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Древний город АннунаковAccording to the researcher, publisher and producer, Michael Tellinger, in Africa found ancient city of Anunnaki, consisting of many unusual structures. Representatives of the lost civilization of aliens from outer space arrived on our planet about 200,000 years ago, intending to mine gold.

The ruins, which were investigated together with the researcher Johan Heine, include several thousands of stone buildings, occupying a large area. According to Tellinger, appearance, allows you to carry them to the ancient times because of the strong erosion and raids.

One of the most important structures called "Calendar of Adam". It is a monolithic stone calendar, in which you can define any day.

From the works of the well-known researcher of Zechariah Sitchin, who studied the civilization of Sumer, as noted by Tellinger, it follows that the Anunnaki quite a long time working on the genetics of people trying to create working for the mines.

Among the ruins can be distinguished group of hexagonal shape. According to researchers, like honeycomb structures could be used as reservoirs. In addition, most of the stone structures, which contains quartz, could be sources of energy for the large settlements. After studying the territory on the cards aerial, Dellinger was able to determine the location of the three large cities, the area of which about 60 x 60 kilometers. In one of them are the ruins of Great Zimbabwe.

Among the ruins, you can discover the first pyramid, as well as parts of the inscriptions, which were carved in stone. Among them are the symbol of the Ankh, which indicates its use for thousands of years before the rise of Egyptian civilization.

Michael Tellinger was engaged in questions of an origin of mankind and its various genetic anomalies for thirty years, edited Slave view of God." In 2007, she began to study the ancient ruins in South Africa, together with Johan Heine. The result was published two more books: "Temples of African gods and Calendar of Adam". During operation, the researchers made some startling conclusions about what remains of ancient structures could belong to a lost civilization of the Anunnaki, who allegedly arrived on our planet about 200,000 years ago.

Anunnaki or Anunnaki (to determine the etymology precisely, it is impossible because of the many forms of writing: a-nuna, a-nuna-ke-ne a-nun-na, which provide different ways of reading - "those who noble blood", "coming from the sky", etc.) - Ninlil, Enlil, Enki - Akkadian, Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian deity known from ancient written sources. In some cases linked to Itigi - minor gods, and from Annona - 50 great gods.

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