with milky white fog.

As you approach the tunnel fog thickened, turning into a sticky jelly. However, the train entered the tunnel, but on the other hand did not appear... Locomotive and three cars disappeared without a trace. The search for the missing trains in what have not resulted, and bad publicity about this stretch of road has forced the management of the railroad to abandon its operation, the tunnel laid the stones and on set point. However, the story received an unexpected continuation.
Since 1911 time, the composition, similar to the description of the disappeared, allegedly repeatedly seen in different parts of the world.

In particular, in 1955 rail worker Peter G. Ustimenko at Balaklava (Crimea) allegedly saw a train passing along the embankment on which long ago were dismantled rails. Locomotive and cars were explicitly foreign production and looked quite primitive; the train moved no sound, but somehow he managed to crush not noticed his chickens. It seemed that the composition was not a single living person, curtains in the cars were covered with curtains. People who saw this train, claims that at this moment was sober and was aware of what is happening. On the same day there was an explosion on the battleship "Novorossiysk".

The same description of the composition was noticed in 1991 in the Poltava region of Ukraine, to transfer Zavorichi.

Tell that a similar case occurred in 1994, in late autumn, at the station Half (Irkutsk region), after 23:00. The young man, who came on an empty platform, seen next to him slowly passed the train old sample, with the inscription big Latin letters yellow; the witness remembered the conductor in a brown uniform cap with a band, it was a collar, a seat to the shirt, he noticed several people in the Windows of the train. Arrival of a train were not announced, the train was not in my path.

And in one of his articles devoted to the legend says that in the 1840-ies in Mexico from nowhere appeared 104 people. They were considered crazy, because they all claimed that arrived from Italy by train. The author of the article suggested that these were the passengers of the train-the Ghost, "failed" in the past who have managed to leave the team. Interestingly, Italian phenomenon even find explanation: just before the extinction of the Roman trains in Italy earthquake with epicenter in the district of Messina. Perhaps monstrous cracks and failures occurred not only in the rocky soil, but in the time field. If the assumption that there formed a "wandering chronal hole", which could take a train from our regular three-dimensional space into a four-dimensional, where time (chronal field), in addition to the duration, acquires a new characteristic depth. So the unfortunate part, dropped "their vector of time, has become free to move from their present as in the past and the future".

This "train the legend" can be heard around the world. Very mysterious event happened in 1929 at the railway station in Zurich. To the platform, from which a few minutes ago went Express arrived composition of several long blue cars and luxury red-black locomotive, which gave a loud beep. Duty station and locomotive some time with unconcealed astonishment looked at each other - duty wondered what this train and where he come from here, the engineer - what is this station and where it originated in their way. Finally locomotive, emitting smoke and steam, away from the platform, quickly gaining speed, and soon disappeared. Duty hastened to inform station on the route of the unknown trains, but as it turned out, to the nearest station staff is not reached, it seems to have vanished into thin air...

In North America there is a legend according to which the mourning train President Abraham Lincoln still wanders along the railway lines of the state of new York. It is described as a locomotive and all the same the three carriages...

In the town of DVD player (North Carolina, USA) has its terrifying legend, which caused human victims in our time. The legend has it that the Ghost train appears every year on 27 August, About two o'clock on a railway bridge on the way to Boston, two miles from Statesville. On this day in 1891, at 2 a.m. with this bridge gorge collapsed passenger train. Then killed about 25 people, many were seriously injured. This train accident has become one of the most serious in the history of North Carolina. Perhaps that is why it has produced so many rumors related to this abandoned railroad last part was twenty years ago and since then it was not exploited. Rusty rails and overgrown with young sleepers were the best proof of this. The cause of death of men are not established yet, but one thing is clear: no other power except moving with great speed trains, not harrowing screaming and appearing on the bridge on the anniversary of the collapse of the train-the Ghost.

Recently indirect victim collapsed trains became the 29-year-old American by the name of Christopher Kaiser, which from a bridge under Statesville knocked real train. It happened in 2011, at night, on August 27. At that moment Christopher and a group of several young people just "was on duty" on the bridge, waiting for the Ghost train.

In the midst "timeout" train-the Ghost on the bridge have a real train, which although was moving fast enough, but still not appeared quite suddenly. At least, all the young people who were on the bridge during the passage of the train, were able to get off the train tracks. All but Christopher. A train hit a young man, dropping him from the bridge down into the gorge. According to witnesses, the Kaiser had time to push off the trestle one woman who escaped with minor injuries, the same could not be saved. Now fans of mystics will be something to talk about, as in the history of the death of this young man is really a lot. Of course, this is not about the arrival of Christopher and his friends on the bridge late at night on the anniversary of the tragedy. I must say that the story of the train-the Ghost still very popular in the state. Every year someone went to the night of the ill-fated bridge to watch the Ghost train, which, by the way, this year again "note" failed. However, it seems that the story gets his second life is not without help poor Christopher "podlovchenko oil on the flames" this old legend, its ridiculous death.

Terrible event occurred in the Russian village of Balakovo Vologda region. The company mushroom pickers came across the railway at the fragments of the bodies of a man. Several hours later, the criminal case was initiated on the fact of destruction under the train an unknown man. However, the investigators were in shock: it turned out that could mutilate the dead. What killed it? Answer to question no.

Another mysterious incident occurred on June 14, 2001. Died railway Minister of Turkmenistan under very mysterious circumstances. Right in Ashgabat, near locomotive depot, and even during the inspection. The official version is that the Minister did not notice the approaching locomotive and died under his wheels. Strange how it is possible not to notice, and especially not to hear the approaching train! According to rumors, the locomotive engineer crushing Minister, saw him "some powerful blow was struck with ways before traveled shunting". Of course, on this evidence, no one did not pay attention. As remained "unnoticed" and the fact that on shunting diesel locomotive was not of any importance for the examination of traces of collision.. However, the death of an official exactly was caused by a blow locomotive - the nature of the damage was clearly pointing out that...

Annually on the Railways killed tens, hundreds of people, with the death of some of them is connected with a very mysterious circumstances. And see the light of history, about which they railway workers do not like to remember.

As told the engineer with 30 years experience, for all time most of all he was struck by an inexplicable tragedy that he saw with his own eyes: one day on the way to the station he saw standing close to the edge of the platform young girl. Suddenly she takes a step back and... falling under the wheels of a train. Everything happens as if some force pushed her under a locomotive! Later, in different years, there were several similar cases. And every time in the materials of criminal cases appeared line - suicide. The engineer believes that suicide was not any.
And what then? Mysticism? Possible. There is an opinion that sometimes before SOStavom meters seventy, I become invisible wave, which, like the Ghost train, rushing "ahead of a steam locomotive", sweeps away everything in its path.

According to various sources, high-speed Express train "Sapsan" Moscow - Petersburg regularly collects their bloody tribute among the inhabitants of the Tver and Novgorod regions, where it passes with a cruising speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

It is very scary and beautiful sight, local residents say, who at this point on the railway platform of the station or on the route of the Express. On the horizon appears "eye", a white flash, which is rapidly approaching you with fantastic speed. Automatically grab the railing on the ramp, within reduces everything from animal fear, feel like a rabbit. Some already develops "capsulotomia".

Residents of towns and villages located near the railway, tell how the train allegedly "sucks" people. These rumors are based on real fact - powerful air wave that accompanies the movement of a train. Experts say that the danger zone is five meters and the width of the train station - 4 meters 60 centimeters. It's not uncommon for people approaching "Sapsan" in the fear of jumping off the platform. Train raises a powerful vortex flow, which carries things, and people from the platform. The air wave from flying "Sapsan" raises the gravel paths and even a rocking motion of the train.

In Ukraine also appeared the first victims from hitting speed "Hyuindai". Understanding that the movement of Express accompanied by strong, knocking down a stream of air needs to be installed in the center of the platforms special niches and security zones in which you will be able to shelter people. Otherwise modern "the Ghost train", rushing ahead of a high-speed Express trains from legends and rumors will easily turn into a tragic reality.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" №23, 2012
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